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    Wedding Color Palettes -Popular Color Combos in 2019

    Wedding Color Palettes -Popular Color Combos in 2019

    Do you want to make your wedding the talk of the town with unique wedding color palettes making your event stand out? If you are a soon to be the bride of 2019, deciding the wedding color combos is of utmost importance.

    The wedding shades impact everything right from the bridesmaid dresses and décor to flowers and wedding invitations. Choosing the right color combination for weddings creates an overall vibe. Whether it is a fun and playful wedding that would require vibrant and bright hues or an intimate and lavish one that need the jewel tones. Learn some of the best color combos for a wedding in 2019.

    Misty Color Combination

    This color combination for weddings includes amazing shades of crab apple, stone blue, rainy day, green willow, and ivory. Usually the deep red, dark blue and the burgundy makes the best contemporary and a classic match. With the dawn of 2019, the ivory, light blue, and green misty hues have replaced the rich and dark color palette.



    You can set yourself different from the rest by opting for an elegant icy blue wedding dress. Not just in your gown and accessories, you can also opt for blue color printing on wedding invitations to set yourself apart. For any kind of printing related to your wedding, 4Over4 is one of the most versatile options available offering a range of wedding invitations like a velvet wedding invitation, folded invitation, and flat invitations.

    Pining Color Combo

    The popular wedding color palettes in pining combo have evergreen, parchment, and matte copper. This wedding color scheme is inspired by the snow-filled wintery forest. You can almost feel the fragrance of the fresh pine trees and hear the chilly breeze whispering through the forest and mountains with the color combination of cream, brown, and green. These earthy colors best define the rustic wedding.

    From table settings to sending out Save the Date, print these items in earthy hues to give a completely different and unique look. We offer full-color printing to ease your worries. Make your wedding as well as the things related to the wedding like the cake, flowers, etc. distinctive in its own way.

    Eternally Beautiful Wedding Colors

    For a boho-chic wedding, the winter wedding decor colors must be warm and exceptional. So choose the colors that one cannot think of instantly. You can set the cozy and festive holiday mood with the mood-setting a rich color palette consisting of crab apple red, honey, and blush pink.

    In addition to that, the earthy green and blue lay the foundation for boho weddings. The imaginative detailing, unruly blooms, and a countryside setting magnificently accent colors in this unique wedding color scheme.

    Frolicking Color Palette for Wedding

    Wedding Color Palettes -Popular Color Combos in 2019


    If you love a mild autumn day mellow walk with leaves crunching beneath your feet, then frolic color palette is definitely for you. In the autumn color palette steel brown, blue, and natural green sets the graceful tone and orange and burnt yellow highlight the backdrop.

    The Pastel Low Wedding Color Palettes

    Whether it is the wedding cake or the bridesmaid dresses, the organic pastel shades make the perfect colors palettes for the fall wedding. From peach to stone blue and pecan to ivy green are the best wedding colors for your big day in the fall season. These fall shades blend in superbly when the bold stony blue is added to the shabby green and soft textured décor. You can enhance such neutral colors by adding a dramatic piece of furniture of the chandelier.

    Serene Wedding Color Palettes

    If you are looking at vintage yet rustic fall wedding, the burnt orange mixed with dusty blue shades makes it the most stylish palette. For a traditional wedding bride, the bright orange can be too bold and distinct color. In order to tone down the shade, dark and dusty blues create the perfect harmony.

    Citrus Color Palette for Wedding

    When olive, coral, pink, evergreen, and blue fog comes together, the palette is completely intoxicating. There’s a sense of sophistication and freshness when the pink and coral is mixed with organic blues and greens. This color tone gives your romantic wedding the much-needed sparkle for your big day.

    Whether the invitation envelope, the Just Married statement or the signature cocktail description, this citrus, and juicy color shades give the most amazing touch to the minute detailing involved at the wedding.

    The Sun-Kissed Color Palette

    Wedding Color Palettes -Popular Color Combos in 2019

    It is quite evident from the name that this shade is a mix of yellow with soft pink and ivy greens. These free-spirited and romantic color combinations are perfect for summer destination weddings. The vibrant colors and the summer wedding air create the magic. This color kaleidoscope is inspired by the fresh summer blooms.

    Alluring Wedding Color Combos

    The alluring reddish-purple is a vivacious color full of romance and passion. For the spring wedding when this custom magenta shade is blended with orange-red, pink, olive green, and orchid, the wedding color palette is breathtakingly beautiful.

    The mood of this color palette is lively and a great one to uplift everyone’s mood. You don’t have to settle with mere black and white printing for invitations with 4Over4.

    Maintain the Wedding Color Palettes in Printing with 4Over4

    4Over4 is one of the best digital printing platforms and offers all colors that are in your mind. Our range of invitation cards includes flat, folded, and velvet invitation cards. We offer great printing quality in full-color.

    You can spot color from our selections or order sample color copies to be completely convinced when it comes to color matching. Our great customer service team always ensure all the clients are highly satisfied before ordering bulk printing.