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    What is a Standoff Screw? How Standoff Signage Works

    What is a Standoff Screw? How Standoff Signage Works

    Are you tired of looking at the same hanging options for signages? Standoff screw is one of the simplest, yet useful options to add dynamism and sombreness to a sign. The standoff mounted signs are specific enhancements that add 3D elegant effect to the look of the sign. It helps to create a great first impression and convey the unsaid message of trust to your clients and visitors.

    You may not notice or give much importance to the sign hanging while entering a restaurant, office, or public places. However, all such small things make a big difference to the look and feel of the mounted standoff systems. What is a standoff screw, when is it needed, how does it work? Here are the answers to all your questions about this type of mounts.

    What is Standoff Screw?



    What are standoffs? It is a small hardware piece that is attached to a sign design to hold it securely on the wall. The standoff signage looks like a different version of the screw.

    It is a sign holder separated with thread. The customized standoff works efficiently for nearly every type of rigid signs. From acrylic to aluminum and stainless steel to plastic standoffs are perfect for signages.

    The number of mount screws required depends on the strength and hardness of the wall where you wish to mount the signage. Still, you would require a minimum of 4-8 screws to place the sign firmly. It is available in beautiful nickel, chrome, and anodized aluminum finishes.

    Types of Screw

    There are 2 types of standoff, through-grips and edge grips. The through-grip mounts are a highly popular choice. In this mode, the pilot holes are drilled through the signage to mount it on the wall.

    On the contrary, the edge grips don’t require you to drill holes on the sign. The standoff is attached to the edges of the signage. If you are looking for wall mounts for ad displays or instruction, is one of the most trusted and reliable places to find it.

    Why Should You Use Standoff Screw?

    You can use several ideas to hang your signage, but, it would not give you a three-dimensional look. Unlike the traditional signages, the standoff comes as a refreshing way to install your signages. As the sign projects out from the wall with the screw mounted hardware, your signage becomes more striking and attention-grabbing. The sign standoff screw allows it to pop out from the wall making it more visible to your visitors.

    The best thing about the standoff screws is apart from being eye-catching; it also supports the weighty sign on the wall firmly.  You never have to worry about the signage falling due to weak adhesive or tape. The sign standoff is the best choice for the logo signage above the reception desk, for room ID signs, directory signs, and more. It is also a great way to hang an art piece on metal, custom acrylic signs, or a fixed menu in a restaurant.

    How Does the Standoff Signage Work?

    The complete standoff screw consists of washers, standoff mount, screw, and drywall anchor. When you use one screw, it is not strong enough to hold the signage. Always use more screws to hold the custom sign appropriately for years.

    So, place one each at the corner and at the center to strengthen the mounted signs. The pilot holes are a must for this stylish and sophisticated hanging solution. In the pre-drilled holes, place the screws and hang the signage.

    Customize Screw Options

    At 4Over4, we offer a range of design templates to choose your signage and customize it as per your requirements. When you place your signage with a standoff order, we automatically send your signs with drilled holes.

    Even if you don’t want standoff, you can order your signage with holes drilled if you want. Whether a wall or a circuit board, we offer a range of signages for every area. For instance, you can use the reflective aluminum signs for circuit boards and aluminum sign panels for both indoors and outdoors.

    How to Install Standoffs Screws for Hanging Signs?



    For the wide rectangle or square-shaped signs, you’ll need four standoffs each at the corners. You may also place one standoff each at the bottom and the top for added support. If you choose a customized contour cut shape for your signage, you can customize the placement of the screw as per your desire.

    For the installation of the customized sign-

    • Take measurements for drilling the holes
    • Lightly mark the wall with a pencil
    • If you have ordered signs with pre-drilled holes, hold it on the wall mark with a pencil for drilling
    • Maintain the level on the wall for a straight mounted sign
    • Insert the anchor by drilling a small hole
    • Place the standoff over the anchor
    • Drill the screw into the anchor through the hole on the back of the standoff
    • Between the back of the signage and at the end of the screw, place the plastic washer and hold the holes of the pre-drilled signage  
    • Finally, thread the standoff screw cap into the standoff housing with a second plastic washer on the front side of the signage

    Order Your Custom Standoff Screw Signage with 4Over4

    For a clean and classy wall graphics, the screw signs are the best choices available. offers a range of options when it comes to signages. The acrylic signs are the most popular one that gives your signages a 3D look.

    Order your signage with 4Over4 online and give your space a completely new look and feel with standoff screw. Our customer service team is always at your service to help you in every way. We deliver your order within 4-5 business days at your doorstep.