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Invitation Printing & Custom Invitation Printing

Invitation Printing

Do justice to those times when life presents you with a joyous occasion, with one of a kind invitations, printed in superior paper and with exclusive - show-stopping- finishes that make your special day strike with elegance, sophistication and pizzaz. Leave the generic store bought invitations on the shelf where they belong and create something unique and amazing of your own! When it comes to ordering Invitation Printing services look for quantity, flexibility and versatility: we offer a wide range of specialty, green and standard papers that take the tactile experience to another level. Fantastic finishes like wonderfoil and metallic gold and silver foil are personal and business bash favorites -guaranteed to get attention!

Flat Invitations Sizes Folded Invitations Sizes (before folding)
4.25' x 5.5'
5' x 7'
6' squares
8.5' x 5.5'
10' x 7'
12' x 6'


Other customizable features include rounded corners, UV coating, and beautiful matching envelopes. Treat your guests with more than an invitation, but a hard to miss product. Orders are accepted from a low 25 minimum, ideal for personal gatherings or small business events. Before creating your design and coming up with a catchy and heartwarming message, first decide whether folded or flat invitations convey the mood of your party best. Nowadays, flat invitations are trendy for both elegant events and fun kids parties. Folded custom printed invitations are ideal for those who want to add other important information on their invite, or choose to include photos or artwork.

Our premium Invitation Printing services cover every occasion imaginable, from weddings to baptisms to anniversaries and birthdays. Did we mention, they are also perfect for announcing engagements, births or special achievements? When your party is all said and done, use custom printing to compose unforgettable thank you cards. We realize getting started is not easy and, although we can't help you with your artwork or cover design, we can assist you in selecting the most suitable paper for your invitation. Your choice is critical, because invitations have the power to describe the mood of your event. Everything from the thickness of the cardstock to the artwork to the text clues guests into what they can expect and how they should dress. With over a dozen paper stock options to choose from, we are happy to help you narrow it down with some basic facts you should be aware of. After all, we have a passion for exceptional paper products!

The FYI on Card Stock

    • Coated or Uncoated, what's the difference? As its name implies, coated paper stock will have a hi-gloss (shiny) or matte (subtle shine) finish due to the coating applied on the paper. Because it is coated, this paper is smooth and more resistant to dirt, moisture and wear. Coated paper keeps images sharp because ink stays on top of the paper and does not bleed.
      Uncoated paper is more absorbent of ink and can be more porous than its coated counterpart. If you are aiming for an elegant looking invitation for your wedding or gala event, this is definitely a front runner.
    • If you are going for opulence and refinement, then Premium White Linen is your best choice. Immensely popular for bridal invitations, white linen represents sophisticated elegance. This timeless cardstock is visually appealing and has the texture of fine linen.
    • Prefer bright lights and red carpets? For dazzle and shimmer, we offer our line of Metallic Pearl cardstock. Great for any occasion from weddings, galas, showers and Sweet 16s, our metallic pearl paper stock will transform your custom Invitation Printing from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Smooth to the touch and available in four shimmering hues: Ice, Champagne, Gold and Silver.

Paper Thickness
If you are a believer in the statement 'go big or go home', then you most certainly want to consider the thickness of your paper stock selection. Let's face it, when we get an invitation that feels heavy in our hand, we immediately make the connection that this event will be one to remember. Our line of paper stock for custom invite printing was expertly chosen to exude an upscale quality without a heavy price point. To make selecting your paper an easier process, simply remember that the higher the caliper or point(PT), the thicker the paper.

The Finishing Touch
No custom printed invitation suite is complete without matching envelopes. Premium envelopes are the final touch and the first thing guests will see when they sift through their pile of mail. No matter what paper stock you choose, we have a coordinating envelope to seal your personalized invitations in luxury. For those who want to go a step further, we also offer custom printed envelopes. This is a nice touch for creating a one of a kind invitation package. Using a design featured on the invite is a great way to emphasize your party theme. Lastly and most importantly, have fun when creating your unique Invitation Printing suite and let your personality shine. We are here to help, just pick up the phone and dial 718-932-2700 to speak to one of our experienced customer service specialists. We are also available by email, Thanks for choosing!