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    Ways to implement a customer-focused approach

    Ways to implement a customer-focused approach

    Whether you are running an online flower business or have a local shop, quality and friendly customer service can go a long way in building a lifelong relationship with your customers. A delightful customer experience is more than just having trained florists on your team, it involves giving special treatment to every customer, listening to them attentively, being honest to them about your policies, making deliveries on time and appreciating them for choosing to do business with you. Have a look at some of the following tips which will help florists improve customer experience and enhance customer satisfaction!


    Print colorful brochure and consider minute details when providing service can win you countless customers. Start with the greeting ritual, give a friendly smile and ask the customers’ names for addressing them. Pay attention to the cleanliness and décor of your shop, it can play a vital role in attracting customers towards your business. Make sure that all the flowers are arranged nicely in eye catching pots or vases, discard the withered ones immediately. Add colors to your shop by painting the walls with appealing floral themes. Keep your payment procedures simple and make sure that all orders are delivered on time. In case there is a chance of delay, inform your customers beforehand.