Why Print Effective Custom Postcards for Your Kids Studying Abroad

When it comes to that time when you have to say goodbye to your kids as they are going away to school, custom postcards can convey your feelings in the best possible ways. I am sure that you have mixed feelings as a parent. As much as they will assure you that they will send letters every Wednesday to you though, teenagers are still teenagers. They may get busy, forget, or even just feel that it’s not that important so you are stuck missing them. Even though we have phones and the internet, postcards just have an extra special touch. So we’re going to discuss today why printing custom postcards for your kids studying abroad is a great idea.

It is Cheap To Print Custom Postcards in Bulk

It is well-known by now that if you want to make savings, you need to work with bulk purchasing. I can say I know this from experience because I always print business cards for my business and blogs. When I finally got tired of making trips to the printers several times in a short period, I took the plunge and ordered a batch of about four times the number I normally get. On top of lasting for an extremely long time, the costs when I added them up were much lower for getting one large batch as opposed to getting many small batches. This stands true for all printing materials, and your kids will really love that they don’t have to spend their pocket money to send a special message home. It will motivate them to communicate in a personal way as much as they can, and this saving goes further with the point below on getting custom postcards with envelopes.

Getting Custom Postcards With Envelopes

On top of saving money, this saves time. It is so much easier to write your heartfelt message then place the postcard in a waiting envelope, address it and ship it out. This will save you the time you could have spent going out to the shops to buy an envelope. Don’t forget the hassle of finding the right size if it is not a regular postcard; this just makes everything simpler. There is bound to be a saving you make when you get postcards along with envelopes as opposed to getting them separately. The envelope will be a perfect fit and ready at hand; what more can you ask for?

Custom Postcards With Postage

This option of custom postcards is the final stop, and it makes everything so much easier. All that one has to do is come up with something sweet to put in the postcard and pop it into the mail. There can be no excuse at this point because how much easier can it be to just mail a ready item? There is also no possibility of writing down the wrong address because they are all practically already done. Because of this, one can send as many as they wish to send with no fear of high postage fees. It is also possible to share them with other family or friends who will not feel burdened to share a warm wish. It is a really good investment that will make things easier for everyone involved.

Is Custom Printing Postcards Easy?

The answer to this is yes; it is very easy. Just do a quick google search online for ‘custom postcards near me’ and you will get plenty of options. There are a lot of online printers in all states offering a variety of services such as die-cut postcards, silk postcards, black postcards, folded postcards, and even 3D postcards. What you get depends on your specifications, as well as your budget. Since postcards have no expiry date, you can get as many as you want, and even have the advantage of having these copies become a ‘vintage collection’ as time goes by. You no longer have to miss your kids and not be able to share warm and meaningful communication with them. With custom postcards, you can have a healthy exchange throughout their education overseas, or across states. It honestly doesn’t matter how fancy or over-the-top the postcards are because it’s the thought that counts. You can, therefore, get budget postcards that will still serve the purpose wonderfully. Just make sure that you get the details right, especially for postcards with postage, and you are good to go. And for a parting shot, here’s a fun fact: according to Callsource in 2014, among 18 to 24-year-olds, 69% say they prefer print and paper communications to reading off a screen. So there you have it; if you were unsure of the impact that postcards would have, now you know. People enjoy receiving practical communication that has warmth and meaning in their mail!

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