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    Online Printing: Stunning Business Card Printing Designs

    Online Printing: Stunning Business Card Printing Designs
    Business card printing is an art but why would anyone want a physical card in this digital age? No matter how progressive we become, business cards remain an essential part of any business. Are you aware that according to Credit Donkey, 27 million business cards are printed daily, even in the world of laptops, smartphones, and tablets? Have you ever thought why? The statistic itself proves that business cards have no competition. If you are still not convinced, here are some business card insights that will make you think about the importance of business cards even in the digital world.

    Business Card Insights

    The function of business card printing is to market lucratively; a time-honored process. It applies to almost every industry’s small businesses. If you are a small business owner, try to gain some ideas from these statistics and understand how vital a business card can be.
    • Around 10,000,000,000 business cards printed annually
    • A company's sales increase 2.5% for every 2,000 business cards handed out
    • The average amount spent nationally on business cards is $194
    • A standard business card measures 3.5" x 2"
    • Almost 50% of businesses use QR codes in some component of their marketing plan
    • Of the 10 billion cards printed each year, 8 billion will be tossed within a week- that’s about 88%
    From the last statistic mentioned above, why do you think that 8 billion cards end up in a bin? Professionals Shaking Hands Illustration It is because of the design. Can you tell me why a business card should be 3.5” x 2” only? It is not necessary to design within the standard size. Select a reputed and knowledgeable online printing service like 4OVER4 to create custom business cards that are unique and stand out from the rest of your competitor's cards.

    Stunning Business Card Printing Ideas

    I always had the idea that business cards are white in color and rectangular in shape. My perception broke when a graphic designer friend gifted me a set of business cards on my birthday. The thoughtful gift was a laptop-shaped foldover business card with golden font foil-stamped beautifully on the peacock blue background of the card. I never thought a business card could be so beautiful. Foil stamping is a beautiful way to enhance your otherwise dull business cards. When you choose ultra-thick paper stock along with an unusual print, the value of your cards automatically increases. Apart from embossed business card printing, other great ideas for business cards are as follows.

    Die-Cut Business Cards

    business-card-printing Die-Cut Business Card The creative die-cut business cards help you to create any shape you like. Whether an apple or an umbrella or maybe a car, your business cards can be any shape. You may design it as per your business name or vision. In die-cutting, the paper is cut with a razor-sharp blade in a particular shape using a metal template created just for it.

    3D Lenticular Business Cards

    It is another essential printing technique that a recipient cannot throw away. Do you know why? 3d custom business cards provide a whole new beautiful image when tilted down or up, making them stand out from the rest. People will always appreciate cards that are unique and different. 3D lenticular printing creates a fantastic effect or illusion of depth and motion with two or three images.

    Think Out of the Box by Adding Interactive Elements

    Rip Card with Business Card Adding a rip card with a discount, a calendar, or a magnet to business cards are some unique elements that can make your cards valuable. People love it when they get discounts on specific products or services. Until and unless they redeem the discount coupon, customers will never think of throwing it away. Sticking a business card magnet on the refrigerator will remind your clients about your business. If you add a QR code, scratch card, or calendar to your business card, it will be impossible for your clients to ignore.

    Environment-friendly Seed paper/Kraft Business Cards

    If your clients are not happy seeing the regular paper stock business card, you may turn it environment-friendly using seed paper or kraft paper. It shows your responsibility and commitment towards nature and environment. Seed paper is a biodegradable paper made from a mix of organic seeds and paper pulp. The recipient of a seed paper business card can plant it in a pot once they're done using it and watch it grow. With their exclusive eco-friendly appeal, such business card printing is perfect for generating an image of honesty and natural elements.

    Benefits of Business Card Printing

    Printing a business card offers a personal touch to exchanging contact information. Swapping contact info using email or text might seem appropriate, but it gives an impersonal feeling. Business card printing allows you to personally meet the client and approach them to get in touch with you. A stunningly designed business card can create a great first impression. Z-fold business card printing is one example of a unique design that can make heads turn. Usually, people don’t think of such cards and that’s where you can gain the brownie points. business-card-printing Kraft Business Card Business card printing is one of the most effective yet affordable marketing tools. Are you thinking about how to design a business card? By hiring a professional printing service like 4OVER4, you can create the right kind of business cards with the best quality. If you think that professional printers are expensive, you are mistaken. Cut down on your expenses by designing your card with the help of a business card template. When you place the order in bulk, automatically, you save a lot. Even if you need few cards, the online printers make it affordable by offering several discounts and coupons.


    The versatile business card printing makes you appear more professional, honest, and trustworthy. Personalize your business cards with the right design, print, and brand message to make them a single branding or marketing tool that adds value to your business.