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    Expand Your Reach With Unique Flyer Printing

    Expand Your Reach With Unique Flyer Printing

    Remember the time when someone handed a flyer to you in the streets, at a party or even a conference. The attractive flyer printing caught your attention and roused interest in you to know more. On the other hand the bland one felt like a burden and you could not wait to dispose of in the nearest dustbin. The tradition of handing out flyers goes back to the 15th century when the printing press was invented in Germany and messages were spread using pamphlets. Even now many businesses especially small businesses still count on the effectiveness of flyers to market their business. Yes, people are putting more money into digital marketing because it is a rising trend, but it still does not take the power of flyers away. Flyers still prove an effective method of reaching the older generation especially. According to Direct Mail statistics of 2018 proved that 31% of baby boomers bought or purchased a service because of advertising cards, catalogs or flyers. Expand Your Reach With Unique Flyer Printing Seeing that there is the availability of cheap flyer printing, the scope of your business could record consistent growth if the strategy is implemented the right way. If you do it right and then target the right mass of people -who may be in the beach, streets, hotels, recreation park, an event and much more- your reach will spread like wildfire.

    Instant access to the audience with flyer printing

    It may be old school but the fact that you can get access to an audience any time you get out in the streets is refreshing. When someone gave you a flyer what was your first course of action? You looked at it. When you distribute flyers it means that people will read immediately and decide whether to act or discard. The most important part is that you achieved your goal.

    Freedom to be creative with print flyers

    One of the things that make the flyer method effective is creative design. 4OVER4 advices that you should let your imagination run wild with multiple business flyer options. A creatively designed flyer will definitely hook the reader and even get them to tell their friends and colleagues. Creativity will also assure that a significant portion of the ones who received the flyers will retain them to find out more and others for aesthetics.

    Flyer printing saves cost

    Expand Your Reach With Unique Flyer Printing Source When you contrast flyer printing costs against digital marketing, expensive billboard, TV and radio ads you will discover that the flyers are just a little fraction of the budget you would put in for the latter. All you need to do is log onto 4OVER4 and check flyer examples for business and choose the one that best suits you and your business.

    Its tangibility

    The tangibility of a flyer makes it really easy for potential clients to act and probably get a definite close. Your prospective client may not have the time to read the contents of the flyer but they can store it in their bag and once they settle they will go through your well-curated flyer. Secondly, tangibility serves as a two-edged sword because it can be shared and passed on to other prospective clients thereby getting the word out.

    Easier lead generation with flyer printing

    When you hand-distribute flyers you are able to monitor responses from the recipients. Some go further and even ask questions. This is a very good breeding ground for leads without having to sit for long hours on the computer trying to generate leads. With those benefits in mind there are things that you should pay attention to for flyer printing to work for you. You should target to get a close rate of 60% with your flyer printing so that you can expand your reach in the market. Here are some of the things you should implement as you design your flyer:

    1. Use a bold headline on flyers

    A flyer is almost like a newspaper. One of the things that make us buy newspapers is the irresistible headlines that we first come into contact with. Expand Your Reach With Unique Flyer Printing Source Always ensure that your flyer printing has a bold catchy headline. The headline should be more pronounced than the name of your business. Grab the attention of your next close with a headline that they can’t resist.

    2. Sound human when printing flyers

    The tone of your flyer has to sound empathetic and should include photos of human beings to make it more relatable. Especially when you are distributing it to people during a promotional campaign. In the spirit of being human also include your company’s story. What is your history and what is your mission and vision? An honest account of your business will help the potential clients identify with you and what you’re about. As a result, they will not have any qualms about putting their money into your hands.

    3. Show value

    When you target a large amount of people in a crowded environment such as an office, a party, an event you want to ensure that your flyer doesn't sound like a salesman who just wants to make a sale. In your flyer show how your products and services will solve problems and bring value to the customer.

    4. Flyer printing call to action

    Expand Your Reach With Unique Flyer Printing Source A prospective customer who got your flyer in the parking lot of a supermarket has bought into your idea after reading your well-articulated flyer. What should they do? That question can only be answered by a clear call to action which should be included at the end of the flyer. Direct them to the website they should log on. Include crucial contact information that the people can reach you through.


    Flyer advertising is still important these progressive times and will definitely yield good results. If you don’t know where to start just search the internet for free business flyer templates. Similarly, 4OVER4 can educate you better on how to make a business flyer.