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    Green Printing Practices Benefit Online Printing Companies

    Green Printing Practices Benefit Online Printing Companies

    Online printing companies can create a win-win situation for their clients, the environment and their own business by using green printing practices. When printers have new green products and technology to use, everyone wins. Printers that use green products and equipment reduce their own waste and energy costs. For clients, using eco-friendly printed materials can boost their status as a company that protects the environment. The earth benefits from green printing practices because there will be fewer toxic chemicals used and less waste produced.

    Business printing orders of all types can now be completed using many new environmentally safer products. New inks, recycled papers, energy-efficient computers and press equipment and low-VOC (Volatile Organic Chemical) inks are all green printing resources. Online printing companies are in the best position to offer a green advantage to their customers because of their size and high volume of business printing. A small local print shop using toners may have cleaner inks to use than a big offset printer, but their energy use is much higher. Clients who take their company printing needs to an online printing company like will benefit from having a better choice of green printing options, state-of-the-art technology, and reduced costs on all fronts. Sending all company printing to an online print shop may also result in favored customer discounts. The online printer can store digital files for their customers. Some will even store printed materials until they are needed at a later date. Customers benefit by knowing their printer can obtain high quality recycled products at lower prices and with less energy expenditures. Using recycled paper, fewer colors, energy-efficient technology, remanufactured ink cartridges and combining jobs all create less waste and ultimately less harm to the environment. The total impact of using green printing practices can mean a healthy reduction in expenses. By lowering use of new raw materials, online printing companies like preserve and conserve natural resources. This is a fact that can be advertised to clients, and it is one that clients can also use in their own promotional campaigns. This green option is considered as an important issue by many potential clients that are looking to hire a new printer. The paper and ink industries are doing their part to reduce waste by recycling and reusing resources. Use of alternatives to new pulp saves trees for the future. Low-VOC inks and reductions of waste are less destructive to the environment. Green printing practices are a win-win solution for all.

    To learn more about our complete line of printing products and services like poster printing and canvas prints and our green printing practices please visit