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    10 Fun Ways to Use Logo Stickers for Promotion

    10 Fun Ways to Use Logo Stickers for Promotion

    A powerful logo is worth displaying every way possible. Your logo is the face to your brand, so there’s an indisputable advantage in reminding your customers of it.

    Logo stickers are a very affordable way of advertising. Once a customer sticks it to a car, folder, laptop, door or any personal item, it will be on permanent display wherever they go to.

    Stickers can also be used to beautify your packaging, a simple paper bag can be sealed with your logo and give an identity to it. The same can be done with boxes, paper wraps and plastic bags.

    When thinking of logo sticker printing you must pay attention to the design. Image distribution is key, an unclear sticker will not make any sense and won’t do any good to your marketing purposes. Especially if there is a message or extra image that might overpower your company logo.

    We thought of 10 fun ways to use your logo stickers:

    1. Have any last minute promotion that is not on your original packaging? Put it on a sticker and easily add it to the product.

    2. Create a seasonal sticker and use it for gift wrapping.

    3. Get creative! Create fun messages or images that relate to your brand and print them as stickers.

    1. Print QR code stickers that lead customers to your website.

    2. Seal your take-away packages with a logo sticker. If it involves previously made orders, try to personalize them as much as possible.

    3. Design a set of collectible stickers for your product. Customers will feel encouraged to buy the different versions if the design is cool enough to save.

    4. Place your logo sticker on generic giveaways. It’ll remind your customers of your brand and how they got the present.

    5. Turn your logo into a mailing label.

    6. Create an intriguing campaign with stickers around your business place, make the customers feel curious to go to you!

    7. Design a sticker set to give to your customers. It can be for kids, specific interests or help a cause. They will have fun placing them around and your brand will get free exposure.

    Stickers have also been used as a part of large marketing campaigns. Take a look at some cool ideas from

    Are you feeling inspired to do some logo sticker printing? Take advantage of one of the most affordable and simple way to get your logo out there.

    Don’t forget to let us know what you think on the comment section below!