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Ultra-Thick Metallic Pearl Invitations

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How to Order Ultra-Thick Metallic Pearl Invitations

To order Ultra-Thick Metallic Pearl Invitations, begin by selecting your preferred invitation design. You can either design your invitations online using a platform's design tools or upload your pre-made design directly to the printing service's website. Once your design is finalized, proceed to place your order, specifying any additional customization options such as size, paper type, or print finishes that you might want.

How to Make Ultra-Thick Metallic Pearl Invitations

To make Ultra-Thick Metallic Pearl Invitations, start by choosing if you want to design from scratch or use an existing template through an online designer tool. If you prefer using your own design software, download a blank template from a printing service's website. Then, utilize your preferred software to edit and customize your invitation design. Remember to incorporate the metallic pearl finish in your design to enhance the invitation's luxury feel.

ultra thick metallic pearl invitations

26-Point Shimmering Metallic Pearl Invitations

The luminous surface is designed to show through your printed images, enriching any invitation design. This innovation ensures that your friends, family or business associates will have a unique experience engaging with your social or business announcement, with an eye-catching shimmer highlighting your company, product or event.

Our Ultra-Thick Metallic Pearl Invitations:
•  Ultra-Thick 26-Point Metallic Pearl Ice (White)
•  Full-color printing on one or both sides
•  Choice of three popular sizes: 4.25" x 5.5", 5" x 7", 6" x 6"
•  Matching Stock available for business cards, hangtags and postcards
•  Matching Metallic Pearl envelopes available
•  Low minimum of 50 units
•  Ready in 0 to 5 days.

Thanks to our expert team with over twenty years of experience and our cutting-edge printing technology, we always guarantee premium materials and attention to detail. No matter the size of the job, we are devoted to producing print marketing materials that truly impress!

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Product Reviews


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Patricia F. Quezada

Dec 23 2020

Anyone receiving these will definitely have a hard time saying no to the event they're invited for!
user avatar

Steven C.

Dec 23 2020

They were a huge hit.
user avatar

A. Banning

Dec 23 2020

Pearl invitation cards are a definite win and one is assured that people will turn up! They are fantastic!

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