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Raised Foil Business Cards

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Unique and classy Raised Foil

Raised Foil business cards offer a captivating solution to make a lasting impression in a cluttered business environment. With an embossed, tactile metallic finish, these cards create a striking contrast that catches the eye and exudes sophistication. The raised texture and sparkling shine elevate your business introductions to a new level.

Choose from raised gold foil, holographic foil, or other colors to highlight specific details or create stunning visual effects. Crafted with attention to detail, these cards are printed on 16pt Velvet Laminated Cover paper, with the foil sitting 60 microns above the surface. Fast turnaround times, competitive pricing, and a user-friendly ordering process are available on 4OVER4.COM.

Stand out with Raised Foil business cards and unlock new business potential.

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If you need to make sure your print products will catch people's attention and help you get your marketing a notch higher, then you need to think about raised foil. As easy as it is unique, raised foil gives you an undeniable edge that helps you get those conversions rolling. Simply find the graphic that you would like to highlight, and have it in raised foil.

This could be a logo or image that will be the focus of the print. If you are unsure of how to go about this, simply reach out to our team of experts, and they will guide you through the process of getting the best raised foil design!

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Raised Foil business cards offer a way to cut through the clutter of messages, offers, and ads your prospects see daily. Therefore allowing you to create unforgettable first impressions. 

Its raised texture and sparkling shine will take your business introductions to a whole new level.

What are Raised Foil Business Cards?

With raised foil business cards, certain elements of your design are enhanced with an embossed, tactile metallic finish. This creates a visually striking contrast between the smooth background and the raised areas.

The technique adds depth and texture that catches the eyes and draws attention. These cards look luxurious and can help you make a statement when attending networking events or meeting potential clients.

Unleash Your Creativity with Raised Foil Printing

You can highlight specific details like your brand name and logo, or create stunning visual effects with Raised Foil cards. Whether you choose the sleek raised gold foil business cards, the eye-catching raised holographic foil business cards, or any other color, the result is a business card that exudes sophistication and professionalism.

This card is printed on 16pt Velvet Laminated Cover paper, and you can add your foil to one or both sides. 

Check out our Majestic business card if you want more foil color choices. We provide more paper types, roughly 18 different colors, and much more customizations to make your card special. You can also choose our Metallic business cards, often known as Wonderfoil, which convert your CMYK colors into brilliant metallic foil colors. As a result, you have countless color options for a metallic accent. Note that these options are not raised.

Printing and Production Process for Raised Gold Foil Business Cards

How do we make raised foil printing? These business cards are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, starting with a sturdy 16-point stock as the foundation. We apply a 1.5mil soft velvet laminate to both sides of the sheet. 

We then add the metallic foil of your choice which sits 60 microns above the surface of the paper. This creates an extraordinary tactile experience, allowing you to feel the exquisite texture of the foil as you glide your fingers over the card.

This scuff-resistant laminate adds a layer of protection and results in a total thickness of 19mil, ensuring a substantial and high-quality card.

Why Raised Holographic Foil Business Cards are the Perfect Choice for Your Business

This printing technique is perfect for several reasons. For example, raised holographic foil reflects modernity and uniqueness. Also, its mesmerizing, dynamic display helps to draw attention to your business.  

Meanwhile, the shimmering shine of raised gold foil business cards exudes luxury and sophistication, leaving a lasting impression on recipients. 

Finally, raised silver foil business cards have a contemporary and sleek appearance. This design conveys innovation, and a cutting-edge approach, with a futuristic appeal.

Fast Turnaround Times at 4OVER4.COM

You can buy Raised Foil business cards online on 4OVER4.COM. Our advanced printing technology and dedicated team help to ensure fast turnaround times without compromising on the exceptional quality of your business cards.

Pricing and Ordering 

We offer a competitive print price for Raised Foil business cards, although the cost may vary based on paper type, order quantity, and additional customization options. These cards only require minimal extra investment but will impact your professional image and networking success positively. 


Raised foil business cards are a powerful way to stand out in today's competitive business landscape. Their raised, textured effect and the luxurious appeal of foil impresses recipients. 

You can order these cards on 4OVER4.COM for fast turnaround times, competitive pricing, and a user-friendly ordering process. Order today to unlock new prospects and business potential. 

Important Artwork Notice!

For better results, please make sure that foil coverage is less than 50%. Otherwise, the foil will be wavy and won't look good. The only time a 50% to 70% coverage is acceptable is with patterns, thin strokes or small shapes.

The raised foil file must be a vector art created in a vector based program such as illustrator. Otherwise, you won't have sharp edges on the artwork if you use a raster image for the raised foil mask file. We do not recommend having fonts smaller than 10 pt on the Raised Foil Artwork.

However, if you use fonts with thicker strokes or bold fonts, we do not recommend having fonts smaller than 12pt.

Available Paper Types:

  • 16pt Velvet Laminated Cover
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Nov 14 2019

A friend of mine handed me her card with raised foil and I was so impressed and wanted my own. I looked around and found a great deal on 4over4. The online ordering was easy and fast, and for the design, it is important to get a professional to do it so you don't have many issues. My cards arrived on time and I love them! They are elegant, the cardstock is firm and the overall impression of the cards is professional. Excellent work!
user avatar

Juan O.

Nov 16 2019

I was looking for something to really stand out as I was attending a networking event with my peers. I came across these and fell in love! It was pretty easy placing my order and uploading my design. The customer support team was quick to review my design and give me a few tips to improve it as I had too much foil coverage. So glad that I listened as when my raised foil cards were delivered they blew me away, so stunning and elegant! I am so excited to hand them out. Thank you so much, 4over4.
user avatar

Vincent W.

Dec 19 2019

4over4 has some of the best products and consistency. The raised foil cards may take seven days to be delivered but are so worth it.I always get compliments when I hand them out.

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