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    How Much To Charge For Business Card Design?

    How Much To Charge For Business Card Design?

    Every day, a new business begins operation, or an existing business may want to rebrand or relaunch. As a result, these businesses will need a print-ready design for marketing or to stay top of mind with clients and partners. But do you wonder how much to charge for business card design?

    A client will often factor in the cost of design services. So, how do you determine your design charges? Also, how do you design a great-looking card that will be worth your client’s money? The rest of the article answers these questions.


    How to Design a Good Business Card?

    We all love a beautiful and artistic business card design. Yet, a business card should be simple and creative. A good-looking business card is unique enough to start conversations. The following guidelines will help you create such a design:

    Keep it simple and clear: A clean, minimalist design will make a lasting impression. Conversely, clustered cards are unappealing.

    Use high-quality images: Only use high-quality images relevant to the business. A pixelated image or logo will cast a shadow on your work.

    Choose appropriate colors: You should avoid harsh color schemes when possible. Instead, choose colors that complement the brand and are pleasant to look at.

    how much to charge for business card design

    Ensure the information is readable: Ensure your inscriptions are legible; use a clear and readable font. Also, ensure information such as name, phone number, and email is easy to find. Remember, typographical errors and misprints will paint you in a negative light.

    Add a call to action: Nudge the recipient to take action. Should they visit your website or connect with you on social media?

    Utilize both sides: Printing on both sides is more appealing. Also, it's an extra room for additional information.

    Make it unique: Try custom designs, trims, and finishes such as 3D lenticular, Die-cut, or Spot UV business cards to stand out further.


    How Much To Charge For Business Card Design?

    The average cost for business card designs can range anywhere from $50 to $2,500. However, no flat rate can apply to every client since every client has unique wants and expectations. Instead, consider the following factors when deciding how much to charge for a business card design:

    The designer's experience: Naturally, more experienced designers charge more.

    The complexity of the design: 3D or holographic business card designs are pricier than others. Also, designs with multiple colors and graphics will be more expensive.

    how much to charge for business card design

    Time frame: Some clients may need you to prioritize their design. Thus, this urgency will raise the price.

    The number of revisions: How many revisions is the client requesting? Adjust the cost of your design to reflect this additional work.

    Stock graphics or custom illustrations: Using stock graphics lowers the cost of the design. However, custom illustrations will cost more.

    Printing cost: The paper quality, printing process, and order quantity impacts the printing cost and should reflect in your price. Ensure your charges are commensurate with the value you provide.

    Agency or freelancer: Generally, agencies charge more than freelance designers to allay higher overhead costs.


    4OVER4 Free Design Maker

    But why go through the hurdle of paying for design tools, stock images, and more when you can have it all for free? As a graphics designer or an amateur looking to design a card, you can design cards with our easy-to-use business card maker tool for free.

    You have access to thousands of professional-looking, customizable templates for various industries and millions of high-quality, stunning free stock images.

    Moreover, our business card design tool is simple and user-friendly.



    How much to charge for business card design will depend on several factors. But a great business card design will pay for itself. However, you can save hundreds of dollars by using the 4OVER4 free online designer tool and printing your designs in one place.

    We have 20 years of online printing experience and offer various customization options for a unique business card print. Get started now.