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    Minimalist Home Decor: 5 'Statement Wall' Pieces to Print

    Minimalist Home Decor: 5 'Statement Wall' Pieces to Print

    Gone are the days of vibrant hues, over-the-top decorations, and rich fabrics. The minimal, the better is taking over in terms of home design. As an art movement, minimalism started in the 20th century and it continues to grow in popularity now. Designers from all fields started to eliminate all unnecessary details and only add pieces that provide a real value to the overall project. The minimalist movement is about returning to the basics by creating a clean look, using white space, and getting your message across in a straightforward way. This trend is used in almost everything we appreciate today like websites, cars, electronics, architecture, art, home decorating and more.

    Less is More in Minimalist Home Design

    For those of you who are looking to revamp your homes in 2018, it’s wise to embrace simplicity. Minimalist home design focuses on less being more with balanced furniture and focusing on textures, colors, and shapes. Consider these minimalist design tips and custom print ideas for giving your home a fresh look this year:

    • Contrast color, shades, and patterns to convey a powerful message
    • Choose a single piece that stands out
    • Leave negative space
    • Add color with purpose  
    • Use geometric patterns
    • Choose the right typography font
    • Tell a story

    Want to apply a minimalist approach to your home decor? Here are some print products that will transform the look and feel of your home:

    #1 Canvas Prints

    They don’t always have to be colorful pieces - clean designs matching your environment will give your walls an elegant look. Whether you like abstract art or black and white photography, canvas prints are a sure-fire way to help you make a statement. Use the 3-piece wall art for an art gallery look, or print a single large format print for a more dramatic look

    #2 Wall Decals

    Quality wall decals add a pop of detail to please the senses. Use plain walls to your advantage by adding interesting design elements, geometric shapes or any subtle patterns to your walls. Print them in neutral colors for a simple look. Express your personality through a tiny wall graphic or an imposing print!

    #3 Posters

    Add character to your minimal living space with custom posters and mounted posters. Paint your walls white and add a design or quote in elegant typography to make your space sparkle. Don’t hang any random poster you find online, create an interesting piece that coordinates with your space and exudes your personality.

    #4 Dry Erase Prints

    Also known as dry erase boards, these tools are great for your home and office. They’re commonly placed in front of stores, restaurants, and bars. Focus on one purpose and choose one readable font that matches your identity. Remember the less clutter, the better.

    #5 Calendars

    2018 is already here, and, like most years, many of us have decided that this year will be the year we get organized. If that’s you, you need a calendar that matches your home’s interior design. Create an aesthetically pleasing yet simple artwork for your calendar today - visit 4OVER4.COM for more information about calendars printing!

    Embracing the Minimalist Home Design Trend

    If “less is more” is your mantra, then minimalism is the way to go this year. Say goodbye to excess and take your home decor to the next level by going back to basics with high quality prints. Choose one of the products featured above and turn your home or office into a minimalist paradise. Do you know which is the best part? We’re offering 40% OFF on all Large Format Prints using code “GOBIGGER” - Don’t let this offer pass you by! Get your professional quality poster printing and more to upgrade your home décor today!