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    Top 7 Badge Printing Tips to Garner Instant Attention

    Top 7 Badge Printing Tips to Garner Instant Attention
    Badge printing or name tags is a vital aspect of any live event. According to a book Managing Business Communications- Your Guide to Getting it Right by Chartered Management Institute 2015, having your badge placed high on the right-hand shoulder can be very useful to attract the people's attention to your business or brand. You may ask yourself why should you incur expenses in badge printing online when there's an option of DIY. Anyone can think so, but creating DIY badges for several attendees or employees can be quite hectic and time-consuming. Moreover, it will be a challenge to develop several lookalike badges without making any spelling errors. Printing badges from reliable printers like 4OVER4 gives you a chance to create the same design, fonts, colors, graphics, and zero spelling error badges in no time at all. It makes your business appear more professional in approach. Which one do you think is a better option?

    Significance of Badge Printing

    Top 7 Badge Printing Tips to Garner Instant Attention

    Easy to Recognize

    As per the Statista Research Department, 2014 survey, 79% of US marketers generate sales using event marketing. The more events that you attend, the more you improve your organizational skills. You must be aware that any seminar, conference, networking events, or live events need to be well organized and highly professional. There are several people involved in this entire process. A name badge or an event or conference badge makes it easier for a team to recognize a person.

    Badge Printing is Cost-Effective

    Whether id badges, event badges, or motivational quotes, badge printing services ensure uniformity in design and print. When you try to DIY using id card printer or other badge printing machines, you are bound to make mistakes resulting in higher designing and printing expenses. But, designing your badges using badge printing software or templates and printing them with trusted printers can make your badge printing process cost-effective.

    Badge Appreciation is an Honor

    [caption id="attachment_492598" align="alignnone" width="1280"]Top 7 Badge Printing Tips to Garner Instant Attention Green name event badges[/caption] People consider badges for honor and appreciation. According to an article published in Plos Biology, Badges to Acknowledge Open Practices, 2016, “Before badges, less than 3% of Psychological Science articles reported open data. After badges, 23% reported open data, with an accelerating trend." It also shows that there was a low rate of data sharing without badges, and the author reporting open data did not guarantee openness. Whereas after earning badges, 39% reported open data, available, correct, usable, and complete.

    Badge Printing Help in Promotion of Your Brand

    Not just your badges, you can promote your brand creating customized lanyards too. What is a lanyard? It is a classy attachment option for your badge/card. Whether you want to hang it around your neck or make a style statement by clipping it to your trouser pocket, lanyard makes it easy for you. Printing a QR code on your badge gives you easy access to offices or into any event where there is a fixed guest list or members. In case of trade shows or other more significant events, you can drive website traffic or get the audience to your event landing page quickly with QR code printed on badges.

    7 Badge Printing Tips

    Printed Badges Should Have Clear Fonts

    Whether it is the name of the delegates or some motivational quotes to cheer up your employees or just a way of appreciation, your badges should convey the message loud and clear. Therefore, use beautiful and big fonts minimum of 48 to 72 pt to boost visibility and jog memories while printing badges.

    Printed Badge Should be Understandable at 15 ft or 4.5 meters

    Sometime back, I was at a conference trying to figure out the minuscule conference badge of a fellow delegate standing around 3.5 meters from me. Since then, I realized it is essential to be visible to all attendees in the conference hall.. Not just a conference, it can be for any event or trade show where you need to be instantly recognizable from a distance. Make the readability of your badges perfect with the right font size visible from 15 feet or four and a half meters distance. Choose colors that won't block the readability and is the same under various lighting.

    Add a Conversation Starter to Your Printed Badges

    [caption id="attachment_492599" align="alignnone" width="1280"]Top 7 Badge Printing Tips to Garner Instant Attention Conversation starter line on event badges[/caption] According to EventMB, 2019, 39% of event professionals agree that engaging attendees in a live event is quite a difficult task. Unless you are printing badges for appreciation, you can add an edge to your badge design by including a conversation starter. As a child, I wanted to be...... can be a good example for starting a conversation. Leave blank space after the delegates name and ask them to fill it with two or three topics that interest them. It gives you a chance to read out the person's name, create talking points, bond on specific issues, and build relations. Events like conferences are a great place to network in the real world, and unique badges can engage the attendees.

    Think Out of the Box with Badge Printing

    [caption id="attachment_492601" align="alignnone" width="1280"]badge-printing Die cut badges[/caption] People say bigger is better when it comes to badges. They find printing standard 4” x 6” or 10cm x 15cm badges to be the best way to attract attention. But if you ask me, thinking out of the box can undoubtedly garner people’s views and considerations. For instance, you have a company named Cherry. Creating a cherry shaped die-cut badge can be the talk of the event. Laminating your badge is another way to make it attention-grabbing. Badge lamination keeps it secured and helps to stand the test of time without getting creased or discarded. Your badge gets an outstanding feel and look when you laminate it. I ordered plastic card badges for my event a few months back from 4OVER4. The quality of the badges spoke volumes about my business.

    Include Only the Important Things that the Attendees Wish to Know

    If you are thinking of printing badges for your events and conferences with with all your details and logo, then think again. The badges are usually handed over to the attendees before the start of the event. Any catchphrase, name, or something about your brand should be the primary detail in the badge. Your conference logo or title can be printed in small fonts at the bottom. Including dates or locations is not necessary for badges. It is useless to print something that the attendees already know when they are present at the venue. Although for id badges, the printing details can include address, phone number, blood group, QR code, etc.

    Adjustable Lanyards with Badges

    [caption id="attachment_492602" align="alignnone" width="1280"]Top 7 Badge Printing Tips to Garner Instant Attention Custom lanyard[/caption] When you print badges, you cannot ignore the lanyards. Even if someone decides to put the badge inside the shirt pocket, the string around their neck is visible. It can give your business good exposure. Badges come in various sizes depending on their intended usage. From the school students to conference delegates, the size plays an essential factor. Therefore, the lanyard should also come in adjustable sizes. It should be comfortable to wear because otherwise, the lanyards will be discarded.

    Make Badge Printing, a Worthy Investment

    You can easily opt for cheap badge options and get many while searching for it. But a unique laminated badge and lanyard can help ease your clients into networking circumstances. Treating them as an investment, and spending a little more on your badges can create lasting impressions. Make your choice wisely and get high-quality badges printed for your events, conferences, employees, and clients.


    Great networking opportunities await you when you choose badge printing for your employees and clients. Create optimum conditions for networking. When you print badges from reliable and expert badge printing services like 4OVER4, it will result in successful deals.