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    5 Interesting Wedding Favors During Covid-19

    5 Interesting Wedding Favors During Covid-19

    In today's economy, cutting costs for your wedding is nothing to be ashamed of, it's actually become quite a trend! Nowadays it's much more typical to find brides bragging about how they managed to hold a great celebration on a tight budget than how much they spent. There are custom labels for homemade items and premium wine labels for miniature wine bottle wedding favors. It's no surprise that couples are choosing alternative venues, going for dessert tables instead of five-tier cakes, choosing in-season flowers, and buying wedding shoes that can be worn regularly.

    Wedding Favors In a Pandemic

    Add this onto the current Covid-19 pandemic and you get quite a new collection of party favors that you can give to your guests. People are even getting shops with Covid-19 print essentials that make it easy to find what you need. Let us look at these five interesting wedding favors during Covid-19 below. It is interesting to note that some of these can be used for other events as well such as graduation parties, job promotions, etc.

    1.Hand Sanitizer With Custom Labels

      Custom Hand Sanitizer This has to be the very first thing on our list today because, with the importance of keeping clean, you want to be sure that your guests are all safe. You can easily customize labels for small sanitizer bottles and let your guests remember your special day in a practical way. Any time someone needs to reach for hand sanitizer, they will be glad they attended your nuptials so share this with them. It will be a cost-effective way of sharing gratitude that will show your guests just how thoughtful you are. Just check online for a variety of options on how to make premium private labels a success and you will see how practical it is.

    2. Custom Printed Face Masks

     Wedding Masks Another special item that has become extremely common nowadays, we are all aware of the importance of masks. Since we should not leave our houses without our masks, care for your guests by custom printing face masks. You can add your initials on them or even just print your colors so that your guests can use them at your event and beyond if they please. Depending on the type of masks you go for, they can be cheap or expensive and so make sure that you plan your budget accordingly so that things work out.

    3. Custom Labelled Jars Of Chocolate

     Chocolate in Jars Everybody loves chocolate! Give your guests a lovely thank-you with small jars of chocolate- you can use Hershey's Kisses and add a witty message on the label. Send them as socially distanced hugs and ask your guests to think of you whenever they reach for a piece. Custom canning labels will help you pass your message across as well as give you a platform to package a personal gift to your guests.

    4. Individually Wrapped Tissue Packs

     Source Save your guests the hassle of reaching for a communal box of tissues if they need some for wiping tears of happiness away. Print a nice message or your names using the colors you are using at your event to personalize them. Convenience is a sign of thoughtfulness so it won't go unnoticed. Hand these tissues with premium paper labels to your guests who will enjoy having safe and clean tissues at your wedding. If they don't use them, they will carry them and remember you by them- a definite plus!

    5. Soap With Custom Premium Labels

     Premium Soap Labels Nice soap will serve so many purposes and it is essential during this time. Granted that your guests will not use it at the wedding, but it will come in handy when they leave. A cool scented soap packaged and sealed with pretty, blank die-cut labels which you may write your initials on will be a memorable addition to your guests' everyday lives. It is crucial to wash our hands thoroughly as this ensures the destruction of the virus. You, therefore, see how helpful it will be to have soap as wedding favors for your guests!

    Thoughtful Favors During Covid-19

    With that, you can see how important it is to get creative with your wedding favors and make sure to please your guests. During this pandemic, we need to adjust ourselves to the new normal. Part of this is by changing up how we have parties and events as it is upon each of us to help keep our loved ones safe. I would personally give a little goodie bag with soap, spray hand sanitizer, and wet wipes to my guests with custom hang tags. This is of course if I managed to pull off a small event with a small attendance because it is important to save money even if going for quality.

    5 Interesting Wedding Favors During Covid-19 - Arts & Crafts

    A study from Future Market Insights showed that the beverage segment of adhesive labels is projected to register a CAGR of 4.0% during the period of assessment. This is between 2017 and 2026. The labels on your healthy juices and general beverages will be around for quite a long time to come; if you are on the fence on getting some custom labels made. This means that printing custom labels for wedding and event use will be a big deal not just during this pandemic, but for a long time to come.