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    Christine Hunsicker's Billion Dollar Business From Her Home

    Christine Hunsicker's Billion Dollar Business From Her Home

    Who doesn't? Get inspired by Christine Hunsicker’s fashion startup project. Christine created Gwynnie Bee in 2012 out of her Manhattan apartment. It is a clothing rental subscription service for women with sizes 10 to 32, which is now worth an estimated 19 billion dollars. 

    Christine Hunsicker's Story

    When Christine was growing up, all of her clothes were made by her aunt. Her exclusive clothing gave her unlimited possibilities to express herself. A few decades later, she tapped into her childhood experiences to make an impact on women’s lives with her innovative subscription service. The serial entrepreneur grew from 4 to 400 employees with offices in New York, California, and New Delhi. Gwynnie Bee, is without doubt, a huge player in the apparel industry as it is the largest buyer of plus-size women’s apparel brand in the United States. Christine Hunsicker is an inspiring woman entrepreneur for all the business people out there who are taking their businesses off the ground. Take one minute of your time to watch Christine's success story: