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    25 Free Fonts: The Curly and Handwritten Edition

    25 Free Fonts: The Curly and Handwritten Edition

    Working on a new project that requires that personal handwritten look?  Need a font with a bit of flair?

    For professional graphic designers and novices alike, we’ve compiled a list of 25 free fonts in popular Curly and Handwritten styles to incorporate in all your projects.  Use these free font  styles for special invitation prints, greeting cards and promotional marketing materials.

    Why dedicate so much time and energy to finding that perfect font? Font selection is as important as the paper stock, colors, and images used to market your brand or illustrate your feelings and set the mood for an event.  For example, a  curly font can promote a new line of spa packages because of its fun and carefree essence, or a free handwritten font is just what’s needed for invitations to a school carnival fundraiser because it is so classic.

    Feast your eyes on our favorite 25 free curly font and handwritten font styles:

    These free handwriting font styles can be the star of your next project.  Want to showcase a favorite message on a canvas print?  Handwritten and curly fonts are great for creating inspirational posters for your office, home or as gifts for friends and family.

    Fonts that inspire! (source)
    Whether your project is for work or pleasure, choosing the perfect font can truly set your work apart.  With so many inspiring curly and handwriting font types out there, the only problem will be selecting just one!  These 25 free typefaces are easy, gorgeous, and uniquely adaptable to a wide array of different businesses. Which of these fonts will inspire your next project?  We want to know! Image courtesy of