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    10 Creative Holiday Party Favors You Need This Season

    10 Creative Holiday Party Favors You Need This Season
    Whether you are planning a big corporate event or hosting a personal Christmas party at your home for family and friends, holiday party favors make any celebratory event truly special.  Since the season revolves around food and drinks, you should consider giving guests personalized favors like wine and water bottles. Practical party favors are also much appreciated like bookmarks and keychains that can be used year round – the possibilities are endless! party favors Do you want to send off partygoers in a memorable way with something meaningful? We’ve come up with ten beautiful, creative and affordable holiday party favors you need this season.

    These Part Favors Will Put an Extra ho-ho-ho in your holiday party

    1. Holiday Menu 
    Do you want to spread holiday cheer in style? At your next event whet guests’ appetites with a custom printed menu that doubles as a chic holiday party favor. Perfect for corporate holiday bashes, a stylish menu makes the guests feel a connection to the meal and the thought that has gone into the planning. If you want to wow your guests, share a few recipes using a custom tri-fold menu. Just place the menu in the center panel and use the other panels to feature some of your signature recipes. party favors
    1. Holiday Sticker 
    Everyone loves stickers - they’re colorful and cool! How about using them as holiday party favors? Just order a set of custom printed stickers and hand them out at your holiday party to friends, colleagues, co-workers or family members. To stay in the festive spirit, why not order another set of holiday stickers and use them to personalize your guests’ gifts or décor items like cupcake wrappers. party favors
    1. Holiday Keychain
    Do you want to give something that’s practical? Order personalized keychains! These eye-catching, useful favors can easily be slipped into guests’ purses or pockets. For a touch of color, add the holiday keychains to your event tables. Just make sure to add text and use the same color combination as your party theme. holiday party favor
    1. Holiday Water Bottle 
    Every little detail counts when it comes to hosting a successful holiday party. Show guests that you went all the way by giving them holiday water bottles as party favors.  Just order custom water bottle labels to dress up standard water bottles.  Make sure to add holiday designs and a festive message.  Available in a range of paper stocks, our labels can stay in icy water all day long without ripping. For the best results, remove the original label and place your custom label on top. holiday party favors
    1. Holiday Wine Bottle 
    Thanks to custom printing, anything can be made into a party favor nowadays.  Wine bottles with customized labels have quickly become the go-to holiday party favor. Personalizing your wine labels  according to the holiday theme and adding a date or message is the perfect way for guests to remember exactly where that bottle came from. These favors let you spread some holiday cheer even after the party’s over! christmas party favors
    1. Holiday Ceramic Mug 
    Start your Christmas party with a memorable custom printed mug.  Not only will they look amazing on your holiday-themed dining table, guests can take them home to remember the evening. Add some holiday candy and chocolate to them or use them as your coffee mugs. As you can see, the only limit is your imagination. Ceramic mug favors are the perfect keepsake no matter what time of year.   holiday party favor ideas
    1. Holiday Honey Jar 
    Give your guests something sweet this season. A jar of honey is a staple in any household!  Not only is this favor clever, but it’s functional as guests can enjoy the delicious honey long after your holiday event is over.  Just buy small  jars of honey at the store and order custom jar labels. Make sure to add one or two lines of text and holiday colors to the design.  Once the labels arrive, apply them to the honey jars after removing the original labels. party favors
    1.  Holiday Drink Coaster
    You pay attention to every single detail, even the smallest. For your upcoming holiday celebration, order custom drink coasters with double color seams for a dramatic effect. They can be personalized using your own message and design. Our versatile coasters can be used at your event or they can be handed out to guests as party favors along with a wine bottle – the two make a great pair! party favors
    1. Holiday Bookmark
    Want to share your love of reading this holiday season? How about an elegant bookmark that makes future reading sessions a bright experience. Order custom bookmarks with hole drilling – the design can feature a delightfully detailed silver star on a blue background. Once the bookmarks arrive, add a silver satin ribbon to finish it off.  Your guests will be thrilled! party favors
    1. Holiday Jelly Bean Bag
    Satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth with holiday jelly bean bag favors – the perfect treat for guests young and old! Just purchase jelly beans at the store and order custom shaped roll labels. Your design can feature a simple message, snowflakes, reindeer and so much more. Once the labels arrive, place the jelly beans in small cellophane bags and add the labels. Also great for adding color to a holiday themed tablescape. holiday party favors We hope these creative ideas give your guests something memorable to take away from your holiday party. Which idea did you like best? We would love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to kindly leave a comment below.  Waste no time! Click the banner below and sign up now for 30% OFF your first order! Happy Holidays! party favors