• BY Emma Davis
  • May 28, 2011
  • 865

The product label that is seen on your products determines to a larger extent how well your products will sell. The label is either the initial and only sales point customers see, or it can be the final thing a customer sees. This little master piece can make or breaks the sales process for you.

So, sufficient energy is to be put into designing and printing of product labels. Custom printing can be harder and more complicated than it appears because of its hard choices of materials, design and color, coatings and glues. custom printing is not your best best if you are to cut costs. Whether you want to print labels for a product, office equipment, there are some things you need to be aware of before printing. When it comes to print labels, your decision on the best option for your printing makes your designs come out better with a complete message. You can print labels using online printing services like those provided by Online printing is self explanatory and can save you time and money. Label sizes: Before you start to print labels, you need to consider your label’s size. The size of the label is determined by the product and the space where the label is to be fixed. The label should be big enough to convey its message efficiently but it must not get too big to cover the area for display. Next on the list is for you to consider the amount of traffic you want to generate to your label. If your Label has an important message, then you might need to increase the size of the Label. But if you want it as an indication label, printing a small and functional label will be better. Label shape: The next vital factor to consider when decide to print labels is the label’s real size. Normally, a lot of people are comfortable with the normal rectangular shape with only the change in the dimensions or with a little change in the width and length rations for customization purposes. But in some cases, so many people will want their labels shaped differently. This change is good for some special kinds of packaging labels like promotional labels which needs a change in shape for it to look different and eye catching. To maximize the label’s effect on people, you need to know the best shape for your purpose. Label Materials: Be aware of the materials used for your print labels. Apart from the normal types of printing paper and materials, there are still other types of paper or materials available that are used for printing. These materials can be in the form of glossy paper, moisture or dirt resistance materials. They can serve different purposes especially for label’s that will experience different types of environment. You have to choose the right materials if your label is going to be exposed to heat conditions, moisture, or dryness to be able to survive these extreme conditions. Inquire from your label printing service for the best stock for these weather conditions. you can also get more information on online printing. Label Colors: Your label color is very vital. Colors mark labels with some specific feelings. Reds gives labels a sense of urgency and potency. Brighter colors like orange or yellow gives a label a more energetic aura and cooler colors gives a feeling of peace and calmness. Combining these colors and its effect, can instill a subtle emotional effect to your label. For a warning and potent materials, red will do better. For things that require immediate attention, the brighter colors will do because they can catch attentions faster. And lastly, use cooler colors for simpler labels and for labels that communicate simpler and peaceful messages.

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