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    Campaign Flyer Design: What to Know for the 2016 Elections

    Campaign Flyer Design: What to Know for the 2016 Elections
    Flyer2 For politicians running for office, campaigning with fierce determination is par for the course. As the 2016 elections near, politicians are ramping up campaigns to secure votes. Part of any successful campaign includes campaign flyer printing. Campaign flyers are great for networking, advertising and social media marketing. They can be given out at fundraisers, handed out door to door, or distributed to businesses and stores. No matter what office candidates are seeking, campaign flyers are a powerful tool. As 2016 approaches, voters will be inundated with radio and television commercials, direct mail, billboards and flyers, which are all highly effective in multiple applications. A graphic designer employed to create a custom flyer must be fully aware of what’s needed to develop a flyer that has all the necessary elements to make it effective. When exceptionally designed, flyers can help any candidate wage a winning campaign. On the other hand, unappealing, cheap flyers could make the politician appear inexperienced and unprofessional. Don’t make some of the most common mistakes seen amongst other flyers designs. Make sure the flyers you design perfectly represent the candidate and appeal to voters. To help out, we’ve come up with 10 brilliant writing campaign and political flyer tips for the upcoming elections. Here’s a look: Tip #1: Choose a Professional Online Printing Firm Don’t just use the first online printing firm that you come across on the Web, this can be a recipe for disaster. Professional quality is a priority when it comes to the printing firm you choose. Pick a renowned firm like ours that has experience with campaign flyer printing for the best results ever. Our exceptional flyer printing service offers a range of paper types, folding and perforation options to choose from. Click HERE to learn more. Tip #2: Include a Powerful, Compelling Headline A powerful, compelling headline is the first thing readers notice. Well written flyer headlines captivate voters, compelling them to read the entire flyer. Often, bold headlines play into voters’ emotions as they combine the element of surprise with the political candidate’s message. Tip #3: Be Uncluttered          When it comes to designing a campaign flyer, stay away from clutter. Since you will very likely use a printing firm, you must make sure that your design is easy-to-read, memorable, concise and clear. As a graphic designer, it is up to you to design the perfect flyer highlighting all the politicians key positions. Tip #4: Rely on Consistency Consistency is important with campaign flyer design - you want each piece to be exactly the same. Try to rely on consistency in terms of messages, logos, fonts and colors. Eventually, voters will be able to recognize the candidate’s campaign theme in no time as well as what he or she stands for. Consider it branding for politicians. Ensure the printing firm delivers consistent pieces every single time. Tip #5: Go for Breathtaking Visuals Stunning images that strike voters’ emotions should be used on your campaign flyer design. They play a major role in drawing voters’ attention and getting your core message across. Flyer3 Tip #6: Don’t Be Boring Be creative and think outside the box. Unfortunately, most campaign materials are bland and boring. Usually, voters who receive these boring flyers toss them away - they don’t even read them! Make your campaign flyer design unique, adding personal touches to make the material exciting. Perhaps you can combine interesting fonts with colorful graphics to draw in potential voters. Perhaps you can use large images to make the flyers standout against the competition. The possibilities are endless! Tip #7: Design Multiple of Campaign Flyers Come up with more than one campaign flyer design. Since different voters have different interests and priorities, design a variety of flyers. This way, you can easily target individual voters more successfully, responding to their specific concerns and interests. Tip #8: Highlight the Candidate’s Message Ensure the final campaign flyer design  wonderfully highlights the candidate’s message. Voters want to know exactly what the candidate stands for and the actions he/she intends to take if he/she wins the 2016 elections. Make the candidate’s intentions and message very clear in the flyers, so voters know why they should elect that person. Make sure you answer this very important question: Why you should elect me? Tip #9: Include Political Hashtags Since, according to the Pew Research Center, 64% of adult Americans own a smartphone, the 2016 elections will be a very mobile election. Therefore, you must feature political hashtags, apps, politician's social media handles, as well as websites including the issues and the candidate's position on your campaign flyer design. Tip #10: Offer a Call to Action Last but not least, the end of your political flyer must include a call to action that encourages immediate response. Once again, provide a range of response channels including but not limited to telephone, e-mail, physical location, social media or website. This way, the voter’s can respond, and those running the campaign can track performance. A campaign flyer design that features all of these elements, coupled with targeted direct mail, is primed for success during the upcoming elections. Follow these clever tips to design your own dynamic campaign flyer.