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    Cold foil printing is a state-of-the-art printing technique that adds multiple metallic color foils onto a card full of bright hues that can be as fun or as elegant as you want them to be. According to Wikipedia, an image is printed onto a substrate with the use of an ultraviolet-curable cold foil adhesive. An ultraviolet dryer then cures the adhesive, which becomes tacky. Foil spools from an unwind and is nipped to a substrate. Foil sticks to the tacky adhesive on the substrate, and an image with a bright foil surface is created.

    Apart from this benefit of providing a wide variety of colors, cold foil printing is one of the best sustainable solutions for small businesses as it is very cost-efficient. It’s a very flexible style of printing in terms of varnishes and coatings applied to the cold foil and press sheet. The inline cold foil allows you to have a pantone matching system (PMS) of colors and varnishes or coatings applied on the top.  

    To enhance your brand, it’s important to add a decorative effect to your products so as to enhance brand equity, grow market share and provide measurable promotional lift. Foil adds a luxurious shimmer to your prints such as foil greeting card printing, making them more engaging and helping you make an unforgettable impression.

    The benefits of using cold foil stamping

    There are several cold foil printing companies that have tapped into this niche type of printing. It’s popularity is mainly due to the following benefits it provides.

    • Obtain shelf appeal: Cold foil stamping gives a unique sheen to products especially when used on labels. Packaging is one of the strongest factors that influences customer decision. More than 70% of purchase decisions are made at the point of purchase. When you consider that usually a product has less than 3 seconds to grab the attention of the consumer, it’s important to invest in beautiful packaging and cold foil printing companies can provide just that.
    • Safe to use on heat sensitive products: Non-absorbent paper, plastic films and non-porous materials will remain in good condition under cold foil stamping. The effect is also better on smooth and an even surface thus enhancing the quality of the label.
    • Take your marketing to the next level: Is your aim to dazzle customers and prospects? At 4OVER4 you can get cold foil stamping also known as wonder foil printing done on business cards. Take your marketing efforts to the next level with cold foil cards! This technique gives you a rainbow of colors to transform your marketing materials and networking tools with a sparkling foil finish. However, keep in mind that this effect works best on lighter colors.

    Top 5 ways to use cold foil printing

    • Business cards: Are you looking for high-impact networking tools? With an overwhelming amount of businesses being launched each day, the competition is fierce! Distinguish yourself from your competitors with a kaleidoscope of bright hues and buy cheap custom cold foil business cards from 4OVER4. 
    • Postcards: If you want your design, logo or message to pop up with vivid colors, go for custom cold foil postcards.This powerful promotional tool helps businesses big and small attract customers and prospects to upcoming sales or product launches. Made of infinite  color foils pressed into one card, these fun and bright postcards stand out with no effort - they speak for themselves!
    • Stickers: Looking for stickers to praise your students? Do you want your products to stand out on store shelves? Looking for a one-of-a-kind way to personalize gift bags at an upscale party? Unique and innovative, custom printed WonderFoil stickers from 4OVER4.COM are an explosion of color! Whether you need beautifully-designed stickers for your students or business, WonderFoil stickers present you with a kaleidoscope of bright hues to display your design like never before! 
    • Hangtags: Hangtags are known to add a unique touch to clothes that has the effect of giving an impression of a higher brand value. The color or material choice, your logo or tagline may all evoke a feeling for a customer, while your highlighted features and benefits can add the validation necessary to justify their purchase. With cold foil printing, you can easily make your clothing tags look luxurious and exclusive. This can have a positive impact on your brand especially when selling high-end clothing. 
    • Foil greeting cards: Sophisticated, shiny and fun! Raised foil greeting cards are the holiday favorite, whether you're giving a tinsel-touch to your design or setting the tone for a glammed-out season breaker, nothing says quality and luxury like silver and gold. True artistry goes into each of our raised foil prints, which are scuff resistant and made with 16-point stock as a base, and with a 1.5mil soft velvet.

     Get your own cold foil printing in bulk at 4OVER4

    You need your networking tools when you need them, which is why we’re one of the best cold foil printing companies offering some of the fastest print turnaround times out there! Select the seven-business-day print turnaround option using our Instant Price Calculator. Once you've made your selections and placed your order, one of our experts will review your file and send you a free online proof to ensure flawless results. Give us the green light, and we'll send your order off to print - it's that simple! Remember, you get 4OVER4 rewards coins with every purchase. Later, you can use the coins to redeem free business cards, our print products or gift cards from other stores. There’s so much value in shopping at 4OVER4.