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    Gorgeous Business Cards Designing - What Not to Do

    Gorgeous Business Cards Designing - What Not to Do

    What is the purpose of the business cards? It is a marketing tool that helps to create the right first impression for your business when you hand it over to the clients. There’s minimal space in the card for selling your skills, and people don’t take much time to forget your name. At times, when you fail to design the card with perfection, the business cards end up in the bins. Have you ever thought about what went wrong in your business card design? Why did the client take no time to throw it? There are no second chances, either you make the crackling chemistry with the client on the first meeting or get disappointed for not being able to hit it off instantly. One of the main reasons for failing to make the right impression at the first meeting is the poor business card design. 4OVER4.COM business cards printing services understands the nuances of business card printing and make your card just like the clients would love to see. With over 20 years of experience, the 4OVER4 business card printing online team ensures perfection in whatever we print. Let’s learn the things not to do when designing your business cards or the mistakes that can ruin your business card.

    Never Miss Out the Obvious Information on Business Cards


    A sample card in white, black, and maroon with separate space for logo A great texture or attractive finishes can be eye-catching, but your card will get lost or end up in the trash if the minimum necessary information goes missing from it. What is the primary info that must be mentioned on the business cards? The contact information that must be included on cards are-

    • Your name
    • Business name
    • Job title or skill
    • Business location or address
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Business website
    • Social media handles, etc.

    Before working on the polishing of the card, ensure including all the above information without fail. People have their preferences for communicating. Never miss adding various channels of information. It’ll provide the best chances of getting a response.

    Never Add Outdated Info on Business Cards

    Do you think your clients will take pains to search your company when they dial a number printed on your card and found it to be wrong or out of service and not in use? Will your clients trust the scribbled out or handwritten information? No one does. When the prospects have several other businesses trying to catch their attention, why will they ponder over a scribbled or wrong number? Stop using such out of date cards. It is quite an economical and affordable marketing tool but has far-reaching influence. When your prospects find you unprofessional to the extent of using old cards, instead of investing in updated ones, clients automatically tend to drift away. Very few people would ever want to invest in such a company that is unprofessional and lack basic principles.

    Misprints and Typos are a Strict No in Business Cards Printing


    Source When you print the wrong text on business cards, it clearly screams out loud that you don’t care about your business. The grammatical errors or typos reflect your careless attitude about business matters. When you trust 4OVER4 for your business cards printing near you, you are never disappointed. Our team of experts send you the final design file for checking if there are any errors thoroughly. Therefore, it is very important to check the card twice and thrice before the file goes for printing. It is also vital that you use crystal clear images. Lower resolution images, when printed, turn to be pixelated and blurry.

    Never Use Unreadable and Tiny Fonts on Business Cards

    It is common sense that people don’t walk around with magnifying glasses in their pockets. Tiny fonts become very difficult to read and also very hard on eyes. Never try to adjust more and more text on the card by making the fonts small. 4OVER4 business cards template helps you with space optimization on the card without losing clarity and quality. When you try to use too much creativity, it can be a curse for you. Usage of decorative fonts on business cards will not allow the users to read the texts printed on the card. It results in ignorance from all recipients of the card. One look and never again shall be the feedback seeing your card with too much difficulty to read decorative fonts.

    Never Miss the Value Proposition

    The monochrome black and white business card The customers are aware of their needs at all times. Whether they need a personal trainer or plumber, it is evident in their mind, although there are times when people need more persuasion. For instance, hiring an internet researcher or social media specialist is never in people’s minds. So, when you offer business cards with such a title, you need to persuade people. A selling point is not always based on a job title or business name. When people are not convinced or clear about your role, or you can solve a more nuanced issue, it is better to add a tagline that explains your value. You need to explain what your brand promises and what is your value proposition to connect with the prospects. On the contrary, there are several businesses where just a word or keyword has the power to simplify your role. For complex functions, a brief is appreciated by the recipient of the card.

    Lack of Distinct Branding

    The addition of generic clipart and visuals on the business cards can make it very repetitive and boring. People are sure to forget such cards as the clients look for exclusivity and distinct branding. Unique cards remain in the memory of the customers that make a company stand out. Once you remove the clipart and replace it with your unique brand logo, full-color, premium high-quality card stocks, and fresh design, your business card becomes highly acceptable and registered in the customer’s mind. The design should be consistent and visually appealing. Branding your business cards with 4OVER4 helps in building recognition and encourage your clients to relate with the critical services of your business.

    Do Not Make Visual Clutter

    The jumbled up squeezed in the text printed on the business card gives a cluttered vision to the recipient. It can be frustrating for the customers to find several fonts trying to garner attention, three to four images forcefully printed on a 3.5 x 2-inch card, and no white space to be found. The overlapping images with words, make it a difficult read for the customers. When people see a chaotic card, they assume your business to be messy like your card as well. If you create too many focal points and add irrelevant content, people are most likely to move away and search for other options. Instead, use both sides of the high-quality business card to print and spread out the content.

    Harsh Color Schemes on Business Cards


    Colorful visiting card design in shades of red and yellow When the color of the business card does not connect with your brand, or the chosen color meaning clashes with your industry, however unique is your design, it is destroyed. If you choose poor color contrast, or it is too cheap for the profession you are printing business cards online, it will be a waste of money and time. The customers don’t prefer such odd or harsh color schemes. You must understand how to combine color shades on paper and strike the right balance. For instance, on a light background, pale colors are difficult to read, or too many dark colors together can strain the eyes. You may use your brand color or make subtle changes to improve the readability. White space in the design is significant so, balance it correctly. You may also use some of your logo colors on a solid background. It becomes easier for the recipient to read.

    Odd Proportions in Business Cards Design

    When you make good designs, you create the right balance without effort, and your brand gets recognition naturally. You don’t have to be a pro for creating the right designs. The right design leads to the right message to the customers and, thus, a positive first impression without a doubt. There are a few proportions and shapes that impacts your insight. Whether misalignment of texts, shapes at the backdrop destroying your design, or closely spaced texts, you can notice the poor balance in your card. Maybe, you cannot point out what is wrong in it, but you can feel that there’s something not right. If you do not want the proportion to go wrong, use 4OVER4 custom business card printing templates that allow you to set the layout with alignment markers. You also get a preview feature to check the finished design and size like the real one. Decide the focal points while starting with designing and retool it if the secondary elements are more prominent.

    Never Use Poor-Quality Paper Stock


    Carpenter's visiting card in wood brown color The high-gloss business card printing paper stock can be quite tempting for you, but writing on it can be difficult. In trade shows or seminars, and other events, you may meet several people and hand over the card. But, if they would like to write down some notes about you or your business on the glossy business card, it can be difficult. Such situations can make you lose business. The poor choice of cardstock can ruin your complete business card design. When you choose from 4OVER4 premium quality thick and matte cardstock, neither it would be easy to tear the card nor bend or have any issues jotting down the info on the card.


    You may have an idea that the business card designing and printing is very simple and you can create it your own. But, little do you know that choice of texture, finish, cardstock, and knowledge of the right balance in color, shade, fonts, etc. are something that needs expert’s assistance. To make your card worth looking at, connect with 4OVER4, the best business cards printing NYC service. Our business card printing staples help you with excellent design templates, personalized cards, online sample card design, and much more. 4OVER4 offer a wide range of options, and even printing small cards with us has the power to speak volumes and impress the client at the first meeting. We have state of the art business card printing machines and excellent customer service team.