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    All That Glitters is Gold Foil - the Metallic Trend in Print

    All That Glitters is Gold Foil - the Metallic Trend in Print
    Trend Alert! From sophisticated business cards to chic wedding invitations, print is getting gold foil! For today’s blog post, we’ll discuss all about the metallic trend in print and we will show you how accents in gold are “all the rage.” The dazzling gold foil printing is achieved by using heat and pressure in order to let any design stand out from the rest with added brilliance and depth. It’s an awesome way unique to make a statement! Denoting wealth and stature, gold is the color of achievement and success. Associated with luxury and prestige, this color implies extravagance- that’s what makes gold foil so absolutely attractive! Check out these exquisite examples of gold foil in print design, fashion editorials and home décor for inspiration: Black and Gold Deco Wedding Invitation gold-foil-printing These black and gold deco wedding invitations were inspired by high fashion pieces like Versace’s and McQueen’s haute couture gowns. The luxurious gold foil printed on black stock evocates couture accessories and costume jewelry. This look showcases the vision of the couple and gives readers a hint of the style of the party, and oh what a party it must have been. The Type Deck - Typography Playing Cards & T-Shirts gold-foil-card Bringing something different to the poker table, the Type Deck is an awesomely designed playing card deck. The black cover has accents in white and gold- the perfect color combination! The designer displayed the 52 poker cards as custom typography. These unique cards were printed by the USPCC and they are sure to become collector’s items in no time! GIST gold-foil-printing-3 Buddhafields gold-foil-printing-4 Buddhafields, a hotel and holistic center in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, provides guests tranquility and a broad range of services such as yoga classes, spa & zen meditation in order to enhance each person's quality of life. Buddhafields’ exclusive restaurant serves organic food that help detoxify and purify the body. Inspired by Tibetan calligraphy, the designers used a vivid color palette that showcases the bright energy and warmth in the brand. The rich orange paper reflects the pure energy of the brand’s organic side, while the gold accents provide balance and timeless elegance, giving the pieces the authority associated with Buddhist temples. 4g Napolitain Chocolates for Marou gold-foil-printing-5 Marou 4g chocolate debuts in a vivid Packaging solution. Highly renowned for its 100g chocolate bar, Marou received tons of requests for a smaller version of the regular one. Therefore, the company created a 4g Napolitain piece. For the elaborate packaging solution, the designers were inspired by Marou’s visit to the Salon Du Chocolat in Tokyo. They created a billboarding box to contain twenty of the tiny chocolate pieces. Designed on black paper with astonishingly detailed gold foil printed patterns, the decadent wrappers hug the Marou pieces in place. In addition, customers can be further delighted by lovely messages, that appear after the packaging is opened - printed in gold foil as well- bearing notes such as “your daily hug.” Norfolk by Moskal gold-foil Norfolk is a one-of-a-kind collection inspired by the combination of two concepts which are the art of natural architecture as well as the geographic area of Norfolk County. This Art-to-Wear collection is for women’s Fall/Winter 2015 and highlights shapes and structures that embody a gorgeous savage. The Carolinian forest and the popular local sport of hunting inspire this unique collection. Thickly woven fabrics as well as a digital print of winter camouflage are incorporated with sharp edges to mimic the rough wilderness. Representing hunting blinds, this neckline is structured and high. As you can see, the glamorous outfit has many layers and accents of leather. Last but not least, the outfit features areas of gold prints to represent the filth of the environment, in an truly dramatic way. The colors of the collection are centered on neutral colors that portray femininity, contrasting with the rigid attitude of the piece. French Style in the Interior - A Classic Style!gold-foil-decor This was published on January 20, 2015 in ALGEDRA Interior Design magazine. This article talks about the Classic French style in interior design that appeared in the 18th century. During those days, sumptuous things and extravagant luxury were in vogue. French interior design used gold accents with sophisticated and intricate work to highlight the use of gold, visible in everything from furniture to decorative wall pieces. The “French Style” as it was referred to in the 18th Century won the hearts of people from all five continents and can be seen in many stylish antiques and refined old homes. Nowadays, just as the Classic French style, this lovely room decorated with light beige wallpaper and a wood floor covered with a stylish rug which is a few shades darker than the walls. With gold and brown upholstery, the couch and chairs are an elegant implementation to the living room. The graceful coffee table and table lamps are decorated with gold elements which add even more sophistication to the room. As decorative elements, the three pictures on the walls haveelegant frames and the white cushions give a sober air to the Classic French. Metallic gold accents are back with a vengeance -and we love it! Join the trend and stand out with radiant elegance. Ready to try gold foil printing? Check out our wide array of gold foil printing services -we just added rosé as an option- and perhaps you can try our attention-grabbing business cards truly beautiful pieces that won’t break the bank, but look like you might have.