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    How Flyer Printing Best Complements Your Online Efforts

    How Flyer Printing Best Complements Your Online Efforts

    One might wonder, what are flyers? To me, flyers are a detailed version of business cards. According to JICMAIL in 2017, "only 26.2% of people receiving flyers and other marketing materials threw them away or recycled them." Flyer printing is essential to any business that needs to remain relevant. It may seem that they contradict business cards, but they actually have a symbolic relationship. There a few types of flyers that I'll delve into as below;

    -Next day club flyer printing

    -Custom size flyers

    -Folded flyers

    -Oval flyers

    -Next day club flyers

    Let’s get into this and see just how important flyers are.

    Flyer Printing Add Details

    A flyer may have a picture e.g. in the case of a furnisher, the furniture can be showcased & even the price listed. It may also include a website, link etc. When opened, this link gives more information that makes the potential client have an easier time choosing what to purchase & sometimes he/she will just order online saving time for both the client & the seller. Whether printed or digital, flyers work like magic.

    Next Day Club Flyer Printing

    These are ideal for clubs/bars as they whet the appetite of potential clients. Once a custom size flyer/billboard is put up at the entrance of a club, for instance, clients will be interested in the upcoming event & even invite their friends who may not have seen the flyer. You guessed it- if the information is actually both online & physical at this point it works like a charm in streaming clients in.

    Folded Flyer Printing

    These are ideal for institutions such as hospitals as there's so much to say and so little space. They make for easy reading and are easy to hand out or even place on the reception. Clients can read as they wait or carry them home in their pockets as they're not bulky. They're quite informative and are a must have as they are the life (at least half of it) of the business. In case there's need for more information, they provide several sites, links, phone and cell numbers. Clients will be drawn like a moth to a flame to great flyers with which they can readily interact.

    People like easily digestible information placed alongside great graphics and it’s also easier for the institution to reach a wider range of people than it could have while only relying on just one method of reaching people; both physical and online. Flyers marry these two to bring the maximum advantage of both ephemeral & digital platforms. This is a big booster for any business.

    Oval Flyer Printing

    I can't think of a better place to use these than learning institutions. Imagine the edge your institution would have if and when clients walked in to find beautifully decorated oval flyers placed orderly around the reception area? Fantastic! They beg for the attention of the client who would then pick a pocket size one to read at their leisure. To accentuate their look, a glossy finish would do the trick. Oval flyers are in short a must have as they also point one to websites for more information. These add the oomph the institution needs to stay relevant.

    Custom Size Flyer Printing

    These can take on any form depending on the business one is operating. Take for instance a hotel or restaurant. The inside can have A4 size flyers placed on the counters showcasing the various delicacies served therein, while a flyer holding rack can be placed right at the entrance. The ones outside serve both as an advert & an enticement especially if well decorated with the foods & inside arrangements such as well laid tables, smartly dressed waiters, happy clients etc.

    The custom sized flyer may have additional information such as other branches of the same business in different locations & their contacts, directions etc. These complement the online adverts of the same business making it easier for both online clients and physical ones to link up. This is because one may actually walk in & enjoy the delicacies while the other may make online reservations. Both of these flyers therefore work together in reaching a wider audience of clients which is a big plus for the business.

    Embossed Flyer Printing

    These are especially ideal for vanity products or luxurious services. The more colorful they are the better. They can be placed both outside and in the vicinity of the particular premise. Shiny colors are the best bet as they literally say "take a closer look at me". As clients draw closer to view for instance a beautiful picture, they get to see the information that is embossed maybe advertising a particular hairdo or vacation at a dreamy tourist destination and so on. This provides a good number of clients by drawing people in their numbers to a printed site for reservations & extra information thus working like a charm.


    Whichever your pick, flyer printing is a basic necessity to an ongoing, upcoming, or any other type of business. They are in essence a personification of the business, bringing that edge that your business needs to thrive & remain relevant as they can be redesigned occasionally to fit your brands’ needs. They work hand in hand with the rest of your marketing materials to give you better returns for your marketing fees. Consider getting flyers some time; you will be pleasantly surprised at just how much a simple piece of paper can do for your brand.