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    Table of contents
    • Introduction: 30 Mil Plastic Business Cards

    • Where to get 30mil plastic business cards

    • Where to get 30mil clear plastic business cards

    • Are plastic business cards professional?

    • How to print plastic business cards

    • How thick are 30mil plastic business cards

    • Can you print plastic business cards with a QR code?

    • Can you print plastic business cards with foil stamping?

    • Where to get plastic cards with a magnetic strip

    • Where to get plastic cards for cheap

    • Why should you print plastic business cards

    • What’s the biggest advantage of plastic business cards

    • Advantages of specific plastic business cards

    • How to design a plastic business card

    • What businesses are best for plastic business cards?

    • What are the best plastic credit card business cards with embossed numbers?

    • Final words

    • Resources

    The Ultimate Guide to Plastic Card Printing

    Introduction: 30 Mil Plastic Business Cards

    Business cards are an important part of business whether you’re a freelancer, running a start-up or a veteran with an established business. Even in an increasingly digital world, this old fashioned method of networking does not seem to be going away and it’s not a surprise why. Starting a conversation with someone is somewhat easier after handing them a business card. According to CreditDonkey , 27 million business cards are printed daily. Daily! That’s a big number and goes to show how people value physical business cards despite the digital age we are in. In fact, it’s now common for people to have different business cards for their different interests. You don’t want to be handing out your work business card where your title is Financial Analyst when meeting new clients for your bakery business on the side.


    There are undeniably many types of business cards. We are talking of die-cuts, raised foil, velvet laminated, silk laminated, metallic foil, layer cake, and much more. We can’t exhaust the list.


    But, let’s talk about one of the most popular business cards which are the 30mil plastic business cards.


    Where to get 30mil plastic business cards

    You want the best right? Then get the best quality 30 mil plastic business cards from trusted printing companies. At 4OVER4 30mil plastic business cards have the following characteristics:

    • It comes in size: 2.125" x 3.375"
    • Comes in 30mil thickness which is the equal thickness of a credit card.
    • Available with UV gloss or matte silk laminated finish.
    • You can get foil stamping on them with a selection of 20 colors.
    • You can have spot UV coating on them.
    • Optional magnetic stripe and encoding are available upon your request.
    • Barcoding with numbering can be done
    • Sequential numbering or other variable data
    • Embossed numbering with optional gold or silver tipping
    • Optional scratch off with a pin
    • Optional lanyard slot

    One of the best things about 4OVER4 is where most companies will keep you waiting for ages to print plastic business cards, they get it done in 5 days!

    Other great places where you can get plastic business cards are Vistaprint, Snapfish, UPrinting, and other print companies.

    You can also look for them in retail stores. The only problem is that they are pre-designed meaning you won’t get the chance to custom make them to your liking, therefore, defeating their purpose.

    Specifications Company magnetic strip credit card size thickness UV gloss or matte silk laminated finish option Foil stamping and spot UV coating Finishes available
    4OVER4 30mil clear, frosted, white
    VISTAPRINT X 20mil X X clear, frosted, white
    4OVER4 X 20mil X X clear, frosted, white

    Where to get 30mil clear plastic business cards

    Nobody can deny the beauty of a clear business card. To add the cherry on top, when they are the right thickness which is 30mil it makes them more durable. For a long time 30mil thick clear plastic business cards have not been readily available but not anymore.

    They are fully customizable to your liking but you must consider the prepared instructions. For instance if ordering foil stamping or UV spot finishing you’ll need to prepare a CMYK file (CYMK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black which are the primary colors of pigment) with all areas that do not have a metallic finish. You will need to include a 100% black foil mask of the elements for your design to be stamped with foil. Only one foil color is available per card design whether you print on the front, back or both.

    You even have the option of utilizing both sides of the clear business card and stand out more than the average plastic business card. Once you’ve added some unique finishes to the card, you’re certain to have very sophisticated looking cards which will elevate your brand by leaps.

    Are plastic business cards professional?

    They most certainly are. Plastic business cards are undoubtedly professional!

    As Small Business Trends stated, 72 percent of people judge a company or person based on the quality of their business cards. And 39 percent of people would choose not to do business with a company if they had a “cheap-looking” business card.

    For plastic business cards, thanks to its smooth finish and heavy-duty construction, plastic can make a real impact. What adds to its professionalism is how you decide to customize it.


    Professional plastic business card

    With just a bit of creativity and simplicity, you can make your cards look high-end which in actual fact makes your business look reputable. Just be sure to include the most important information which includes:

    • Business name- this goes without saying. This should be the first thing you include in your card.
    • Business logo- your logo is the graphic presentation of your business name. Consider getting help with your logo design if necessary.
    • Phone number- this is the easiest way for people to reach you.
    • Business email- email is crucial as it's a means of sending documents and attachments. Plus it’s a good option if people want to send you business proposals or an alternate way to reach you.
    • Website URL- if you have a website, you have to include it so that people can check out all that you do. This is useful as recipients will be able to fully understand what you do in-depth.
    • Social media pages- social media is the new CV. As lame as it sounds, the first thing people do when they hear about a business, at least for most people, they check out their social media activities. This will help people understand your work better and in a fun and engaging way. It also goes without saying that you should regularly update your professional social media accounts.
    • Slogan- this gives your card a very professional look. You don’t have to include it but it gives you a major boost in terms of credibility. Keep your slogan short and sweet. If possible make it like a 3-5 words sentence.
    • QR code-QR codes can be created with your logo intertwined, giving you more room on your business card for other codes and information. The codes change your card to a marketing agency. It increases the number of people who will bookmark your information. Another benefit of the code is that they give the recipient numerous options of following your content. You could have tiny codes that link people to your social media accounts hence helping you gain more followers.

    Invest in quality. This goes to the paper types you choose. You can choose from:

    • 20 Point White Rigid Vinyl
    • 20 Point Frosted
    • 20 Point Clear
    • 30 Point White Rigid Vinyl
    • 30 Point Frosted
    • 30 Point Clear

    Pick an appropriate font. Fonts that are distorted are a no go zone! Use fonts that are readable and easy to read by everyone. Gimmion has written about the 21 best free fonts for business cards.

    Use a simple layout. Don’t go overboard with the overall look of your cards. Leave enough space between logos and text. Have great spacing among your words and as tempting as it may be, don’t fill every space with color and words. This will help people focus on the card. A “busy” card won’t land you clients and customers. It will throw them off!

    Be consistent with your message. Use your brands’ colors and aesthetic in every single card. This will help you avoid confusion with your potential clients.

    Choose your card shape. You can stick with the regular rectangular shaped cards but if you want something unique but still professional, then you can have your plastic business cards with rounded corners or even die-cut. If you are a realtor, a cool design would be to have your cards designed in the form of a house or a key. If you’re a bakery owner, your plastic card can be die-cut in any shape even in the form of a cake. If you are in the automotive sector, you can have your card designed in the form of a car wheel. The good thing about die-cut cards is that at first glance of your card, people can recognize what your business is all about. Be careful not to go overboard as it will remove the professionalism out of it. You can even do something as simple as just having the corners rounded that will make your card stick out.

    There are several things to avoid when it comes to business cards in general. This include:

    1. Omitting important information- be sure to have ALL the necessary information on your card. No matter how nice your card looks, it won’t be as effective as it should be if it’s missing important contact information.
    2. Having an average card- according to Adobe Blog, 88% of business cards handed out get thrown away in less than a week. What does this mean? This means the chances of getting your card tossed out is super high. This is why you should work on making sure you have the best card in the crowd. A card that not only captures the attention of its readers but also maintains the attention. There is no excuse for having boring cards when you can opt for classy 30mil white plastic business cards at your disposal that will definitely impress.
    3. Using poor quality cards- this goes to the material you pick. Cheap cards will cost your business a great deal. As we stated earlier, 72% of people judge a company based on the quality of their cards.
    4. Vague information- avoid mystery in your card. People should be able to look at your card and at first glance know what it is you do. Be direct and straight to the point.
    5. Using an unusual mix of colors- colors do make business cards attractive but only when the right colors are used. Don’t go overboard with colors. Remember less is more. Particularly when printing plastic business cards, if you want to use foil for example it will have to be in one color only.
    6. Grammar mistakes- if you ask me, you would rather have no business card than a business card with a spelling error. Imagine handing out a business card to people and they let you know of a word you misspelled or they can't understand something on it because of the error. Quite embarrassing right? This is cringe worthy. Be sure to proofread your design before having it printed.
    7. Poor photos- rarely do people use their photos on their plastic business cards. But if you decide to take that route, then make sure you use a professional photo. It should be clear. Absolutely no selfies allowed no matter how clear they look.
    8. Oversized business cards- people love convenience. Everyone does. Make your business cards into the size of a wallet. A size: 2.125" x 3.375" is just perfect. It’s wallet-size makes it easy even for the recipients to carry around.
    9. Avoid adding quotes- by quotes, I mean motivational quotes and the like. Your slogan alone is good enough as it relates to your business. Quotes have a tendency to make you look vague which is not the message you want to send.
    10. Outdated information- you need to frequently update your business cards. If you change your number, location, email, or any other aspect, be sure to update it in your business cards.

    How to print plastic business cards


    30mil plastic business card with magnetic stripe

    It’s a pretty straight forward process. When getting them printed at 4OVER4 this is what you’ll need before printing:

    • It’s better to have your designs on print-ready PDF files, but other acceptable file types are .jpg, .tiff and .eps files.
    • You can get white rigid vinyl, frosted or clear plastic cards in 20 mil or 30 mil credit card thickness.
    • Select the size which could be 2" x 3.5", 2.125" x 3.375" (standard), 2" x 3.5" Oval, and 2.5" x 2.5" You have the choice of two rounded corner treatments: 1/8" or 1/4" radius.
    • Decide the finishing you want either UV gloss or matte silk laminated finish.
    • You have the option of getting foil stamping, barcode, magnetic stripe, or any other additional thing.
    • Minimum order quantity is 250.

    Qualities to look out for from your print company:

    • Environmentally-friendly printing processes.
    • A dedicated team of printing experts.
    • Free online proofs and fast chat support.
    • FSC Certification and Top-Level Customization.
    • Fully customizable designs and finishes.
    • Lightning-fast turnarounds (ready in as little as 5 business days).
    • Straight-to-production options.

    How thick are 30mil plastic business cards

    According to research, the 30mil plastic card is thicker than the ordinary plastic card. It is essentially the same as a credit card in terms of size and thickness.

    Can you print plastic business cards with a QR code?

    Yes, you can!


    Business card with QR code

    Having a QR code makes your card look more trendy and unique. Some of the benefits that come with QR codes on plastic business cards are:

    1. Expands your network- you can have a QR code that will enable your potential clients or investors to scan and save your contact information in their phones automatically without having to type it. It saves people time.
    2. Makes it easier for people to follow you on social media- including social media QR codes will make it convenient for people to find you as they will just scan and find your social media profiles. Whenever you update your social accounts your followers will keep up with your latest, products, projects and events.
    3. You can tell your story- you can’t have everything included in your plastic business card. To be honest, there is not so much you put in the card and you shouldn’t. Instead, you can add a QR code that will direct them to your portfolio and projects. In this way, with just one scan they can access everything about your business.

    Can you print plastic business cards with foil stamping?

    If you want your plastic business cards to have foil stamping it's possible. Currently, this type of finish can only be done at 4OVER4. Foil adds shimmer to your cards and mostly comes in two colors: gold and silver. Whichever you choose you should ensure it blends well with your card. Where packaging & distinction is paramount, foil adds a level of exclusivity and increases brand awareness.





    Unique foil business cards



    Small business exchange describes foil stamping as the application of metallic print and foil on materials such as plastics, paper, and card, using heat and pressure. It can be used on printed products with dark-colored surfaces as it does not involve the use of any ink.



    There are different types of foils used during foil stamping which include:



    1. Metallic Foil- they add sparkle and shine to plastic business cards. They are the most common foil. They give plastic business cards a metallic look to them and come in 2 main colors which are gold, and silver.



    30mil plastic business card with gold foil tipping


    1. Holographic Foil- this type of foil precisely registers each image in the card, holograms, and adds value by improving both security and cosmetic appeal.





    Holographic foil on plastic business card with a frosted finish


    1. Pigmented Foil- they have a non-metallic coloring and are best used on plastics and paper. They can be in any color of your choice.
    2. Pearlescent Foil- they add a pearly shine to the card. They provide transparent or a semi-translucent finish on cards.



    Foil stamping has various benefits to your plastic business cards such as:



    1. Make your card stand out
      Remember, you are competing against many other similar businesses and you want to stand out. With foil stamping, you are sure to dazzle and command attention. It catches the light perfectly and draws the customer towards it. The more appealing the print, the more likely your piece is going to be read.
    2. Grasp value
      Many large companies, especially in the food sector use foil-stamped cards. This in return has raised the value of such cards making them appear more valuable than other cards. It shows that you went the extra mile for your card. A foil-stamped card will normally be associated with greatness and quality thus making your plastic business card more impossible to ignore. Foil makes any design luxurious, high-class, and expensive, even if it didn’t cost a lot to make. Because the design looks so good, recipients are less likely to ignore it or throw it away.
    3. Flexible
      We agree you don’t have to get your plastic business card foil stamped all over. If anything, if you are not careful it may throw the recipient off. But you can use it to your advantage as foil stamping is versatile. You can just have the most important information on your card foil stamped. This will draw the attention of the receiver to what you want them to focus more on.
    4. Customizable
      Many people have this misconception that foil-stamped cards can’t be customized. This is false. If you work with a good print company then they will make it happen. Each die can be custom made to your liking. You just have to choose a foil color that matches your brand. There are also various foil effects such as marble, wood, leather, or snakeskin that can be used to give your cards a whole new look.


    Where to get plastic cards with a magnetic strip

    Some of the print companies that offer magnetic strip plastic cards include:

    • Able Graphix- Farmingdale, NY
    • Magnet Technology- Lebanon, OH
    • 4OVER4- New York City, NY
    • Benton City, WA
    • Direct Color Systems- Rocky Hill, CT
    • Able Card, LLC- Azusa, CA
    • World Media Group- Indianapolis, IN

    If you’re looking for the option of magnetic strips with encoding on plastic business cards this is not common with most printers.


    Plastic card with magnetic stripe

    A magnetic stripe card contains encoded data. The stripes are usually black, brown, or gold. In plastic cards, magnetic stripe cards are usually for access control, identification cards, stripe gift cards, discount cards, and membership cards.

    Some of the benefits that come with the magnetic strip are:

    1. Reliability
      Magnetic strips on plastic cards are magnetized. When you swipe them, the payment processor reads their magnetic fields and matches them to your bank account information. Magnetic stripes record data.
    2. Flexibility
      Magnetic strips can be changed as information on your card keeps changing. They can be reused several times. This is why they are embedded on credit cards or other materials that continuously rely upon changing data.
    3. Long-lasting
      Magnetic strips are much more sturdy and are built into strong materials such as plastics. Even though they hold and record data, they are resistant to environmental damage such as water, dust, or dirt contamination. They are shake-proof and the strips can always be re-encoded. The only way data concealed in a magnetic strip can be destroyed is by exposing the strip to a magnetic object or magnetic field. This makes the stripes durable and worth the investment.
    4. Security
      Encoded data is safe data as it’s hard to understand unless it's decoded. The magnetic stripes are encoded meaning the data is not in a readable format.

    Magnetic strips work via a tiny row of magnets. Any data that is entered into the strip alters the polarity of the magnet. The changes in the polarity are read in binary code as ones and zeros. The code embedded within the card serves as your control so that once someone swipes the card in the card reader, the information is sent to the proper channel so that access can be granted.

    Where to get plastic cards for cheap

    30 mil plastic business cards are certainly more costly than paper business cards. However, one of the best places to get them at a good price is 4OVER4. Below is the current price list.

    30 Mil White Plastic business card prices

    Quantity Dimension Price
    250 2.125” x 3.375” $179.00
    500 2.125” x 3.375” $219.00
    1000 2.125” x 3.375” $299.00
    2000 2.125” x 3.375” $549.00
    2500 2.125” x 3.375” $699.00
    3000 2.125” x 3.375” $799.00
    3500 2.125” x 3.375” $899.00
    4000 2.125” x 3.375” $999.00
    4500 2.125” x 3.375” $1,099.00
    5000 2.125” x 3.375” $1,199.00
    7500 2.125” x 3.375” $1,599.00
    10000 2.125” x 3.375” $1,959.00

    The following are the specifications that you get from 4OVER4 for your 30 Mil white plastic cards:

    • Size: 2.125" x 3.375".
    • 30mil White Plastic (Credit Card Thickness).
    • UV Gloss or Matte Silk Laminated Finish.
    • Optional Foil Stamping & Spot UV Coating.
    • Over 20 Foil Colors Available.
    • Optional Magnetic Stripe & Encoding Available.
    • Barcoding with Numbering.
    • Sequential Numbering or Other Variable Data.
    • Embossed Numbering with Optional Gold or Silver Tipping.
    • Optional Scratch Off with Pin.
    • Optional Lanyard Slot.
    • Ready in 15 Days.

    Here are some of the uses of 30 mil white plastic cards:

    • Gift Cards, Discount Cards, Fundraising Cards, Hotel Key Cards, ID Cards, Loyalty Cards, Membership Cards, Cards.

    White plastic cards offer a distinctive look and help you stand out in the crowd of equally efficient competitors.

    30 Mil Clear Plastic Business Cards

    Quantity Dimension Price
    250 2.125” x 3.375” $419.00
    500 2.125” x 3.375” $499.00
    1000 2.125” x 3.375” $899.00
    2000 2.125” x 3.375” $1,049.00
    2500 2.125” x 3.375” $699.00
    3000 2.125” x 3.375” $1,199.00
    3500 2.125” x 3.375” $1,349.00
    4000 2.125” x 3.375” $1,499.00
    4500 2.125” x 3.375” $1,624.00
    5000 2.125” x 3.375” $1,749.00
    7500 2.125” x 3.375” $2,199.00
    10000 2.125” x 3.375” $2,699.00

    You can order the cards with additional foil stamping. Here are the conditions that come with the different add-ons: If ordering optional foil stamping, please follow the prepared instructions. Please prepare a CMYK file with all design areas that do not have a metallic foil finish. You MUST include a 100% Black Foil Mask of the elements of your design to be stamped with foil. Only one foil color is available per card design, whether you print on the front, back, or both sides.

    If you order an optional spot or raised spot UV, please follow the prepared instructions found on the same page. Once again, you must include a separate 100% Black Foil Mask of the elements of your design to be spot UV coated.

    30 Mil frosted plastic cards

    Quantity Dimension Price
    250 2.125” x 3.375” $419.00
    500 2.125” x 3.375” $499.00
    1000 2.125” x 3.375” $899.00
    2000 2.125” x 3.375” $1,049.00
    2500 2.125” x 3.375” $699.00
    3000 2.125” x 3.375” $1,199.00
    3500 2.125” x 3.375” $1,349.00
    4000 2.125” x 3.375” $1,499.00
    4500 2.125” x 3.375” $1,624.00
    5000 2.125” x 3.375” $1,749.00
    7500 2.125” x 3.375” $2,199.00
    10000 2.125” x 3.375” $2,699.00

    Apart from business cards, frosted plastic cards can be used as gift cards, credit cards, magnetic strip added hotel key cards, opaque white loyalty cards, and more. Some businesses use frosted plastic to highlight how valued and appreciated their business is to prospective clients. There are a few companies that use it for selective marketing campaigns.

    Interestingly, the frosted cards are printed on plastic that adds extra flair making your brand easily noticeable. They offer a more professional look to your cards. 4OVER4 frosted plastic cards are light in weight and waterproof. You can remove smudges or marks easily when you opt for the frosted cards.

    Why should you print plastic business cards


    Clear plastic business card


    Business cards don’t just provide fundamental details such as the name and contact information of your business, they also say a lot about your brand. They also shape the perception of your business.




    Check out the following interesting statistics about business cards from data company- Small business trendz:


    • 72 Percent will judge your company by the quality of your business card.
    • And 39 percent of people would choose not to do business with a company if they had a “cheap-looking” business card.
    • 39% of people won’t do business with you if your card is cheap looking.

    People feel more intimately connected with a business and its representatives when they engage in eye contact and actually exchange physical cards.


    Generally, these are amazing reasons why you should consider using plastic business cards.



    1. Faster than digital- If for example you are at a party and you need to share your information as people are leaving, you will not have time to keep on asking for phone numbers. With these plastic business cards, you will dish them out fast and convenient.
    2. Some businesses and cultures require business cards during networking- In some cultures or some businesses, you cannot get access or introduction without first of all giving them your business card. They first of all do background checks to establish that your business is legitimate. You never know who or where you will meet a potential client. It may be in a function, in a hospital, in a restaurant, or in any other place. Having a plastic business card ready will ensure that you cash in on any opportunity at any time with key people.
    3. Boosts confidence- As statistics have revealed that more than 72% of people will judge your business based on how your business cards look, plastic cards will not disappoint. The frosted, transparent, or even full-color plastic business cards are very elegant and posh. This will first of all boost your confidence because you know that you are giving your potential clients quality products. Many times confidence is all you need to land your next deal because you will be able to articulate your proposals in a precise and confident manner.
    4. Longevity- The PVC material used to make plastic business cards can last for a good amount of time. If you get the right material and the printing company uses text that cannot flake off easily or fade with time, it can be stored for a long time. That means that they will also be relevant no matter how many years pass by. Secondly, when done right, they are wear and tear-resistant. No matter what conditions they are exposed to, they will still maintain their beautiful appearance and aura.

      Business card experts say that plastic business cards do better because business cards ordinarily change hands a lot. As a result, ordinary business cards fade or depreciate faster. However, plastic business cards are resilient and remain unchanged and unscathed.

      To further bring the point home, many cards are placed in wallets. The wallet goes through a lot of pressure and activity which causes friction. A plastic business card will not be affected negatively by the activity. Investment in plastic business cards is worth the while.
    5. Great ROI- These cards will guarantee you good results because they will not be easily discarded. From an empathetic point of view, if you received a well-designed, well-done attractive clear plastic business card, would you throw it into the trash can easily? Statistics Brain Research Institute found out that 88% of business cards are thrown away. This means that 12% of business cards that are handed out are retained. Based on the quality and good perception that plastic business cards influence, we have every reason to believe that they are part of the 12%.

      Printing quality 30 mil plastic business cards is a powerful way of standing out from the crowd. With the elegance and allure of opulence that well-designed plastic cards carry, you will further differentiate yourself from your competitors.
    6. A nice way to advertise- Good advertising is a by-product of plastic business cards. Since these cards represent your brand, advertising becomes easy. They present you with the opportunity to show the kind of quality products or services you offer. The potential client will most likely be drawn to go into your website and check out what your business offers.


    What’s the biggest advantage of plastic business cards


    Plastic business card for a tech company

    When you think of plastic business cards, you should think of uniqueness and strength. Custom 30 mil plastic business cards are sleek and strong. They should be precision-printed so that they feel substantial when touched. The technology used makes the texture feel both pleasurable and firm.

    Opt for a print company that has white rigid vinyl finishes, metallic touches, tear-proof durability, water-resistant construction, structural integrity, and most importantly, print clarity that will last many years.

    Unlike ordinary business cards, cutting-edge technology is pitted into the customization of plastic business cards. They require more attention and time because they are designed for the long haul. Plastic business cards were made with longevity in mind. So the better the product, the more time it takes. Longevity is one of the main advantages of a plastic business card.

    Owing to the fact that these cards can last long, let us paint a case scenario of how it can bring monetary benefits to your business. Mike owns a SaaS company. There is a luncheon coming up with Silicon Valley CEOs. So he prints clear plastic business cards so that he can give them to prospects at the luncheon. The luncheon happens and he gives out five cards to five Silicon Valley C-Suite officials. He never hears from them for more than three years. One day he gets a call from the HP new CEO. The CEO was really impressed by the card when he saw it in the business cards rack. It was fresh, new-looking, and very strong despite being three years old. And with that, he negotiates himself a deal for his company.

    Some other nice features that make plastic business cards admirable are:

    • You can choose from a range of finishes such as clear, frosted, white rigid vinyl.
    • The choice of two rounded corner treatments: 1/8” or ¼” radius.
    • You can choose from the following number of sizing options depending on your preference: 2” x 3.5”, 2.125” x 3.375” (standard), 2” x 3.5” Oval, and 2.5” x 2.5”.

    Digital printing companies with a wealth of experience will give you the chance to choose whether you want silver or gold metallic foil.

    Generally, the plastic business card makes you appear professional, admirable, personable, excellent in your work, and most importantly leaves an unforgettable, pleasurable impression.

    Advantages of specific plastic business cards

    Clear plastic business cards


    Clear plastic business card with white font


    They allow you to show that you have set the bar high in creativity on one side while the basic details are etched on the other side of the card. That is why businesses that deal in graphic design, photography, and the likes prefer them. Their distinctive design features are seen through their back and clear finishes.



    Fully customizable plastic business cards



    Full color plastic business card


    If you choose full-color flexible cards you can accentuate them further and cement their unique dominance by adding a silver or gold metallic foil finish. Rounded corners make for a soft and sophisticated white rigid vinyl card.


    How to design a plastic business card





    Clear plastic business card with blue and white font



    Plastic business cards are no doubt the dream of many entrepreneurs because they are very durable and sturdy. They are also very prestigious and classy. All these factors in combination make them hard to discard. And as a two-edged sword, they command attention which opens the door for quality conversions from high-profile, high-end, high-paying clients because they shape perception.



    For an entrepreneur, when they hand in these amazing cards, their business and products look professional and of good quality.



    Manufacturing plastic business cards, be it clear, frosted, white, or black, is a very rigorous process. As they say, Rome was not built in a day. Therefore, it takes time and great ingenuity to come up with those beauties.



    Here are some tips on how plastic business cards are designed:



    When it comes to designing clear plastic cards, the best way to do it is by designing one side at a time. The design on one side can reflect the artwork onto the second side. This design ensures that your prospects can see your peculiar pattern or artwork from whatever side or angle they are viewing it at. It also helps the prospect see the contact information from whatever side they are viewing the card from.



    If you don’t want to have both sides printed, you can have all your information loaded on one side of the transparent card. Both styles will equally impress your potential clients.



    Full-Color plastic cards



    The designers encapsulate digitally printed artwork between two thick sheets of clear Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). That process protects the artwork and design against wear and tear. On top of that, you can choose a matte or glossy surface texture and different thicknesses.



    The artwork on the card is printed in full on both sides and some are personalized with the signature of the recipient of the card, signature strips, individual names, and numbering.



    Frosted plastic cards





    Frosted plastic business card


    The plastic that is used to make is the one that allows light to pass through easily. This feature allows designers to input unique design elements such as watermarks, dual-plane printing, and so forth.



    Interestingly, these cards are printed by hand using traditional, precise, delicate artisan methods. According to Plasma Design, plastic card design specialists, handcrafting and designing allows the artwork to be produced in fine detail and pixel perfect registration.



    The ink used is metallic so that the business card can be visually appealing and attractive, like the proud peacock, to any prospective client.



    Other types of plastic business cards:



    Satin Business cards


    According to Plasma Design UK, they get their name from the refined matte texture of their surface. They are produced using solid core polymer plastic. The designer uses the unique nature of the material’s surface to create contrasts of texture by applying gloss varnish to selected areas.


    Like the frosted plastic business cards, these are specially handcrafted using traditional and somewhat prehistoric artisan styles.



    Tinted translucent plastic cards



    The tinted translucent plastic cards are made by chemically laminating a plastic color gel with a layer of translucent polymer. The surface of the card has a matte texture which helps light diffuse beautifully as it passes through.



    Traditional artistry is applied by applying each metallic or pigment ink to the cards’ surface. As a result, you get crisp, fine detail, and precise registration.


    What businesses are best for plastic business cards?

    Plastic business cards will literally fit any business in any industry because they are so exquisite and beautiful. However, there are some industries and businesses that tend to target high-end clients and thus will be the best fit for plastic business cards.

    These are some of the businesses that would best be complemented by plastic business cards:

    Financial advisors, designers (fashion designers, architects, graphic designers, interior designers, décor designers, and many others), photographers, videographers, entertainment business entrepreneurs. Upscale service professionals such as luxury cars, luxury clothes, five-star hotels, luxury homes, expensive jewelry, and others.

    What are the best plastic credit card business cards with embossed numbers?




    Credit card plastic business cards


    First and foremost embossed means a carved, molded, or stamped design on a surface or object. Embossed plastic cards are those whose numbers are raised. If you take the example of a credit card or a bank card, the numbers are raised a little bit higher from the normal surface of the card.



    Even without looking, you can read the numbers on the cards when you feel them with your hand. You can have your business cards looking like credit cards if you ask the printing company to have optional embossing as an add-on.



    Many businesses these days want their business cards to resemble credit cards to stand out from equally talented and qualified competitors. They, therefore, have their information such as name, website, phone number, URL, logo, and so forth embossed.



    30 mil Plastic business cards are ideal for printing cards on most direct-to-card printers. These graphic-quality cards are vision inspected and by the print company who gives them foil stamping, spot UV and matte, or a classic UV gloss finish.



    These are the caliber of cards that are used as keycards due to their thickness and sturdiness.


    Final words

    Plastic business cards are here to stay as entrepreneurs seek to differentiate themselves from the competition. Getting your plastic card in 30mil thickness is a great idea as the card will be more durable and considered too valuable to toss in the trash by your customers or prospects. Make sure your cards have all the necessary information. The way you choose to design your card will affect the outlook of the card. Depending on the purpose of the card, you can add certain specifications such as a magnetic stripe. Where you print your cards will also determine how accurate the design will be in the printed card. Aim for perfection and work with print companies with decades of experience in premium quality printing standards. Look out for accreditation such as the G7 qualification which means that the company uses the most modern technology, techniques, proofing, press controls, and standards required to produce a close visual match from proof to print. 4OVER4 certainly meets this criteria and therefore you can consider your search for a credible print company over.


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