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Shipping Labels

Types of Shipping Labels

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    Buyer's Manual

    Shipping labels are used by mail carriers to identify and sort packages so that they can be routed to the right destinations. They usually have specific tags such as priority, commercial, standard, or international packages. They’re also important for including tracking numbers. Label your package in a way that will get your customers to recognize your brand instantly. Remember your customers get the first impression of your company through the shipping labels on your packages, promotion or correspondence. 

    Our custom shipping labels printable are perfect for elevating your brand while simultaneously saving you money in providing a cohesive look to both your marketing materials and packaging. Whether you’re looking for standard shipping labels self adhesive or prefer cut to size individual stickers with our premium labels or would rather get hundreds of customized address labels and custom mailing labels printed on roll labels, you can get it all at 4OVER4.

    Shipping Labels 

    How to print a shipping label sticker

    What's going on inside that creative head of yours? Design the perfect standard shipping label sticker and mailing labels for your business today. Use our online design tool to create your label’s artwork. After inputting the specs on our online calculator, select “Create Your Design Online” at the bottom. 

    Once you’re done, a member of our print team will review it and send you a free online proof (yes, all files go through free of charge professional review). Upon approval, your order will go into production. What's the last step? It's the best one in fact: you will receive your brand new cheaper shipping labels at the location of your convenience. Who's the real winner here? You, of course.

    Professional tips for designing beautiful shipping labels

    • Pick a theme to design your labels: Make sure it’s distinct and stands out among competitors and catches people’s attention. This is especially useful when shipping priority packages. Also make it as memorable as possible. 

    • Keep the font simple: This will make it easier to highlight your company’s name. Limit yourself to no more than 2 font types and choose colors that are consistent with your brand identity.

    • Highlight your logo: This is one of the best ways to make your brand recognizable and so this is one thing you must never forget. As soon as your customers receive a package from you, they will instantly recognize it’s from you because of your logo. Consider the Apple logo which is so memorable they don’t even need to add their name on their products.

    Pick from a variety of paper types

    • Standard uncoated labels: This type of label paper is similar to copy paper but with an elegant matte finish. This can be written on with a permanent marker or ball point pen. Best for indoor use as it’s not waterproof but perfect for post office shipping labels.

    • Standard semi-gloss label: This type of paper has a subtle mirror effect kind of finish. A permanent marker can be used on this type of label but make sure you give it some time to dry. They’re also suitable as shipping labels for packages.

    • Standard hi-gloss label: This type of paper has a distinct mirror finish and will deliver a premium glossy photo quality for bottle labels. They dry instantly, are wipe resistant and ideal for limited editions of special gifts and bottle packages as they’re also laser printer shipping labels.

    • Standard white vinyl label: These are waterproof and best for indoor use. They are normally used on fridges, plastic or glass bottles and various products and packaging as well.

    • Standard clear label: These are completely transparent. The glossy top coat enhances the see-through material so it looks crystal clear. When applied against a clear glass or clear plastic container, the label virtually disappears making it look as if you printed on the packaging itself.

    Shipping Labels

    Get your own custom Printable Shipping and Mailing Labels today!

    Labels can do wonders for your branding and packaging, but it helps to know what you're ordering! We hope this article gave you insight into our cheaper shipping labels. Don't miss the chance to work with a skilled team of print professionals providing seamless customer service and the best rates online.


    • We have various standard sizes and shapes. Choose from squares, rectangles, circles, ovals and more.

    • Multiple sets available.

    • Low minimums of 25.

    • Full color or black ink only.

    • Ready the same day!

    Shipping Labels