Kids Labels in a Variety of Sizes


Standard Kids Labels

  • 3 Label Types (Uncoated, Semi-Gloss, Hi-Gloss)
  • Over 50 Rectangles, Squares, Circles & Ovals
  • Come Die-Cut on Sheets, not as Individual Pieces
  • Low 25 Minimums
  • Ready in 0 to 5 days
Starting at $ 19

Premium Kids Labels

  • Over 25 Label Types Available
  • Any Size from 2" x 2" to 11" x 17" in 1/4" increments
  • Come Cut to Size as Individual Stickers
  • Low 25 Minimums
  • Ready in 0 to 5 Days!
Starting at $ 25

Roll Kids Labels

  • 3 Label Types
  • Over 65 Rectangles, Squares, Circles & Ovals
  • Come on Rolls
  • Low 100 Minimums
  • Ready in 6 days!
Starting at $ 189

Get Your Kids Organized with Kids Labels

Tired of your kids misplacing their belongings at school? At the park? At camp? Toss those fears aside and create personalized kids labels featuring your child's name, classroom number, and/or parental contact information. Just what you need for pricey stainless steel water bottles, lunch boxes, backpacks and more. Custom kids labels are a must-have for school age children!

No one wants a boring kid's label, so let your kids help you design theirs to be truly unique and represent their personality. With 4OVER4.COM, you can purchase customized name labels for every child in your home! Our coveted kids sticker collection features three different types of items to address a variety of requests and budgets:

  • Standard Kids Labels - Available in a range of shapes, from rectangles to squares to circles to ovals, these stickers come die-cut on sheets, not as individual pieces. Additionally, we have lots of size options from as small as 0.5" circle to as big as a 4" x 6" oval.

  • Premium Kids Labels - With over twenty label types to choose from, these personalized name stickers come individually cut. You can add rounded corners for an ever more striking look. We have six popular sizes to choose from in addition to custom sizes.

  • Roll Kids Labels - Available in a range of shapes, from rectangles, squares, circles and ovals, these personalized name labels come on rolls. Label your kids' lunch boxes in style with one of our three label types. Optional lamination and three unwind positions available.

Lightning-Fast Print Turnaround Times

At 4OVER4.COM, we understand how important your print tools are, which is why we are thrilled to have some of the fastest print turnaround times in the industry. Enjoy one business-day to six business-day print turnaround times on our selection of personalized name stickers. Some of our labels are also available with a same-day print turnaround time. It's very simple! Just make your selections and approve your free online proof. Our expert team will take care of the rest, ensuring the end result is flawless!

Don't wait another minute to get your kids organized! Our top-of-the-line print products are what every busy parent needs to make their mornings a lot less stressful, while avoiding trips to the school lost and found box. Ready to reap the advantages of custom printed kids labels from 4OVER4.COM? To order, call 718-932-2700 or email us at We look forward to working with you!