How to Use Printed Event Badges as a Marketing Tool

  • BY Emma Davis
  • Jun 10, 2019
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How to Use Printed Event Badges as a Marketing Tool

When you run a business, events and promotions are a big part of it. Every single event involves many factors. One of the most common problems that businesses face during events is the need to be unique.

Printed event badges are a great way to solve this especially when using 4OVER4.COM. With high-quality event badges for all your business events they are sure to make a large impact.

What are Event Badges and Why do you Need it

For each and every event, you need exclusive logistics and planning. During many events, the guests are divided into categories like premium, VIP, general, etc. Whether a start-up or some big organization, the entire team usually coordinates the entire event. But, what if you are a small organization with big dreams of conducting a large professional event?

Printed event badges come to your rescue in such situations. Normally, people hand out standard business cards making it hard to remember who is who. However, the personal event badges help you interact with your guests more, and 4OVER4.COM offers a range of customized and gloss laminated badges for various events. Keep reading to learn more about these benefits.

What are the benefits of Printed Event Badges


Name badges serve as a great tools for various things. Here you may learn a few benefits that will seriously make you consider these badges for your events.

  • Easy Identification

Displaying your name and your position in the company becomes simple yet eye catching when you opt for the custom event badges. In order to identify the people in an event, badge printing can be quite helpful. When you have the printed event badges for each of your guests, you can easily see their name and other important information. Moreover, it fosters a networking environment by encouraging people to speak with one another.

It is good to keep in mine that name tags are somewhat different from badges. The name stickers are usually considered as the name tags and are usually fine for the small events but, when you have bigger events, simple name tags can be underwhelming. 4OVER4.COM offers high-quality gloss laminated or Spot UV finish and premium paper event badges to make your guests feel as if they are making their presence in a high-class event.

  • Guest Categorization

During fundraiser or networking events everyone can see VIPs present. When VIPs have their event badges with customized lanyard around their neck, it becomes easier to identify them. You don’t need to spend huge on professionally printed badges to categorize VIPs or to grant them access to the venue. Instead, you may opt for the color-coded printed event badges to categorize each member present in the event like VIPs, influencers, investors, various category of staff, or guests who are there to network, etc.

  • Brand Promotion

Do you want to promote your brand? When you choose event badge printing, it can help you greatly in your own brand promotion. Whether a fundraiser or charity event, your own company event or an event sponsored by your company, custom printed event badges with your company name and logo can help your guests to notice and remember your business name long after the event is over.

At 4OVER4.COM, our team works on high-quality printing and finishing of the event badges. You can rest assured that your brand will be memorable when you opt for the printed badges for your event.

Ways to Use Event Badges for Initiating Conversation


The printed event badges are a valuable tool that can be used in a number of ways to get people interested in your brand. Here are 5 out of the box ideas that you may use for starting the conversation with your potential client.

1. Company names and titles are not important always

Printing your event badges doesn’t always mean that it has to have the company name or titles. Associating people with what they love, aspire or want and getting printed on the event badges can make a huge impact. Instead of printing what you do for your living, use the printed event badges to show off your skills where you excel.  The 4OVER4.COM team helps you with various sizes, colors, papers, and specifications event badges printing.

2. Create something beyond just work

Let your printed event badges be unique by teasing people’s mind. Include an incomplete catch-line on the badge and let people ponder over what can complete the phrase. For instance, you may add the phrase "I'm chasing _____” This unfinished phrase makes the people at the event curious and instantly your brand becomes the topic of discussion. It is fun as well as a great way to get your brand noticed.

3. Get started with a theme



You may get theme printed event badges for all your guests and come up with a sentence like “all we need is _____” to get the views of your guests on the themes displayed on the badges. The theme can be related to your brand. All the views of the guests can be put up on a wall by weaving them into foldouts. It can create interest amongst the guests and also make an interesting start or association with your brand.

4. Go for oversized badges

When you try to identify new and potential clients, the oversized printed event badges comes as a great help. Make the event atmosphere friendly by not making it awkward. Often people squint or stare inappropriately as they cannot recognize their prospects. 4OVER4.COM comes up with interesting oversized name badge prints that can help the guests to casually address each other.

5. Let your guest select how to categorize themselves

You can create blank buttons with a tagline stating, “Talk to me about….” and invite your guests to share their knowledge. This encourages targeted conversations.

These buttons can be added to your printed event badges for meaningful conversation. 4OVER4.COM has highly skilled experts to understand and print the badges as per your requirements.

Order Custom Printed Lanyards and Event Badges Online

Are you looking forward to a successful and special event with initial interaction with several potential clients? Do you want your event to go on smoothly and give you ample time to interact with your guests? Choose the custom shape printed event badges and personalized lanyards online with 4OVER4.COM.

You can find several types of badges in convenient sizes and custom options with us. If you need conference badges for a corporate event, security badges to guard your high profile dignitaries or just personal event badges to make your event a success, connect with 4OVER4.COM. We can come up with several choices of printed event badges to meet your needs without having you to move out of your comfort zone.