Putting Together a Killer Media Kit for your Product Launch

  • BY Emma Davis
  • Nov 23, 2013
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Putting Together a Killer Media Kit for your Product Launch

You have painstakingly been working on your product for a long time from inception to fruition.  After all the blood, sweat and tears put into it, make sure that you plan a product launch that is well thought out and has all the key elements in place.

Most importantly, take the time to put together a killer media kit, a.k.a press kit, for those attending your launch party. Of course the venue and entertainment are essential, but getting your product information out to your guests is most critical.  Whether you are launching a brand new line of skincare or your latest album, there are many steps to consider before the big day. To help, we’ve compiled the key elements to a powerful media kit.  Take a look:
  1. The Brief - What’s your story - It’s necessary to write a brief overview of your company to be included in your media kit.  Don’t make it overly wordy, but do include aspects of your business that are crucial to who you are and what you do.  The overview is especially important for guests of your launch that are hearing about you for the first time.

  1. The Bio’s - Key Players Only - Your company was founded by a group of hardworking and creative individuals.  Take the time to write brief biographies of all the key players.  This is a great way to introduce your CEO, chairperson and principal investors to the public.  It also puts a human face on the company and gives people insight on where you will be headed in the future.

  1. Fact sheets - Above all else, your company is defined by the goods and services that you provide.  Your fact sheets, brochures and catalogs are a vital part of your press kit.  Give a concise description of each product and the many ways it can be used.  Remember to list all the features of your products or services and how they set them apart from the competition as well as customer testimonials to back up your claims.

  1. Relevant news coverage - Add relevant press coverage of your company and products if you have them.  Articles that highlight your goods and services are essential to creating consumer confidence.  Also include a Press Release announcing your new product launch are also necessary in your media kit.

  1. Images and/or video - Along with your press releases, you should attach images of your products, high-level employees and general photos of your company.  You can also supply the press and other guests of your launch party with video in addition to traditional photographs.  Always give the press permission to use footage and photos in their articles and news clips.

  1. Contact info - As informative as your media kit is, you will still find that many people will have questions to ask.  Although it may seem obvious, don’t forget to add your company’s contact information as well as the phone number and email address of the go to person responsible for customer inquiries.

  1. Promos - Last but not least, your media kit should also contain a few promotional gifts.  You have a budget to think of, so be reasonable and go affordable.  Company t shirts and promotional mugs with a logo are terrific promotional tools.  Custom printed postcards featuring your new product and a QR code that links people to your website for further information is also a smart move.

Organizing a product launch party can be almost just as stressful as creating a new product line.  Compiling a media kit that will be both interesting and effective is vital to the successful release of your product.

That being said, remember to have fun!  Your launch party is a celebration of all the work and passion you put into your business.  Are there any other special touches you might add to your media kit?  We’d love to hear about them.