Stunning Travel Photography on Instagram

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has taken photo sharing to a whole new level. Professional and amateur photographers rely on this platform to showcase their talent to thousands of potential followers. From the world’s coldest places to tropical beaches in South America, travel photographers make the world their home and share their experiences with the rest of us. Today’s post is for those who enjoy the combination of amazing destinations around the world and stunning photography. Whether you are a photographer, travel aficionado or just enjoy beautiful landscapes, take a moment and let Travel Photography on Instagram whisk you away (plus give you ideas to follow/pursue yourself!) We’ve scoured the app to find skilled photographers that have made it their passion to capture breathtaking views of far off lands. Here are eight awesome travel shots we found on Instagram:
Chris Burkard's Travel Photography
Chris Burkard has vast experience in travel photography, and a passion for shooting the ocean. He is a self-taught, expert surf photographer based in California with more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram. This year, Burkard gave a TED talk in which he shared his experiences of surfing in ice-cold water and explained his obsession with the coldest beaches on earth. His success is the fruit of his efforts, as he said, “ anything that is worth pursuing is going to require us to suffer, just a little bit.” This impressive shot was taken in the blue waters of the Greenland sea. More than a natural paradise, Burkard’s photo reflects on adventure and bliss. Through this photograph, Chris shares his love of nature and freezing waters.
Take me to...Singapore 
Murad Osmann is one of the most popular photographers on this list, to say the least. His photography can be easily identified because it shows the back of his girlfriend as she leads him through spectacular places around the world. Osmann grabbed people’s attention with his renowned project “follow me”. The idea came after taking a picture where Nataly Osmaan, his then girlfriend and current wife, was annoyed that Murad was taking pictures all the time, so she pulled him. The first photo under the theme of “follow me” was taken in Barcelona. Murad has more than 3.6 million followers on Instagram, and the number continues to grow. His unique photography style has helped him become one of the best-known photographers of his kind. His photographs are taken from Murad’s point of view while Nataly holds his hand, just like this amazing picture that was taken in Singapore.
Americana with Rubens
Eric Rubens is a landscape photographer who has captured the California coast in all its splendor and beauty. Beaches, colorful skies, sunsets and wildlife are the main characters of his photographs. Each picture gives a sense of calm, peacefulness and happiness. Eric calls himself a citizen of the world, as he travels the globe looking to capture the beauty of fascinating places. He pushes the boundaries of creativity to stand out in the photography industry.  
Somewhere in... Cambodia 
Gary Arndt embarked on an unparalleled adventure when he sold his house to travel the world. Since 2007 he has been visiting all seven continents, taking pictures and blogging. Arnt has won various awards from the Society of The American Travel Writers and other organizations. He runs one of the most successful travel blogs out there: Everything Everywhere. At the beginning of his adventure he was a novice, but over time Gary became an award-winning photographer. 
Breathtaking Views with Cole Rise
Cole Rise has spent most of his life behind the lens; he takes photos from all corners of the planet. His work draws you in and evokes positive emotions. From shooting landscapes, stalking cows to lying in the grass, Cole looks for moments worth capturing. Among Rise’s most precious adventures is crossing the United States on a motorcycle and traveling the Norwegian wilderness while taking pictures. Here’s a great shot of a lenticular cloud (not to be confused with lenticular printing), a rare sight over California.
Shine a Light on Bolivia
Brendan Van Son is a professional travel photographer from Canada. He started his career as a travel writer, but during his trips he became fascinated with photography. Soon after, Brendan discovered that he preferred telling stories through images rather than words. He has travelled over 80 countries in the past five years gaining more than 52.000 followers on Instagram. This picture was taken in the salt flats of Bolivia, a lesser known travel destination that we can all put in our calendars!
Endless Adventure with Alana
Kirsten Alana's life took a 360-degree turn when she decided to quit her job to travel the world. With more than 169,000 Instagram followers, Kristen inspires people to seek beauty in any place of the world from the concrete jungle to exotic beaches. This photo, taken in Egypt, shows the best mix of pinks, blues and oranges in a simple yet powerful shot.
  Faces and Places
During his trips, Ken Kaminesky does not only seek to capture images, but stories that motivate people to experience the world at large. Kaminesky features art, culture and food in his pictures. Since each place is unique, he says his favorite place is always his next destination. What can you say about this photo taken in Myanmar; the people and vivid colors are amazing. Ken truly captures this young novice monk’s wisdom and serenity.   This is just a glimpse of all the striking photos that can be found searching Instagram Travel Photography tags. With adventurous photographers who devote their lives to exploring the far corners of the world, travel photography enables us to appreciate every corner of the world from the best angle and with the best light. It also serves as inspiration for your next photo project or holiday. Are you a travel photographer too? Amateur? Immortalize your own snaps in print with custom made calendars, key chains or postcards. Did we mention we have 3D lenticular ones? What was your favorite photograph? Please share your thoughts below!

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