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    Guerilla Marketing: The Rise Of Unconventional Campaigns

    Guerilla Marketing: The Rise Of Unconventional Campaigns

    Before we get into any details, let’s clarify that guerilla marketing has nothing to do any sort of illegal activity promotion. What it is, is a clever and unconventional marketing practice that limited budgets can tremendously benefit from. Guerilla advertising is a strategy that surprises  the audience with advertising pieces in the most unexpected places. Customers are saturated by billboards, tv ads, radio ads, online banners and so many other advertising formats that they need to be shocked in order to really feel curious about the product.

    Guerilla advertising techniques range from the lowest of budgets to global campaigns. Some of the most common practices include advertising ambushes, ambient advertising and interactive initiatives. Here are some successful examples to illustrate the point.

    Unicef Dirty Water Campaign

    guerrilla marketing

    Image from

    Unicef used a shocking dirty water vending machine to promote the Tap Project. New Yorkers were subtly confronted with a social reality and encouraged to donate money on site. The campaign not only encouraged instant donations, it also created project and website exposure for people to look for further information afterwards.

    Volkswagen ‘I wish I was...’ Campaign

    Guerrilla Advertising
    Image from
    Volkswagen used simple signs to make car owners think of an upgrade. The amusing campaign had cars showing up their dreams of becoming a Volkswagen and car owners thinking of the brand.

    Yuzu Sushi Restaurant Ads

    Guerrilla advertising on car
    Image from

    Yuzu sushi restaurants ambushed drivers with a giant sushi roll in hopes to awaken some last minute cravings. The ads included the restaurant name to get customers’ attention to the correct sushi provider.

    As you have seen, guerilla marketing campaigns can be planned with any kind of budget. All you have to do is think of a way to surprise customers with your ad and choose the right advertising method to do so. Take a look at this list of printing products to get you inspired:
    • Flyers: think of where your target audience is and think of way to get their attention. Let’s say you own a deli. You can create a series of messages to distribute to people during their lunch break. Order some flyer printing to give out to people on a park with phrases like “benches will be here later, our sandwiches are selling fast.”

    • Posters: use poster printing to create powerful images on your business doors or shocking views on your windows. For instance, travel agencies could make customers feel like they have already arrived some of the destinations they offer by displaying realistic posters on the inside.

    • Postcards: postcard marketing is open to many possibilities. We thought of using them to promote a delivery service. Order some postcard printing with pictures of some of your best products and complete the design with a message like “Looks great on paper, but wouldn’t it be better to get the real thing?”

    • Banners: few printing products get as much exposure as well placed banners. You can use them to create a teaser campaign by printing a series of instructions that end up on your website or store. Check at our half price banners to start thinking of your next campaign.

    Guerilla marketing is all about smart design and placement. As well as knowing exactly what your target audience may respond to. Get inspired and start thinking of alternatives to create local buzz with a low budget. Browse our catalog for more printing product ideas and let us know what you think of this unconventional strategy. Are you ready to shock your customers with some great advertising?