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    Exciting New Products Coming Soon to

    Exciting New Products Coming Soon to

    We've got great news! Our product family is expanding and as usual, we’re about to make your custom printing products more interesting, more discriminating and more varied -so you can knock it out of the park every time!

    Our new digital and offset printing options accommodate graphic design, interior and exterior advertising plus deluxe print demands. Take a look at these brand new 4over4 products and start planning your next professional printing project. All available right now for custom order, just email for your custom quote or additional information, soon they'll be ready for online orders with our easy instant price calculator!

    Shiny Silver Foil Roll Labels

    silver mirror like foil label

    We’re all about letting it shine! Add a luxurious finish to any label design with this metallic material. The labels will have a mirror-like finish that will make it impossible not to stand out. The labels will easily peel-off and stick to any surface. Consider them for party favors, promotional designs or just to add a vibrant touch to standard packaging.

    Custom Packaging

    custom packaging

    Great things come in small packages… and big ones too. We’re introducing a wonderful line of premium and customized packaging that’ll make anyone love a gift before even opening it. Our printed and gable boxes can be personalized and used as creative casing for personal or business gifts. For example, including a company logo for an interesting giveaway is a great branding strategy.

    • Premium quality printed square boxes
    • Luxury paper boxes
    • Gable boxes and more

    The boxes are very resistant and easy to fold. Plus, the user can choose different colors, cutting, scoring and folding effects.

    Perfect Bound Books


    We all know how important the product presentation is. After all, it is not unusual to “judge a book by its cover.” Our new premium binding service will add that deserved quality finish to your project. Are you thinking printable spines, soft-cover, paperback, page numbering or trimmed edges? We got it!

    Book binding is not exclusive to literature, you can use it for corporate reports, recipe books, family photos or your own portfolio.

    Wire-O and Plastic Spiral Catalogs


    The new binding options are quite practical and resistant. They are affordable additions to any printing project. Whether it is educational material or a catalog, Wire-O and Plastic Spiral make them easier to handle. You can choose between many colors, print and gloss for the covers. As well as different sizes of metal or plastic wire-o’s.

    Banner Stands

    x frame banner stand

    We already offered the vinyl banners, but we now have great banner stands where you can proudly display them. X frames and retractable stands are very useful for both outdoor and indoor banners. Also, retractable stands are really practical for moving banners, you can take them from one exhibition to the other with no inconvenience. Their adjustable poles and aluminum base are elegant enough to let the banner get all the attention.



    Look for Retractable, Double Side Retractable and X Frame Banner Stands for your next announcement! Stand Out!

    X-Frame Retractable Single Sided Retractable Double Sided
    24" x 60" 32" x 72" 48" x 78" 23" x 63" 33" x 85" 33" x 79" 39" x 85" 39" x 79" 47" x 85" 47" x 79" 59" x 85" 33" x 85" 39" x 85"

    Expanded Prestige Collection Products

    ultra thick business cards

    The Prestige collection offers 3 to 8 times thicker paper for luxurious projects. It can be used for different designs to add a remarkable quality finish. Already popular with business cards, consider the ultra thick paper collection for your next Hangtags, Postcards, Rackcards, Bookmarks, Paper Coasters, Invitations and Response Cards. The ultra white uncoated version goes from 32 to 80 points. While the gloss and high gloss UV goes from 40 to 72 points. Certainly something to be remembered for.

    Make sure to browse our website for all of our exciting new additions and try them out! There is no way you'll just blend in with the rest. We want you to stand out!

    Leave your print on the world. Make it a BIG one!

    2014 will be the year for BIG changes at 4OVER4 with a continuous rollout of new products. Be on the lookout for additional emails coming to you in the next several weeks announcing our super expanded product line. Sign Up today!