Promotional Scratch Off Tickets & Cards

Stand Out Like a Pro with Scratch Off Printing!

Commonly found in lotto tickets and phone cards, scratch off printing is a coveted finish that makes any brand -however big or small- look like a major league pro; its unique production value, intriguing mystique and playful, cool, factor have an immediate pull with customers.

What is Scratch Off Printing? How Does it Work?

It's hot stamping reloaded. Scratch off printing adds a standard or custom-shaped layer of metallic foil to your prints in specific areas, covering particular pieces of content - like coupon codes, sequential numbers, barcodes or names - to be revealed by 'scratching' the material with the edge of a coin, or a similar surface.

Why Try Scratch Off Printing?

  • Trigger Curiosity
  • Create Instant Excitement
  • Foster Positive Brand Engagement
  • Get More Interactions with Customers
  • Sell More

It's fun for the recipient, highly effective for you and surprisingly affordable, not to mention cost effective in the long run. Scratch off printed cards, brochures, flyers and more, breathe new life to old marketing strategies with immediate results.

Make Your Scratch Off Design Pop!

Get a Custom Shape: The best thing about custom scratch off printing is that you're behind the wheel, meaning that your scratch off area doesn't have to be restricted to squares, rectangles or circles. They can be the water under a boat, the inside of sunglasses, a top hat, a speech bubble, etc. The more unusual the shape, the more irresistibly attractive your print will be.

Choose between gold or silver foil, one or multiple scratch off areas, premium paper stocks and many more add ons or finishes to enhance the life of your print.

Not Sure it's for you? Scratch That! The Possibilities Are Endless:

  • Direct Mailing: from the local bakery announcing the latest -scratch to discover- bagel to discover-your-code promos, you're mailer will automatically stand out from the dull rest. People will just be dying to know what's under that little foil space.

  • New Product Launches: take the curtain drop to a whole new level, announce and reveal your latest addition with a custom printed scratch off piece.

  • Trade Show Giveaways: get people to hang a little longer in your booth with some custom scratch off flyers, scratch on the spot to win a prize.
    Sweepstakes, promotions, games and trivia! You build the contest. They come and play!

  • Store Discounts: cross-sale, up-sale or simply increase sales volumes with fun in-store scratch off coupons printed to your unique specs.
    Raffles and Fundraisers: a fun and more engaging way to get donations for a worthy cause.

  • Employee Incentives: get people pumped and participating to win a prize, or find out who's the year's best performer with custom scratch off cards.

  • Reward Programs: little giveaways (or keep trying notices) for VIP, standard and new members.

  • Party Games: from racy bachelorette party games to wholesome personalized bingo cards, you can spice up any private event with truly personalized scratch off cards.

Let Curiosity Get the Best of You - and of them!

Try personalized scratch off printing today, contact us at for a custom quote and extensive guidance for your winning scratch off printing project.

Scratch card printers are few and generally selective, with you get a one stop shop for all your promo needs, hands on customer service and as a small or large a run as you need.

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