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    Beautiful Silk Laminated Business Cards for Luxury Brands

    Beautiful Silk Laminated Business Cards for Luxury Brands

    A bad business card is worse than no business card at all. According to statistics, 39% of people would choose not to do business with a company if they had a “cheap-looking” business card. This goes to show how having great business cards is an asset to a business. Silk laminated business cards are your go-to cards. But what is a silk laminated business card?

    At 4OVER4 we define silk lamination as “a process by which a layer of paper is coated with a light layer of plastic.” With a silk laminated card, the result is a uniform, subtle texture that mimics the feel of smooth silk fabric. You can even take a step ahead and get a special silk business card with a spot UV finish that will make your card stand out more from the norm.

    Silk laminated business cards are chip, tear, and water-resistant

    The only worse thing that a bad business card is a worn-out business card.

    We have all had those moments where we want to give out our business cards but we question their state. We start wondering if they are still as straight as you stored them or have they creased?


    Business cards are a life-time investment and that is why you need to consider all the protective measures. With silk business cards, whenever you accidentally spill a drink on them, you will not have to worry that the card has gone to waste. It will still be as good as new since it does not absorb any liquids.

    One of the best things about silk business cards is that it does not chip or tear. They are well laminated on both sides that help ensure they remain firm. You can comfortably put them in your pocket and hand them out to people without second-guessing its condition.

    Silk business cards are durable

    Save your money. Save it with silk laminated business cards.

     Nobody enjoys purchasing something over and over again especially if the reason is that it is not still as good as they got them.

    That is why silk laminated business cards are a life-long investment. If you purchase it even after 2 years the card will still be as good as new.

    The silk business cards are well laminated on both sides, which ensures that they remain as good as new no matter how long you have them.

    Silk laminated business cards are appealing

    Silk laminated business cards are high-end, elegant, and attractive.

    This means they create great if not the best first impression. It is made to feel luxurious and soft on the hands since it mimics the silk material. Everybody enjoys luxurious things. Make your business cards luxurious to the core.

    Research has it that 88% of business cards handed out get thrown away in less than a week. This goes to say you will have to stand out. You only have one chance to impress people. Make it worthwhile.

    Silk business cards come in a variety

    Silk business cards do not come in one, two, or three sizes but in four sizes.

    You may decide the business card size you want which should be in line with the information you wish to be displayed on the cards.

    With Silk business cards, you can highlight your best business features on the card

    With silk laminated business cards, you can laminate your business logo or pattern that best describes your business.


    To make it even better there is the option of printing on both sides. This means you can highlight all the best parts of your business that will scream volumes about you.

    As the Small Business Rainmaker said, “Use both sides of the card. It costs next to nothing to print the second side.”

    You can highlight what your business is all about and leave extra information since you have both sides at your disposal.

    Silk laminated business cards have the option of having them in rounded corners

    The same way you have the option of die-cut cards, with silk business cards, you can decide whether to have normal sharp corners or well-rounded corners. The choice is yours!

    As Ezine articles said, “Be different by standing out and utilizing one of the many specialty business card makers who offer different sized cards and rounded corners. Anyway, you can set yourself apart from others, try to do it since you'll be noticed a lot quicker by the people you're trying to target.”

    Do not try and fit in if you can stand out.

    In Conclusion…

    Your business card is the window to your business. The way you present your business card will speak volumes about how your business is like.

    Remember you are competing with many other similar businesses and not all of you can win. You will have to really outshine yourself and make a memorable impression.

    If you want to win then you will need silk laminated business cards.