Your Roadmap to 500 Coins in Minutes!

Mike Stanton

April 2021 • 2 min read


  • Earning Coins is Fast and Easy! Why earn 4OVER4 coins?
  • 500 Coins = 200 Absolutely Free Business Cards
  • YES, 100% FREE ! FREE Printing + FREE Design + FREE Shipping

Unlike other expensive printing firms, 4OVER4.COM understands that even in normal times, most businesses and individuals work on a tight budget. Covid-19 took that to all-new levels so we couldn't re-launch our free business card promotion fast enough to help all businesses in the USA. Please take less than 2 minutes to read the 10 Easy Actions you can take right now to earn 500 coins in minutes. You won't be sorry! Read, take action and get your 100% Absolutely Free Business Cards Today!

How to Earn Coins


Create a New Account: + 100 COINS

Time Required: 10 seconds

Join our family and create a free account and instantly bank 100 coins! Already have an account? No Problem! You earn 10 coins every day with a simple daily login!


Daily login: + 10 COINS

Time Required: 5 seconds

That's Right! Get 10 coins every single day simply by logging into your 4OVER4 account! That's 3,650 coins earned in a year with a fast and easy action


Complete Your Personal Profile: + 50 COINS

Time Required: 10 seconds

Click on the green circle 3 to link you to your My Profile page. Fill it Out! 10 seconds = 50 coins. Easy-Peasy!


Complete Your Business Profile: + 100 COINS

Time Required: 60 seconds

Understanding what your business is all about will help us customize your experience and serve you better. You will find your "My Business" link on the left side of your My Influence Rewards dashboard or simply click on the green circle 4 to take you there


Share our Articles on Social Media: + 25 COINS per article shared

Time Required: 60 seconds + depending on your level of engagement with our great content

In your customized MyInfluence portal, you will see links to some of our excellent articles written by our staff. Learn about our products and services while earning 25 coins for every article you share, that is clicked on by a friend. Coins you earn by this simple action can rack up into the hundreds in minutes or days!


Make a Purchase: Sky is the Limit

Time Required:Varies

This is a great way to rack up a lot of coins. You will receive 1 coin for every dollar spent. For instance, if you spend $100 you earn 100 coins.


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