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    Simple Ideas for Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Marketing

    Simple Ideas for Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Marketing
    valentine's day 2 As a business owner, do you constantly look for ways to engage your current and potential clients? Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to reach out to them. Whether your business caters to this holiday or not, take advantage of it all you can. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! To help boost your company’s relations with your customers, we’ve come up with a list of six simple ideas for last-minute Valentine’s Day marketing that can be added to your February campaign. Here’s a look:
    1. Come Up With a Valentine’s Day Special Promotion
    Does your business sell candy, jewelry or flowers? Increase your exposure with Valentine’s Day promotions. What’s the strategy? Instead of simply encouraging your clients to buy gifts for their loved ones, entice them with special promotions printed on breathtaking Valentine’s Day postcards. This would be YOUR gift to them. By doing so, you show your customers how much you care. We offer a range of postcard printing services. Order HERE.   Are your business’ services or products related to Valentine’s Day? Luckily, it’s not too late for Valentine’s Day advertising - 60% of all Valentine’s Day spending takes place within the five days leading up to the 14th. Just extend business hours on the holiday to make it easy for your customers to buy last-minute gifts. As mentioned earlier, promote offers to last-minute shoppers by using Valentine’s Day postcards or other direct mail pieces such as flyers and newsletters, they’re great marketing tools. We offer newsletter printing with a same-day print turnaround! Order HERE.
    1. Change your Facebook Cover Photo
    Changing your Facebook cover photo to a Valentine’s Day themed one is a simple way to captivate your fans. Even if it doesn’t bring you more business in the short run, it conveys good will. Besides, it helps you share info about special promotions you're running and extended business hours. Use your holiday themed cover photo to show your clients some love, while enhancing customer loyalty.
    1. Create a Gift Guide
    Valentine’s Day is notorious for last-minute shoppers panicking to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Help out your beloved customers by coming up with a gift guide. Write one for services or products that you sell. Additionally, make gift suggestions for ones that you don’t sell at your business. The goal is to provide a helping hand. Ultimately, you want to help your customers find something they’ll want to give on Valentine's’ Day. By suggesting awesome gift ideas to your clients and helping them solve their problem, you’re building a long-lasting relationship with them. Don’t forget to share your gift guide on all your social media platforms! valentine's day 1
    1. Send Customers Valentine’s Day Cards
    Send your customers a Valentine’s Day card and include a special promotion along with it. Again, you can market your promotion as a gift for your loyal customers rather than promoting products for your customers to buy for their significant others. This card serves as a Thank You card and gives you the opportunity to reach out to your clients again in a nonintrusive way. Order our greeting cards HERE.
    1. Place Valentine’s Day Related Items in Strategic Locations
    For those shoppers who are not thinking about Valentine’s Day, you can easily give them a reminder by placing Valentine’s Day related items in their online shopping cart or near the payment counter. Bath salts for a quiet night in, greeting cards to express love or the ever popular heart shaped box of chocolates that no one can do without. Ensure your customers see them before they purchase for their items.
    1. Build Customer Testimonials
    Whether you’re blogging, contacting your email subscribers or posting on social media, Valentine’s Day lets you reach out to your fans and ask them to give your company a little love in the form of testimonials. It’s just a reminder to those who have had a great experience with your company to re-engage. It’s very easy to get good reviews online. Make sure not to be too pushy - encourage them with a special promotion! The Bottom Line No matter the type of business you run, make sure your staff members spread the love on Valentine’s Day by treating your customers with extra care. Sometimes, a smile is all that is needed to win over a client. That’s the bottom line.