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    Is It Illegal To Put Business Cards On Doors?

    Is It Illegal To Put Business Cards On Doors?

    Business cards are practical tools for growing your business. Since they contain your contact information, recipients will visit your website, check out your social media pages, or give you a call if your business solution is pertinent to their needs. Hence, business owners know to carry stacks of their cards to events or for everyday usage.

    However, a growing method of sharing your cards is to leave them at people’s doors. But is it illegal to put business cards on doors? What measures must you follow when leaving cards at your prospect’s doorstep?

    First, let’s see why businesses leave their cards at the door.


    Why do people leave business cards at the door?

    Is It Illegal To Put Business Cards On Doors?There are good reasons for leaving your cards at people's doors. Some residents may not know about your business, but you make the first impression when prospects see your card at their doors. Also, since they contain different communication channels, customers can choose their preferred method for contacting your business. For example, some clients may visit your website while others visit your office.

    Also, dropping them at prospects' doors ensures you do not miss opportunities. Not every prospect will pay for your products or services, but they can refer your business to a friend or family member who is interested.


    Is It Illegal to Put Business Cards on Doors?

    No. It's legal to drop cards at doors or stick them between tiny door gaps. But since not everyone appreciates such marketing, these measures will ensure the majority of residents are receptive to your campaigns:

    • Get the property owner's permission before dropping off your cards. Let them know you are helping residents with an appropriate business solution. Communicating your intentions this way shows respect, dispels suspicion, and fosters trust.

    • Check the local guidelines to ensure your campaign does not flout local laws.

    • Ensure your card and its content is appropriate for public display.

    Remember that sometimes, a householder may discard your card, speak angrily to you on the phone, or leave a negative review on your social media. However, you'd get more positive responses when you're non-obtrusive and respectful with your marketing.

    Also, while you can leave your cards on doors, placing them in someone’s mailbox is illegal.


    What to Write on Business Card When Leaving on Door

    Is It Illegal To Put Business Cards On Doors?

    So, you'd like to leave your business card on doors, but what information should you include? Add these details.

    • Business Name and Logo

    A recognizable logo and business name will help your marketing.

    • Business Tagline

    Think of a tagline as a summary of your offer. A tagline that highlights your value proposition is compelling.

    • Contact Information

    Include details such as your office address, phone number, or email.

    • Your Website

    There's so much a card can contain. However, ensure not to leave out details when you include your website.

    • Social Media Profile

    Your social media handles are a quick way to know what you do. Also, it's helpful to think of your social media as sort of a portfolio.



    So, is it illegal to put business cards on doors? No, but first, consider your potential partners and clients. Put your prospects at ease when you communicate your value. In addition, contemplate the best places to leave your cards since you're more likely to get better results in some locations.

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