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    Cool DIY Gift Ideas For Friends and Lovers

    Cool DIY Gift Ideas For Friends and Lovers

    Valentine’s day is coming! It is the time to start thinking of thoughtful ways to make our loved ones feel special.

    It is said St. Valentine was a priest of third century Rome. He refused the emperor’s command to forbid marriage for young soldiers. Instead, he kept marrying the couples in secret until he got caught and sent to death. Like you, we feel like St Valentine’s spirit is not necessarily connected to expensive  gifts, but extra personal and well thought details. Show them how much you care:

    7 DIY Gift Ideas for Friends or Lovers in Time for Valentine's Day

    Drink Coasters: choose your favorite picture of you and your friends or lover and have it custom printed into a drink coaster. You can also choose something that is meaningful to your relationship, like the place you met o a goal you have in common.

    Banners: surprise everyone with this literal great display of affection. Place a ‘Happy Valentine’s’ or ‘BFF’ banner on a place where the person you are trying to surprise won’t miss it. Make sure to put your name on it or include an internal joke so there’s no doubt you sent it.

    Customized Mugs: there’s a reason why mugs are such a popular gift, they are affordable and easily customizable. You can print a picture on it or a phrase. Think of your friend or lover and what they like. If they’re into poetry, choose a verse to show your feelings. If they are witty, look for a funny phrase or emoticon.

    Wine Labels: wine lovers will always appreciate a bottle of their favorite drink. The problem is that you know that, and the rest of their friends probably know it too. Turn a common gift into a personal one by printing a custom label. Have a special message print on it like ‘For the first of many Valentine’s Days together’. We guarantee they won’t want to put the bottle in any trash can after drinking that.

    Magnets: buying gifts for your friends or loved ones can be a delicate subject. We don’t want anyone feeling left out. A great idea is to take a common goal that you all have and print it into a magnet. Let’s say you’re planning a trip to Hawaii, print ‘Ukuleles getting closer and closer’ or 'can't fight the waves' (that one works for a lover too!) on fridge magnets and give them out to your friends as a reminder of your upcoming trip. Seeing it everyday will make it harder  to back out on your plans.

    Postcards: plan a fun day for your significant other. Print a set of postcards to be found throughout Valentine’s Day. Make each postcard a clue for next one’s location. The last one can reveal a special dinner or surprise visit.

    Booklets: the best option for those who can’t decide on 1 or 2 pictures. Gather all the pictures you want, add designs and text to them and have it printed as booklet. This would be a great way to celebrate moments spent with your friends or lover. You can customize the paper, binding and printing quality to your needs

    Who said great gifts couldn't be budget friendly? All you need is time, creativity and determination to make others feel appreciated. Give it a try! Comment and let us know if you have other ideas for great DIY gifts. Happy Valentine’s Day!