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    Self-Promotion Tips: Getting Your Name Out There Like A Pro

    Self-Promotion Tips: Getting Your Name Out There Like A Pro

    The world of self-marketing for entrepreneurs is a vague one. First of all, if you self-promote too much or don’t do it correctly, you’ll run the risk of coming off as a brag. On the other hand, if you don’t promote yourself enough, you won’t further your career. The self-promotion struggle is real, but failing to put yourself in the spotlight means you may miss out on some valuable opportunities. So, what are the secrets to putting yourself -and your brand- on the map without falling too close to either end of the spectrum? Let's talk about it! We’ve come up with powerful tips to master the delicate art of self-promotion with marketing strategy, developing a brand, and still following your own brand guidelines. Perhaps now you can become your own cheerleader! 

    If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It: What Exactly is Self-Promotion?

    As a principle, promoting yourself follows the same concept as promoting a business. It’s about showing the globe what you do best while convincing them that you’re the answer to their problems. Self-promotion is a strategy that innovative entrepreneurs use to make a name for themselves. The complex thing about it is that there’s a fine line between not talking yourself up enough and sickening people with your showboating tactics.

    Tip #1:  Do Your Research

    There are plenty of platforms for self-marketing. Nevertheless, whether you’re showcasing your self-promo strategies in person at a networking event or you’re talking to influencers on LinkedIn, bear in mind that different spaces come with unique audiences. It is important to maintain yourself as a professional brand while still meeting brand identity and relating to potential customers.    Researching the audience beforehand is pivotal to success! The more you know who you’re talking to, the more you can adjust your pitch to meet their expectations and interests. When face-to-face, you can easily read a person’s body language. Online, we recommend relying on the insights of analytics programs in order to help you optimize for the future.

    Tip #2: Don’t Act Like an Expert - Be One

    Self-promo is about demonstrating that you’re, hands down, the best person out there at what you do. Go above and beyond to show your position as an industry expert! For some entrepreneurs, this means constantly sharing content on social media that’s important to their niche. Simply ensure everything you share with your followers is well-researched. For others, it may be smart to visit conferences and networking events. As a matter of fact, by speaking about your area of expertise at a conference you’ll dramatically improve your chance to succeed far beyond the virtual world.

    Tip #3: Find and Follow the Right Groups

    Networking is a fundamental self-promotion strategy. Not familiar with the practice of personal branding? Haven’t been in the industry for long? If that’s the case, you may not know how to get started. Don’t worry! There are other strategies! Social media makes it easier to find groups that may be relevant to your search for attention. Search on LinkedIn for renowned industry leaders and follow the people that they’re connected to. Check out Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr, Reddit, Quora and even Pinterest for groups related to keywords that you want your brand to be recognized for. The more you connect with the right audience, the more your promo methods will pay off.

    Tip #4: Be Interesting

    Who wants to listen to an hour-long podcast of you describing how great you are? If you can show off your skills and offer your audience something interesting - you’ll get their attention! When creating content, remember that no one likes being sold to in this marketplace. According to a study conducted by BuzzStream and Fractl, 45% of consumers will unfollow a brand if their activity is dominated by self-promotion.  Marketing and branding aren’t about tooting your own horn. Provide valuable insights to build trust! Rather than rattling off remarkable stats about your performance or listing adjectives that you think describe you, tell a story. Engage your audience with something they truly want to learn. When building your brand online, tell your personal story - this way, you’ll appear as a more authentic person! What’s more, by merging your storytelling strategies with a commitment to posting relevant content, you’ll keep them coming back for more.

    Tip #5: Be Honest

    The most important thing you can embrace when it comes to self-marketing is honesty. Even though it’s great to share your successes, strengths, and stories with your audience, it’s crucial that you don’t get caught up in your own greatness. Ensure that your desire to feature your own skills doesn’t prompt you to embellish the truth! You can still integrate your brand strategy without having to create a false image of perfection. Besides, when you’re looking to build rapport with your audience, don’t forget that no one likes listening to a pretentious know-it-all. Modesty and humility go hand in hand when you’re marketing yourself. Just focus on your successes within the big picture, and you’ll automatically be more appealing.

    Now It’s Your Turn

    Self-promotional strategies make a lot of entrepreneurs feel uncomfortable, but they’re the key to countless opportunities in your professional life. We hope these tips help you establish influence as an entrepreneur. Remember that self-promotion blends the fine line between branding and boasting - it’s vital to know when confidence transforms into cockiness!  For further inspiration, browse 4OVER4.COM and check out a range of high-end print marketing materials to get the attention you deserve! We know how to make the part of your brand shine with the perfect printing products for your needs.