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    Design Trends 2015 Expert Predictions

    Design Trends 2015 Expert Predictions
    In a competitive creative market, where the landscape is continuously evolving being up to date with the diverse trends arising in visual arts and graphic design is critical to stay on top of the game and ahead of the competition. Avid designers are constantly on the lookout for the ultimate design trend predictions to define patterns, practices and new technologies that will probably set off a new movement. However, not everyone’s got the time and  it can be hard to track and follow what every expert is saying out there. So we went around and browsed to see what the big names are saying we should keep an eye on this year,

    these are some of the design trends 2015 you should watch out for:

    • Interactive Infographics
    Infographics have been used to express facts, ideas and information in a visual way. Considering that 40% of people will respond more  to visual information than plain text (according to Zabisco); infographics are critical for a successful marketing strategy. However, a powerful visual tool, the interactive infographic, is replacing traditional flat ones. Interactive infographics tend to be more effective as they create an engaging experience. Plus, they allow you to put more information into one infographic without overwhelming the reader. Check out this interactive infographic. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"] Image Credit: Funders and Founders. Ana and Mark Vital .[/caption]
    • Generative Design
    Innovative generative design uses computer software and algorithms to generate visually appealing forms based on complex concepts. Generative design allows you to melt shapes and colors to create a unique print. For example, design studios like Convivial Project began using generative technologies to customize color and patterns according to customer preferences. So, for those who consider complex looking shapes inspiring, generative art may just be for you. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"]generative-design Image Credit: Anderson Koyama[/caption]
    • Hand Lettering
    This has been in for a while, we know, but the elaborate lettering style font  with its personalized touch to create unique and clean, but artsy, designs is gaining momentum for everything from labels to commercial ads. What is interesting about this trend is that the art of hand lettering is being highly appreciated; the process itself and the artistry behind the final result is the real source of its value.  Check out our 20 Inspiring Hand Lettering Designs and The Tutorial to go ahead and DIY
    • Cinemagraphs
    At first sight, cinemagraphs seem to be photos but suddenly they grab the attention with an animated movement. (Kind of like 3D Lenticular Printing but not quite). While producing cinemagraphs will take a lot of work, the results are definitely stunning. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"]cinemagraph example Image Credit: Diego Martintereso[/caption] Cinemagraphs are ideal to attract attention as motion is applied only to a specific part of the image the rest remains the same. Designers have been implementing cinemagraphs to their websites to give life to their digital projects. Check out this collection of New York cinemagraphs.
    • Video Background
    Video backgrounds are strategic to set a website apart from thousands of others. By creating a personalized video you will have total control of the content you need to display. According to Forbes, 50% of those who viewed a marketing video went on to make a purchase for their business. This year, video should be one of your top priorities to engage potential clients effectively. If you want to attract more visit to your website, full-with video background can be a great alternative.  Check out PayPal’s video backgrounds, they keep changing them so do it fast! video background
    •      Responsive Design
    This is now a given. Mobility has revolutionized website navigation. If a website is not easy to browse on any device, users are likely to never go back. Responsive design will continue to be vital as it ensures to provide customers the best possible experience, by adapting the content and layout  to the environment as well as the user’s preferences. These are 40 great examples.
    • Material Design
    Google released material design in June 2014. And designers have started to implement material design principles on their websites and mobile sites to keep up with the Search giant.  It’s a framework that Google believes can create a “convenient and purposeful customer experience”. Material design will play an important role in the web design field and it will likely get more attention this year. We surmised all you need to know about Google’s Material Design in a previous post. The continuous development of innovative technologies makes new trends emerge faster than we can keep track of them, stay in fashion and allow new trends to be taken into account. What do you think? What are others 2015 design trends to add this list? Please, share your comments below. We want to hear from you. Image courtesy from:
    1. By Amanda Mills
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