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    What Size Font on a Business Card?

    What Size Font on a Business Card?

    Your business card will speak for you. But tiny fonts are impossible to read, and larger fonts won’t let you say much. Besides, it’s common to contrast font sizes on a design to highlight essential information.

    So what size font on a business card is ideal? We’ve answered that question in this post.

    The Importance of Font Size on Your Business Card

    It's important to consider the font size since this will impact your design. For example, the ideal size is legible at a glance but not too big to ruin your design. The perfect font size will communicate your professionalism and attention to detail. Conversely, prospects tend to distrust brands that miss this design detail.

    What Size Font on a Business Card

    What Size Font on a Business Card?

    So what size font on a business card is ideal? Some experts recommend that you go at least 8 points for details that may not be noteworthy (a point is a unit for font size in most design programs).

    However, important details like your brand's name should be anything from 12 - 16 points. While this is a general guide, certain factors, such as your business card's dimension and design, will affect the size you choose.

    You should consider these factors when determining the appropriate font size to use on a business card:

    • Amount of text: A smaller size will fit more information, but be careful to favor readability over volumes of text.
    • Typeface: Typefaces look larger or smaller than others at the same point size, so remember this when deciding.
    • Design: A minimalist design includes white spaces, so you may want to use a larger font size to make the text more prominent. Conversely, a smaller font size may be more appropriate when you have a lot of graphics. In addition, unique card designs such as the Raised Foil require you to use a font size of 10 points or large.

    Choosing the Right Font Size for Your Business Card

    There are no fast rules for the business card size to use. But note that it's helpful to have a consistent brand image that's visually appealing and can be read even by individuals with visual impairments. Also, a popular font size choice ranges from 8 - 12 points.

    Best Practices for Business Card Design

    Here are some best practices for choosing your business card's typeface and font size:

    • Choose a font that is easy to read: Legible typefaces are easier to read, even at a small size. However, script or decorative fonts are difficult to read and should be used sparingly. Instead, stick to clear fonts like Arial, Helvetica, or Times New Roman. See our typeface guide for more information.
    • Use a maximum of two fonts: Too many will make your card look cluttered and unprofessional. Instead, stick to a maximum of two fonts for the heading and body text.
    • Ensure the font is consistent with your branding and personality: Your font choice should be consistent with other branding materials, such as your website and flyers. Using the same fonts and styles will help to create a brand identity that individuals recognize and trust. Also, a law firm should use a more traditional font, while a tech startup might choose something modern.
    • Consider font pairing: Ensure the font pair you choose is complimentary. Pairing similar or incompatible fonts will make your card look unprofessional. Instead, you can use a font pairing tool, follow a guide, or seek the advice of a design professional.
    • Test the font: Print a sample of your business card and test the font size. Show the sample to a friend or colleague to get their feedback on the readability and appeal.

    You now know popular best practices and what size font on a business card is perfect.

    What Size Font on a Business Card


    The font size property will impact your design’s readability and appeal. But you can go around making a choice when you use templates. We offer thousands of professional-looking templates for various industries. In addition, our templates are easy to modify, and you can order printed cards online upon conclusion.
    In the meantime, browse our business card products to find the perfect design for your brand.