5 Amazing Business Cards That Look Like Credit Cards

  • BY Emma Davis
  • Sep 29, 2020
  • 1337
5 Amazing Business Cards That Look Like Credit Cards
Handling cash has always been a hassle. The bulkiness of it, the security and most recently the spreading of coronavirus through cash transactions have made credit cards a desirable alternative. 51.8% of American adults use credit cards, a charge card or both according to creditcard.com.

What business cards looks like a credit card?

business-cards Owing to the rising popularity of credit cards, imagine how relevant and interesting a business card that exemplifies a credit card would be. The uniqueness of it would be something worth carrying around and keeping. Your recipient would have a very hard time throwing such an executive card to the trash. Business cards that could easily be mistaken for credit cards stand out because of its peculiarity and would immediately raise awareness that your business is not just any other business. business-cards Unfortunately, according to credit donkey 63% of people who receive cards throw them away without a second thought. And with them, prospective deals end up in the trash can. Invest in premium business card designs to get a high retainer rate. After seeing the ultra-thick business card reviews online, I have no doubt your business cards will cease being a statistic. These are some of the business card designs that you can shape to look like credit cards: