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Custom banner flags - unusual advertising object

Types of Custom banner flags - unusual advertising object

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    Buyer's Manual

    A custom banner flag is a flag that is personalized with your own image or logo rather than with a ready made image or print like a country flag. They’re weather resistant as they’re meant to be used outdoors. Such flags are a unique and unusual advertising object because of how they’re displayed. Unlike ordinary banners that are put next to a table stand in a trade show or hang on a display booth or even building, these types of banners are erected out in the open and can be left there for days without being dislodged by strong weather conditions such as rain. In most cases, more than one banner flag is used and this means when they’re lined on the highway or put on strategic spots on an open field, they stand like giants and can totally change the outlook of a place by creating visibility and presence.


    Most popular types of online-flags

    1. Feather flags

      4OVER4's flags online  are all about going big in your attempts to get noticed. When organizing a corporate event or a school function where brand awareness and appearance are of utmost importance, be sure to order our fully customizable feather flags to provide a budget sized solution in a vibrant and professional package.

      Online Flags
    2. Teardrop flags 

      These wind resistant flags are popular in outdoor sporting events and grand openings due to their durability and are an attractive advertising solution. In an ever-growing universe of posters, banners and advertisements, spreading your message loud and clear takes creative thinking, determination to succeed and a powerful message. Teardrop flags are known to show bright colors well and are easy to read.

      Online Flags
    3. Pole flags

      They’re rectangular flags just like the American flag and are printed during major holidays like  the 4th of July.  There's no such thing as too big when displaying patriotic pride or when creating brand awareness and making your logo and slogan well known in your community. Whether it be attracting attention on the road, in car lots, or at local businesses, at an international event or even at your local college, these tools are perfect for drawing attention. Target your audience today with fully personalized pole flags.

      Online Flags

    Versatile Flags

    No matter the event or purpose, our personalized flags will do the job of giving you the brand awareness you're looking for in a fully customizable, versatile and dynamic way. They are also a great asset for introducing a new product or increasing awareness about a service. Our 3oz polyester material is durable, flexible, and water resistant to withstand the outdoor elements. Moreover, you can get your message printed on transparent flags to suit your taste.
    For events like birthdays, graduations and fundraisers, striking feather flags can add a touch of flair and uniqueness to your celebration. Make them fun for a child's happy birthday or use an image of the guests of honor for a 50th wedding anniversary. Not only are they beautiful to look at, invited guests will spot your party from a mile away!

    Application of advertising flags banners

    They’re commonly used in the following places:

    • Car dealerships: This is one place where there is a need for visibility. Using an outdoor banner flag is one of the surest ways of getting people to see your dealership from a distance.

    • Outside retail businesses: Having a business flag banner will serve you well especially when your business premise is not easily visible. During holidays such as Christmas you can capitalize on flagpole banners to attract attention.

    • At the beach: Summer time is a popular time for people to party and spend time at the beach. Make the best of these times by having a wind-resistant promotional or decorative outdoor banner flag.

    • Open conventions: Advertising flags banner can be used to welcome people to your stand during conventions. They’re very easy to set up and pull down making them a favorite during such events.

    • Outdoor sporting events: It’s common to see mini checkered triangle flags at ski trails or even used as a sail on boats. They really stand out and help guide participants while simultaneously making the boats visible on water.

    • Grand openings: Having a colorful indoor banner flag can make a huge difference in attracting a crowd during a grand opening. 

    • Festivals: During such events, you need tall single to double-sided colored flags due to the apparent reason that they convey your message in both directions.

    • Outdoor concerts and fairs: While flag banners are usually erected on the ground, it is not uncommon to see a vertical flag banner on a bicycle used for marketing. Using the mobility of the bicycle and the weather resistant nature of the flags is a sure way to advertise any product effectively.

    • Fundraising walks: A banner flag is commonly used to guide participants on the right path to be taken from start to finish.

    • 5K races: Wind-resistant teardrop banners can also be used to mark the correct path or track in a car race.

    • Parks: Feather flags can improve the outlook of a park while at the same time be used to promote a product or service.

    • Storefronts: Both the teardrop and feather flags have the ability to grab the customer’s attention quickly. Position them strategically on your storefronts especially when you have a sale and watch foot traffic to your store increase.

    • Churches: One of the many great things about custom flags is that they are relatively easy to transport because of their size and weight. This makes them a great option for one-off events in churches.

    • Businesses with a garden or sidewalk: A business flag banner is very versatile. It can be used by many businesses, including restaurants and boutiques.

    Flag banners highlights

    • They’re effective in promoting events and businesses

    • Highly resistant polyester that makes them weather resistant

    • Are light and easy to transport

    • Easy to put up and take down

    Assembling banner flag

    1. Spread out your flag so you can see all the hardware clearly.

    2. Hammer the ground stake securely to the ground where you intend to display your flag.

    3. Put together the flag support pole and guide it through the sewn flag socket to the very top of the flag.

    4. Insert the flag support pole onto the rotating flag post and tie the flag to the flag support pole.

    Taking care of your flag

    Our custom flag banners are high-quality flags made of 3oz Polyester. However, for them to last longer proper care has to be taken. You can prolong their life by following the steps below:

    1. Clean your flag by using a mild detergent, cool water on a gentle cycle. Precaution should be taken not to bleach or dry clean your banner flag to avoid damaging the banner with the harsh chemicals used in these processes. Hang it out to dry on a line and later if you need to iron, use a low heat iron.

    2. While these banners can withstand some rain showers, too much rain can damage them over time. Remove them and take them indoors when it pours.

    3. You should never fold a wet banner as this will cause discoloration in the flag and also cause mildew to form when folded over an extended amount of time.

    4. Repair rips on your flag immediately when you notice them.

    Sizing chart

    It’s important to consider the purpose of your flag before erecting it. Check if there are any height or space limitations where there are canopies, obstructions or overhead lines that will limit the height of your banner.
    Sometimes, a small flag is not necessarily ineffective when used right outside a storefront where there are no other banners competing for attention. On the other hand, they would be ineffective if used at an auto show where a lot of visibility is required.

    1. Feather flags sizes
      • 24” x  81” (8 feet tall)

      • 32” x  99” (10 feet tall)

      • 32” x 123” (12 feet tall)

      • 37” x 161”- (15 feet tall)

    2. Teardrop flags sizes
      • 32” x 70”

      • 44” x 87”

      • 45” x 97”

      • 57” x 142”

    3. Pole flags
      • 36” x 60”