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    What is EDDM?

    Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a cost-effective way to reach potential customers. This service allows businesses to target specific neighborhoods without needing a mailing list. It's perfect for small businesses looking to boost local visibility through direct mail campaigns targeting specific demographics and attracting new customers in an effective way.

    With EDDM, you can send postcards, flyers, or brochures directly to every door in your chosen area without the need to order people's addresses. The process is simple and affordable, making it an attractive option for many. Partnering with 4OVER4.COM, an online printing company, ensures high-quality printing products that grab attention and drive results.

    Ready to learn how EDDM can benefit your business?

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    Understanding 4OVER4 EDDM

    Familiarize yourself with 4OVER4's Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) services.

    4OVER4 offers comprehensive EDDM solutions tailored to various needs.

    Refer to the "Understanding 4OVER4 EDDM" section for a detailed overview.

    Starting with 4OVER4 EDDM

    Create an account on the 4OVER4 website and select your target routes.

    Helps you reach specific neighborhoods without needing a mailing list.

    See "Starting with 4OVER4 EDDM" for registration tips.

    Designing Your Mailpiece

    Use 4OVER4's design tools or upload your own compliant designs.

    A well-designed mailpiece can increase engagement and response rates.

    Check out "Designing Your Mailpiece" for design best practices.

    Mapping and Mailing

    Utilize 4OVER4's mapping tool to select routes and prepare your mailpieces.

    Ensures that your mail reaches the right audience efficiently.

    The "Mapping and Mailing" section provides a step-by-step guide.

    Pricing and Options

    Understand the pricing structure and available options for 4OVER4 EDDM.

    Helps you budget effectively and choose the best options for your needs.

    Refer to "Pricing and Options" for detailed cost breakdowns.

    Support and Resources

    Use 4OVER4's customer support and resources for a successful campaign.

    Access to expert advice can streamline your process and improve results.

    "Support and Resources" offers links and contact information for help.


    Understanding EDDM

    What Are the Key Benefits?

    EDDM, or Every Door Direct Mail, is highly cost-effective for local marketing, meeting the need efficiently. It allows businesses to reach potential customers without spending much on advertising.

    One significant benefit is targeting specific neighborhoods without needing addresses. This feature helps businesses focus their efforts on areas with high potential.

    Increased visibility and customer engagement are other advantages. Local businesses can attract more customers by sending mail directly to their doors.

    How Does It Work?

    Selecting delivery routes using the EDDM Online Tool is straightforward. Businesses choose routes based on ZIP codes and demographics.

    Preparing mail pieces according to USPS requirements involves several steps. These include designing the mail, printing it, and bundling it as per USPS guidelines.

    Dropping off prepared mailings at the local Post Office completes the process. The USPS then handles distribution to every address in the chosen routes.

    Is EDDM Right for Your Business?

    EDDM suits various types of businesses, including small and local enterprises. It is especially beneficial for those looking to expand their local presence.

    Comparing EDDM with other direct mail options shows its unique advantages. Unlike traditional methods, EDDM does not require a mailing list, making it simpler and cheaper.

    Evaluating your business marketing needs helps you decide if EDDM is right for you. Consider factors like target audience, budget, desired reach, and business resources. available to you before choosing this option.

    Starting with EDDM

    How Do You Set Up an Account?

    First, create a account for EDDM Retail. Business customers need a Business Customer Gateway account for EDDM BMEU. This setup is crucial to access all EDDM services and tools.

    To set up the account smoothly:

    • Provide accurate information.

    • Verify your email promptly.

    • Follow all instructions carefully.

    How Do You Select Your Audience?

    Use U.S. Census data within the EDDM Online Tool. This helps you select target demographics effectively.

    Audience selection maximizes your direct mail campaign's impact. Choose filters like age, income, or household size to reach potential customers. Targeting the right audience ensures better engagement.

    What Are the Features of the Online Tool?

    The EDDM Online Tool offers various functionalities. It helps plan and map out mailing routes easily.

    Follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your account.

    2. Access the online tool.

    3. Select your mailing route based on demographics.

    4. Confirm and proceed with your campaign.

    For common issues:

    • Ensure browser compatibility.

    • Clear cache if loading problems occur.

    • Contact support for persistent issues.

    Designing Your Mailpiece

    How Can Templates Help in Designing Mailpieces?

    USPS-approved EDDM templates are readily available for designing your mail pieces with online printing. These templates ensure compliance with all mailing requirements, such as size and format. Using a template saves time by providing a ready-made structure.

    Design templates can be customized to fit your brand identity and marketing messages. Adjust colors, fonts, and images to align with your branding. Add your logo and contact information to make the mail piece unique.

    What Are the Benefits of Custom Printing?

    Custom printing services offered by USPS affiliate vendors provide many options. Professional printing enhances the visual appeal of EDDM mailings with high-quality materials and finishes. This can make your mailpiece stand out in the recipient’s mailbox.

    Different custom printing solutions vary in cost and turnaround times. For example, 4OVER4.COM offers competitive pricing, quick delivery options, and the ability to shop by finish. Compare these factors to choose the best service for your needs.

    How Can Online Designer Tools Be Used Effectively?

    Online designer tools are available for creating EDDM mail pieces. These tools allow you to design effective and eye-catching mail pieces without needing advanced graphic design skills.

    Using design software, incorporate branding elements such as logos, taglines, and colors into your marketing materials. Keep the layout simple yet engaging to capture attention quickly. Ensure that key information is easy to read.

    Mapping and Mailing

    How Do You Select Areas with EDDM?

    Using the EDDM Online Tool, you can select locations and neighborhoods. This tool helps in targeting specific areas for mail distribution. Strategic area selection is crucial to reach your intended audience effectively.

    Analyzing demographic data helps make informed decisions. You can look at factors like age, income levels, and household size. These insights ensure that your direct mail campaigns hit the right targets.

    Why Don't You Need Addresses for EDDM?

    EDDM mailings do not require individual addresses. This simplifies the preparation process significantly. Instead of addressing each piece individually, you target entire neighborhoods or routes.

    To calculate postage costs, use the EDDM Online Tool. Enter details about your mailpiece to get an estimate. The tool provides a breakdown of costs based on size, weight, and quantity.

    Postage discounts are available through EDDM. These discounts make it cost-effective for businesses to run large-scale postcard marketing campaigns. Lower costs mean a higher return on investment.

    What Are the Steps for Drop-Off and Payment?

    Drop off your EDDM mailings at local Post Offices or USPS mail processing centers. Ensure all paperwork is complete before heading out. This includes forms and payment receipts.

    Payment options vary between EDDM Retail and EDDM BMEU customers. Retail customers often pay at drop-off locations using credit cards or checks. BMEU customers usually have accounts set up for easier transactions.

    For a smooth drop-off process:

    • Organize your mailpieces by route.

    • Double-check forms for accuracy.

    • Arrive during less busy hours to avoid long waits.

    Pricing and Options

    What Are the USPS Flats Rates?

    USPS Marketing Flats rates for EDDM Retail start at $0.20 per piece. For EDDM BMEU mailings, the rate is slightly lower at $0.16 per piece. These rates make flats cost-effective compared to other mailing options like first-class mail.

    Flat rates help businesses manage their direct mail budget by offering predictable costs. This allows for better planning and allocation of business resources and marketing funds.

    How Do Retail and BMEU Features Compare?

    EDDM Retail is ideal for small businesses with limited mailing volumes. It requires no special permits, making it accessible. However, it has a daily limit of 5,000 pieces per ZIP code.

    EDDM BMEU suits larger mailings and offers bulk discounts. It requires a permit and more preparation but has no daily limit on the number of pieces mailed.

    Logistically, Retail is simpler but less flexible in volume. BMEU offers more flexibility but requires more upfront work and planning.

    What Are the Payment Methods for EDDM Services?

    Accepted payment methods include credit cards, debit cards, checks, and cash. Payments can be made online through the USPS website or in person at post offices.

    To make payments for EDDM mailings, you can pre-pay online or pay at the time of drop-off at your local post office. Pre-payment is convenient and speeds up the mailing process.

    Setting up a payment account with 4OVER4.COM ensures smoother transactions. This saves time and reduces errors during the mailing process.

    Preparing Your Campaign

    What Forms Do You Need for EDDM?

    To send out your EDDM campaign, filling out the correct forms is crucial. The main form needed is PS Form 3587 for EDDM Retail. This form helps track and process your mailings.

    You can find PS Form 3587 on the USPS website or at your local post office. Fill in details like your contact information, mailing dates, and quantities. Submit the completed form at the post office when you drop off your mailings.

    Accurate completion of these forms prevents delays and ensures smooth processing. Mistakes can lead to issues with delivery.

    How Should You Bundle Your Mailings?

    USPS has specific guidelines for bundling EDDM mail pieces. Each bundle should contain 50 to 100 pieces. Use rubber bands to secure them.

    Organize bundles by carrier route to meet USPS requirements efficiently. Label each bundle correctly with the route number and date of drop-off.

    Proper bundling affects delivery timelines and success rates of EDDM campaigns. Bundles that meet guidelines are processed faster.

    What Are Your Delivery Options?

    EDDM offers different delivery options like door-to-door or mailbox delivery. Door-to-door delivery places mail directly at recipients' doors, making it highly visible.

    Mailbox delivery puts mail in recipients' mailboxes, ensuring privacy but possibly less visibility. Choose based on your target audience and campaign goals.

    USPS's reliability and reach make it a trusted choice for EDDM mailings. Their extensive network covers almost all areas, ensuring broad distribution of your campaign materials.

    Support and Resources

    How Can You Access Customer Support?

    EDDM users have multiple customer support resources. Online FAQs provide quick answers to common questions. Contact information is available for more personalized help.

    Personalized assistance helps with planning and executing EDDM campaigns. Reach out via phone or email for detailed guidance. Customer support teams can offer step-by-step instructions.

    To get the most out of customer support, prepare your questions in advance. Be specific about your needs and challenges. This helps the support team provide targeted solutions quickly.

    What Are EDDM Forms and How Do You Use Them?

    EDDM Retail and EDDM BMEU mailings require different forms. These forms ensure compliance with USPS regulations.

    For EDDM Retail, complete PS Form 3587. For EDDM BMEU, use PS Form 3602-R. Both forms need accurate details about your mailing campaign.

    Submit these forms at the post office or online through USPS services. Properly completed forms help avoid delays and errors in your mailing process.

    Forms play a crucial role in tracking and managing mailings. They ensure that all pieces meet USPS standards for size, weight, and household size distribution.

    What Are Common Questions About EDDM?

    Common questions about EDDM services include:

    • What is the cost of an EDDM campaign?

    • How do I select a carrier route?

    • What are the size requirements for mail pieces?

    Troubleshooting common issues involves understanding postal regulations and service options. If mail pieces don't meet size guidelines, they may be rejected.

    Quick answers can streamline the EDDM process. Consulting FAQs and print guides before starting a campaign can save time and reduce errors.

    Enhancing Your Campaign

    What Are the Benefits of a Loyalty Program?

    Loyalty Programs offer rewards to frequent EDDM users. Businesses can save on costs and get more value for their campaigns. These programs often provide discounts or bonus mail pieces.

    Enrolling in a loyalty program is simple. Look for options on 4OVER4.COM’s website. Follow the instructions to sign up. Regular users will see an increase in savings over time.

    How Can Free Samples Help Your EDDM Campaign?

    Free samples allow businesses to review EDDM mail pieces before ordering large quantities. This helps ensure quality and design meet expectations. Samples show what the final product will look like.

    To request free samples, visit 4OVER4.COM's sample request page. Fill out the form with your details. Samples will be mailed to you for evaluation.

    How Does Shopping by Filters Improve Your Experience?

    The EDDM Online Tool offers filter-based searching options. Businesses can find specific services, products, or designs quickly. Filters include categories like size, color, and paper type.

    Using filters saves time and boosts efficiency. It makes finding the right materials simpler and faster. This tool ensures that businesses get exactly what they need.

    Contact and Custom Projects

    How Can You Discuss Your Needs?

    Consulting with USPS representatives or affiliate vendors like 4OVER4.COM is essential. They help businesses understand their Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) needs. Professional advice ensures a successful EDDM campaign.

    Prepare questions before consultations. Know your target audience, budget, and desired outcomes. This preparation makes the discussion more productive.

    What Products Can You View?

    Explore the range of EDDM products and services online. Browsing helps you understand all available options. It also aids in selecting products that fit your marketing goals.

    Review different sizes, formats, and printing options. Choose products that align with your budget, and campaign objectives. Customizing your materials can make your campaign more effective.

    Final Remarks

    You've now got a solid grasp of EDDM and how it can boost your business. From understanding the basics to designing, mapping, and mailing, you've covered it all. Pricing options and campaign preparation tips have set you up for success. You're ready to roll out an effective direct mail campaign with a printing company that reaches your target audience efficiently.

    Ready to elevate your marketing game? Partner with 4OVER4.COM for top-notch support and resources. Let's make your next campaign a hit! Explore our services today and see the difference expert guidance and print guides can make. Take action now and watch your business grow!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is EDDM?

    EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail. It's a USPS service that allows businesses to send promotional mail to specific neighborhoods without needing a mailing list.

    How do I start with EDDM?

    Begin by visiting the USPS EDDM website. Choose your target area, design your mailpiece, and follow the steps to schedule and pay for your mailing.

    What should I consider when designing my mailpiece?

    Ensure your design meets USPS size requirements. Use eye-catching graphics and clear messaging to grab attention. Highlight key benefits of your product or service. Ensure your mail suits your industry. Industry print solutions may help to find what works best for specific industries. 

    How does mapping and mailing work in EDDM?

    Use the USPS online tool to map out your target delivery routes. This ensures your mail reaches the right audience efficiently.

    What are the pricing options for EDDM?

    Pricing depends on factors like mailpiece size, weight, and quantity. Visit 4OVER4.COM for competitive rates and detailed pricing information. Shop by paper to select the best paper materials for your printing project. 

    How can I prepare my EDDM campaign effectively?

    Plan ahead by setting clear goals, designing an engaging mailpiece, choosing the right delivery routes, and scheduling your mailing date in advance.

    Where can I find support and resources for EDDM?

    For assistance, visit 4OVER4.COM's support section. They provide resources and customer service to help you navigate every step of your EDDM campaign.