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    Branded Holiday Gifts: What to Get This Year

    Branded Holiday Gifts: What to Get This Year
    If you still haven’t figured out what to send customers and clients for the holidays, don’t worry we have a list of ideas that will get you out of the bind.  Thank people for their patronage with memorable gifts for a lasting impression. Christmas gift giving is an activity that most companies get involved in every year. If you want your business to rise up beyond  what your competitors offer their clients, then do something different. Branded holiday gifts will take your marketing message right into the New Year. Don’t waste this opportunity on chocolate-dipped pretzels, no matter how delicious. Corporate holiday gift-giving gives you a chance to truly enhance your brand with other, one-of-a-kind, yet affordable alternatives. Check them out:

    Branded Wine Bottles

    What says Holidays more than wine or bubbly? There’s nothing more festive than tasty wine. A branded wine bottle is a great idea for the holidays, not only will it make your clients happy, but it’s a great opportunity to showcase your brand. You can get your choice of wine starting at $9.99 on Amazon. Then get your very own custom made wine labels to make it unique. It's as cool as it sounds, just look at this fab example: [caption id="attachment_6583" align="aligncenter" width="600"]branded-wine-bottle Image Credit: BRND WGN corporate gift to clients in 2011. On Behance:[/caption] The folks at BRND WGN made this in 2011 and it was as hip then as it is now. You can be fancy like them and get hang tags or bottle neck hang tags and  a wine box to boot (not as expensive as that wooden one though!). Their campaign "have a drink on us" was a success. You can do the same. Be that guy. [caption id="attachment_6584" align="aligncenter" width="600"]corporate-gift-box Image Credit: BRND WGN corporate gift to clients in 2011. On Behance:[/caption]

    Branded Calendars

    The season's go-to, and for a reason. A branded calendar is a great option for holiday gifts; it’s something useful that you can give your clients that they can keep year-round.  A gorgeous calendar makes sure that they’ll be looking at your logo and thinking about your company month after month -even if subconsciously. The trick is making it attractive. If you own a flower shop instead of the typical arrangement think a little outside the box. Make it something that you would like on your wall. You can choose a theme that best suits your company, there are no limitations! At 4OVER4.COM, we have saddle stitched and wire-o calendars, with the months already set up for you . Just look at this beautiful example, breathtaking: [caption id="attachment_6585" align="aligncenter" width="600"]branded calendar printing Image Credit: Paul Chmielowiec and Petal+ Leaf collaboration. On Behance[/caption]

    Candy-Filled Branded Mugs

    It's not about re-inventing the wheel - it's about making it look good. We already know what works, why not use it? Cater to your clients’ sweet tooth (and coffee obsession) by giving them a personalized coffee mug with your company logo -but in an unobtrusive and fun way. Personalized mugs are unique and memorable. Order a personalized coffee mug with a beautiful design like this penguin. Who wouldn't want to sip hot chocolate or tea from this guy? These are hand painted, but they're truly inspiring:  imagine your logo on the other side and a heap of holiday candy from the local store inside. YUM! [caption id="attachment_6587" align="aligncenter" width="567"]holiday-corporate-gift-printing Image Credit: Lisbel Gavara for Margallo Shop. On Behance:[/caption]

    Branded Tote Bags

    Give your clients something that they’ll actually use.Tote bags are great because they are practical, can be used year-round and are also fashionable--the perfect marketing tool! Get yours here. Again, it's all about the design. This is a hand painted totebag, but the same effect can be achieved with professional printing. [caption id="attachment_6589" align="aligncenter" width="594"]branded-tote-bag-printing Image Credit: Valeria Uehara on Behance[/caption]

    Branded T-Shirts

    A personalized t-shirt can make anyone’s day! Why not put a smile on your clients’ faces with cute t-shirts showcasing whimsical characters or cool variations of your logo? Make sure to go for high-quality t-shirt printing in order to impress clients with the best t-shirts out there. This design made for the up and coming brand "Salty and Swell" is a simple yet attractive example of what you could do. The great thing about printed Tees is that they can be ambassadors for your brand and almost always find a way into your customer's life. To present them in a more interesting way roll them up and secure them with ribbons. Add a hang tag and a postcard with a holiday message. Order here. [caption id="attachment_6590" align="aligncenter" width="600"]customized-tee-printing Image Credit: Kurt Hanson for Salty and Swell Lifestyle Brand. On Behance:[/caption]

    Branded Key Chains

    Customized key chains keep your company logo on the mind of your clients everywhere they go. They're inexpensive and can be ordered by the bulk, send them along a postcard or greeting card with a message that talks about the direction of your business and how important they are to that goal. Include a coupon to your most coveted item and turn it into a potential sale. With a variety of options to choose from, you can easily create the perfect holiday gift to showcase your brand every day, year-round! What about you? Have you ordered your company’s branded  holiday gifts for this year? If not, what are you waiting for? Put a little thought into it and get your customers one-of-a-kind gifts that will create a memorable, long- lasting impression!