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    Emma Davis

    Content writer

    Mar 27, 2010 Clap 1993 ViewCopy Link

    Unique Posters for Changing Corporate Culture

    Unique Posters for Changing Corporate Culture

    According to Indeed.Com, Corporate Culture refers to the values, ethics, vision, behaviors, and work environment of an organization. It is the x-factor that makes the organization unique and impacts everything from the public image, employee engagement, and retention. If your employees share your company’s vision, ethics, and other cultural elements then the company’s bottom line is in for a good treat. The best part is that it all starts with the writing on the wall, posters prints, and visual artwork.

    Good corporate culture often results in high workplace morale and productive staff.

    Unique Posters for Changing Corporate Culture

    Explain The Importance Of Corporate Culture With Dry Erase Posters

    According to his book, Motivation Management, Thad Green states that the offering is never enough. To extract top performance from employees, managers need to see the critical connection between motivation and performance. Employees must have fuel to power them into action. Managers must indulge more in motivation and fewer complaints.

    Modern management is based on theories that state, offering people something they want as an incentive to perform, or deny them an incentive or offer a consequence and they will be driven to perform. The only trouble is that true managers know that these theories do not work because they do not take reality into context. A company should go to the root of the problem, mitigate it, and form a habit from the solution.

    Corporate culture sprouts from what your managers and employees do. It stems from what you allow in encouragement and in silence.

    How Posters Propagate A Culture

    corporate-wall-posters Source

    I once worked in an office that had a kitchen. There were some of us who used the cups and spoons and just threw them in the sink. It made the kitchen look ugly so the editor in chief printed a warning and the next day, habits changed from cup throwing to cup placing. One inexpensive way of entrenching office culture is through the use of posters.

    Did you know that Facebook offices have posters hanging on their walls? The man who is responsible for what those posters say is Scott Boms.

    "It really breaks the bubble in many ways," he told Inc. "We don't want to make things just to make people happy or to make them feel comfortable--or ask when it's appropriate to push the needle a little bit."

    Tech companies have started lining their walls with colorful posters containing inspirational quotes. Nokia Bell Labs started this trend in the 60s by collaborating with artists. Corporate artwork will always spark reactions both positive and negative. Question is, what is your agenda?

    Why Use Hanging Poster Display

    Unique Posters for Changing Corporate Culture Source

    A poster is a print essential that promotes an idea, product, or event. Corporate culture is the way of life in a company. Question is, what ideas and thoughts do you want to promote in your organization? Out of sight out of mind but with posters, your employees are constantly reminded of what they should do and it sticks.

    Hanging Poster Displays are affordable and can be custom designed to fit with your organization’s needs, brand colors, tastes, and so forth.

    Posters prints and visual artwork kill the nagging manager who is always micromanaging. Remember, people do not quit jobs, they quit managers. Posters do not shout or complain but they definitely keep everyone on their toes.

    Framed Posters are great wall hangings. Why should your office look dull while you can pass a message and make it the most beautiful thing?

    Elements Of Great Corporate Culture Using Hanging Poster Display

    Unique Posters for Changing Corporate Culture Source

    It is also important that you communicate your culture appropriately and in a way that would be appreciated by your employees. Posters kill these two birds with one stone.

    We have defined corporate culture but now, let us see how we can incorporate the elements of great corporate culture into posters.

    Vision: Good corporate culture is steered by a vision also known as a mission statement. This is a phrase that guides all the company values and grants them legitimacy. Are you just not tired of blank sheets of paper with sentence after sentence of what a company believes? When a vision is properly displayed it will go a long way in orienting everyone onboard.

    Values: A vision articulates your organization’s purpose while the values act as a guideline on how the vision will be achieved. Take an example of Google’s values in its unofficial motto since 2000, Don’t be evil. They practically had this entrenched in their service and so even though it was changed, the value still sticks.

    Unique Posters for Changing Corporate Culture


    Practices: What you don’t use, you soon lose. This means that your values are as powerful as the number of times they are implemented.

    People: People are what make corporate culture come alive. They will practice what you preach. Invest in people in visible ways. People stick with work cultures that bring out the best in them even if the salary is low.

    The narrative: What story did you tell your employees/ what won them over? Every organization needs to have a unique history or story that is embedded in its culture creation. Coca Cola has a great story. Facebook too has a great story on how it was formed in someone’s campus dormitory room. The founder of Instagram taught himself how to code. What’s your story? Identify it, shape it, and give it a formal residency in your large format printing.

    Unique Posters for Changing Corporate Culture


    The place: Silicon Valley is the hub for all techies. It is their zone. Wall Street is the financial zone. Question is, do your employees feel like your company is their zone? Are they in their element? You can improve your office decor but you need to put up some nice posters that remind them that it is the place to be. You might not be able to change the geographic location of the place but you can do something with an aesthetically designed wall hanging poster display.

    Now more than ever, it is important to recalibrate and identify what stands out in your organization and what needs to be done away with completely. Interested in finding out where to print posters? Talk to us about posters that deal with mental health, productivity, engagement among other things.