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    The 10 Best Uses of Print Flyers

    The 10 Best Uses of Print Flyers

    Flyers are one of the most affordable marketing formats in the professional printing business. They are highly customizable, which makes them suitable for different purposes. Print flyer’s quality can be easily enhanced by choosing premium paper options or gloss coating.

    One of the reasons flyers are so effective is that customers get to keep them. As opposed to posters, which people usually just see once and keep walking. A successful flyer ends up in potential customers’ pockets, increasing the chances of being read again at home and handed to a friend. Flyer printing can have many goals, here are some of the most common ones:

    1. Event Promotion

    This is perhaps the most common use for flyers. As an event organizer create an appealing flyer with enough information to get people’s attention. It works like an informal and open invitation. We love the simple yet cool design of this one: Flyer-Printing-1
    Posted by Moodboy on

    2. Advertising Services

    A flyer can fit several images if distributed correctly. Which makes it the perfect format for a photographers, designers, theatre groups and anyone in the arts. Don't over do it -though: the most important thing is to get people to know about the service so clearly display your contact information, making sure that so images don’t overpower the details.

    This a great example:

    Print Flyer Design

    3. Freelancer Services

    Freelancers don’t have large budgets to spend on advertising. Designing flyers with your services and contact information is an option. They are easy to distribute, for insance: try local businesses that somehow complement your services. If you are a plumber, leave some flyers at a hardware store.

    Adding your face to the flyer makes it stand out, gives the freelancer credibility and avoids people getting scammed.

    print flyer design

    4. Corporate image

    Print material helps create company identity. When the company provides different services, individual flyers can be designed to promote each of them in detail. Each service can be identified by a color, but always in harmony with the company image.

    Flyer Printing 3

    5. Weekly Specials

    Let the local audience know of your special items on sale. Display them on a flyer to promote store visits. Add a "limited stock" message to encourage quick buys.

    Flyer Printing 4

    6. Seasonal Sale

    Seasonal sales have an expiration date, advertising efforts need to be quick and effective. Handing out flyers does not require long hours and it can drive local clientele to the business.

    Flyer Printing -5

    7. Charitable Cause Promotion

    Use flyers to promote a social cause and seek donations. These formats normally include shocking messages to resonate among readers.

    8. Drive Sign Ups

    The objective of this particular kind of flyer is to drive people to a registering site. It features information about the conference to encourage readers to attend.

    Flyer printing 6

    9. Cultural Events and Celebrations

    Cultural events promote diversity. Whether it is a party or a museum exhibit, flyers generate curiosity and event visits.

    Flyer Printing 7

    10. Mailing Ads

    Not all flyers have to be handed out. You can also mail them out and expand your reach. Promote discount products or new arrivals to a larger number of potential customers.

    Flyer Printing 10

    Customizable print formats can be adapted in content. Using them creatively works as a great advertising tool, affordable for limited budgets. Get your design ready and choose the best flyer printing option for you.

    What about you? What would you promote with print flyers?