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    Emma Davis

    Content writer

    Jul 2, 2011 Clap 1901 ViewCopy Link

    Tri-Fold Brochures

    Tri-Fold Brochures

    Tri-fold brochures are one of the favorite categories of company printing used by many companies. With a tri-fold design, there are six separate panels available to be used. The starting size is usually that of an ordinary piece of 8-1/2x11 inch paper. It is then printed on both sides and folded twice. There is plenty of room for telling a company story, describing a new product, showing images or to use for extensive descriptions of services and products. When this standard size is folded, it is a perfect size to fit into a regular #10 business mailing envelope.

    Brochure printing is used by companies for self-promotion, product introductions, rate cards, photo stories and direct mail response promotions. Company printing expenses deserve to be a generous part of any corporate marketing budget. These printed materials are essential for branding purposes, advertising and sales. They are also used for new project descriptions and other corporate communications. Most tri-fold brochures are printed on average weight paper stock. Some that need to be perforated or scored are printed on heavier paper stock or card stock. Tri-fold brochures created for mailing should be printed on lighter papers or card stock. This is important for keeping postage costs to a minimum when the piece will be mailed. The tri-fold design is sometimes used to create a self-mailer; one panel is set up to function as an address panel. No envelope is required with this design style. Some consideration should be given at the planning stage to the environment in which the brochures will be used. There are some special coatings that can protect against moisture, UV rays and other environmental hazards. This style of brochure printing is popular because it is so convenient to use for mailing. These are also just the right size to insert into a bulk holder at a check-in or check-out area. Developing a good working relationship with an online printing company like is beneficial to any business. Online printing companies are experts that can be relied upon to produce high quality and on-time delivery of this type of brochure and other print jobs. When company printing is trusted to a favorite online printer, even rush jobs are more likely to be completed faster and delivered to the business promptly. Online printing companies like offer design assistance and professional stock layouts that any business can use for creating high quality brochures, even in an emergency.

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