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Holographic Foil Printing

Types of Holographic Foil Printing


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    Buyer's Manual

    Holographic foil printing has become increasingly popular in recent years as businesses seek to enhance their branding and marketing efforts with eye-catching, attention-grabbing designs

    Unsurprisingly, many hot-selling goods have holographic stickers or labels on the product or packaging because of their shiny and noticeable appearance.

    Holographic foil printing applies holographic foil onto plain stock paper to produce a dazzling rainbow-like appearance upon reflecting light. The holographic effect produced depends on the type of holographic foil layer that is used. Some examples of holographic foil layers include raised rainbow holographic, holographic silver, and holographic gold, which create a silver and gold rainbow effect, respectively. We use this technique for printing business cards, postcards, invitations, and other promotional materials. 

    But what is holographic printing, and how can it help your brand? Let’s see. 

    What is Holographic Printing?

    Holographic printing is a specialized printing technique that utilizes holographic foil to produce a rainbow-like, shiny effect. This foil contains a thin layer that reflects light at different angles, creating a shifting, iridescent effect that catches the eye and draws the viewer in.

    The unique pattern on holographic prints makes them ideal for these purposes:

    Temper-proof stickers and labels: We use them to create security features that are difficult to counterfeit. This feature will imbue customers' trust in your brand or company, thus increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. 

    Promotional items: They add a futuristic and high-tech feel to business cards and postcards. As a result, these marketing items become more memorable and engaging.

    Benefits of Holographic Prints

    Here are some benefits of holographic prints:

    Attention-grabbing design: They are visually stunning and attention-grabbing. Thus, they are ideal for marketing and printing promotional items that impress the viewer.

    Customizable: You can customize in several ways. As a result, it's easy to achieve a unique design that reflects your brand or message. The available customization varies, depending on what you want to print. But some options include: 

    • Foil Color,
    • Diecutting,
    • Foil Stamping,
    • Embossing,
    • Debossing,
    • Spot UV,
    • Edge Painting,
    • Edge Gilding (Foil), and
    • Rounded Corners.

    Security: They are difficult to replicate due to the complex patterns used in their production. Therefore, these prints are a useful security feature for ID cards and tickets.

    Durability: They are durable and resist wear and tear. So these prints maintain visual appeal for a long time. This feature makes them ideal for outdoor or frequently handled items.

    Versatility: They have several use cases. For example, these prints are ideal for product packaging items like stickers and promotional items like business cards. 

    Holographic printing is fitting for these items:

    • Stickers, 
    • Business cards, 
    • Gift cards, 
    • Greeting cards, 
    • Hang tags, 
    • ID cards, 
    • Postcards, and
    • Tickets. 

    How To Order Custom Holographic Foil Printing 

    Ordering holographic foil printing online is straightforward. First, decide on the print item you want to buy, then customize your order as you’d like. Our instant price calculator displays the cost, so you don’t overspend. 

    Finally, upload your artwork, input your delivery address, or choose a pick-up method. Our design experts will review your artwork, ensuring it meets specifications. Also, you can easily track the progress of your orders online. 


    4OVER4 has over two decades of online printing experience. As a result, we are the leading printing service in NYC, USA. We offer high-quality, customizable prints at competitive prices and a fast turnaround time. 

    Holographic prints will complement your product and speak to your target market. With these shiny and dynamic designs, you can avoid lackluster marketing while preserving your brand’s uniqueness. 

    Order a holographic print to see for yourself.