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    When to Use Mailing Labels: A Guide

    When to Use Mailing Labels: A Guide

    Mailing labels are an essential part of shipping services often taken for granted. The small printing format can be much more than a shipping instruction, they can be great marketing tools and process optimizers.

    An address label can be fully customizable to company needs. There are many sizes, materials and formats available to fit marketing strategies. Among many other attributes, they are really affordable, and there are lots of benefits that come with them.

    When should you use mailing labels?

    • When you want an affordable branding technique: displaying your logo on mailing labels make any package your own. It doesn’t matter if the products come in a box, envelope or bag, the brand logo will make the package immediately recognizable.
    • When you want to personalize orders: shipping processes are standard, package is the same for every customer, but mailing labels are customizable and greet each recipient by name. Custom labels are a creative substitute for ‘thank you’ notes.
      mailing labels
      Image shared on Pinterest by Chaya Mcgreevy, found on
    • When you want to lower shipping errors: including your information on a mailing label and printing customer’s information straight from the system lowers the chances of human mistakes. Additional information can be automatically added to the label according on product range. For example, a coffee mug package needs a ‘fragile’ message.
      special mailing labels
      Image shared on Pinterest by Emily Dyer, found on
    • When you want to promote matching products: let’s say you’ve shipped a pair of boots to a customer. How convenient would it be to include a link to discounted sox and accessories to match them? We think very!
    • When you want customers to keep in touch: should your relationship with the customer end once you’ve sent the product? Absolutely not! Keep them interested by adding an interactive factor to the mailing label. For example, a scannable image, QR code, website or social media invitation for new promotions.
      interactive mailing label
      Image shared on Pinterest by Anna Andrus, found on
    • When you want to let customers find you: great customer service includes post purchase attention. Buyers may need to return the product for different reasons, including return address labels tells them you are not afraid to be found and can actually be of assistance.
    • When you want to reduce shipping time: as small as a company is, having employees personally write down each address label is a waste of valuable time. Using standard labels reduces shipping times significantly and help companies provide a more efficient service.
    Regardless of your business size, being creative is what sets average from leading companies apart. Low cost strategies can have a very positive outcome when applied correctly. Think of your best business features and promote them in unexpected ways. Smart campaigns make an impact on customers, and that’s what branding efforts are all about. Start browsing for mailing labels and explore how they could help your business grow. Which kind of business are you running? Comment below and let us suggest other printing formats you could benefit from.